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26 Kirby, Robert MichaelVerifying volume rendering using discretization error analysisWe propose an approach for verification of volume rendering correctness based on an analysis of the volume rendering integral, the basis of most DVR algorithms. With respect to the most common discretization of this continuous model (Riemann summation), we make assumptions about the impact of parame...2014-01-01
27 Bronson, Jonathan RichardLattice cleaving: a multimaterial tetrahedral meshing algorithm with guaranteesWe introduce a new algorithm for generating tetrahedral meshes that conform to physical boundaries in volumetric domains consisting of multiple materials. The proposed method allows for an arbitrary number of materials, produces high-quality tetrahedral meshes with upper and lower bounds on dihedral...2014-01-01
28 Khan, Faisal HabibMaximum power point tracking of stirling generator and ocean wave energy conversion systems using a two-stage power converterWave energy has become one of the most promising renewable energy resources nowadays. By using a linear generator/alternator, the periodic piston motion of the wave energy conversion system (WEC) can be converted to AC voltage with variable RMS amplitude and frequency; this process is comparable to ...2013-01-01
29 Harman, Todd B.Multiscale modeling of accidental explosions and detonationsAccidental explosions are exceptionally dangerous and costly, both in lives and money. Regarding worldwide conflict with small arms and light weapons, the Small Arms Survey has recorded more than 297 accidental explosions in munitions depots across the world that have resulted in thousands of deaths...2013-01-01
30 Liu, FengStrain-engineered surface transport in Si(001): complete isolation of the surface state via tensile strainBy combining density functional theory, nonequilibrium Green's function formulism and effective- Hamiltonian approaches, we demonstrate strain-engineered surface transport in Si(001), with the complete isolation of the Si surface states from the bulk bands. Our results show that sufficient tensile s...2013-01-01
31 Rieth, Loren WBi-layer encapsulation of Utah array based nerual interfaces by atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and parylene CWe present a novel coating method that combines atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and Parylene C for encapsulation of biomedical implantable devices, focusing on its application on Utah electrode array based neural interfaces. The alumina and Parylene C bi-layer encapsulated wired Utah electrode array sh...2013-01-01
32 Hansen, Charles D.Transfer function design based on user selected samples for intuitive multivariate volume explorationMultivariate volumetric datasets are important to both science and medicine. We propose a transfer function (TF) design approach based on user selected samples in the spatial domain to make multivariate volumetric data visualization more accessible for domain users. Specifically, the user starts the...2013-01-01
33 Bargteil, Adam WadeMultiphase flow of immiscible fluids on unstructured moving meshesIn this paper, we present a method for animating multiphase flow of immiscible fluids using unstructured moving meshes. Our underlying discretization is an unstructured tetrahedral mesh, the deformable simplicial complex (DSC), that moves with the flow in a Lagrangian manner. Mesh optimization opera...2014-01-01
34 Kirby, Robert MichaelGPU-based volume visualization from high-order finite element fieldsThis paper describes a new volume rendering system for spectral/hp finite-element methods that has as its goal to be both accurate and interactive. Even though high-order finite element methods are commonly used by scientists and engineers, there are few visualization methods designed to display thi...2014-01-01
35 Gerton, JordanImproved localization accuracy in stochastic super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by K-factor image deshadowingLocalization of a single fluorescent particle with sub-diffraction-limit accuracy is a key merit in localization microscopy. Existing methods such as photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) achieve localization accuracies of single emitt...2014-01-01
36 Couldwell, William T.Intracranial hypotension in the setting of concurrent perineural cyst rupture and subarachnoid hemorrhageAlthough most patients with intracranial hypotension typically present with headaches, the rest of the clinical spectrum is characteristically non-specific and often quite variable. In a patient with concurrent pathologies that can produce a similar clinical picture, a high index of suspicion must b...2013-01-01
37 Wen, MingResidential racial composition and black-white obesity risks: differential effects of neighborhood social and built environmentThis study investigates the association between neighborhood racial composition and adult obesity risks by race and gender, and explores whether neighborhood social and built environment mediates the observed protective or detrimental effects of racial composition on obesity risks. Cross-sectional d...2014-01-01
38 Balasubramonian, RajeevQuantifying the relationship between the power delivery network and architectural policies in a 3D-stacked memory deviceMany of the pins on a modern chip are used for power delivery. If fewer pins were used to supply the same current, the wires and pins used for power delivery would have to carry larger currents over longer distances. This results in an "IR-drop" problem, where some of the voltage is dropped across t...2013-01-01
39 Hibler, Michael J.Isolation of malicious external inputs in a security focused adaptive execution environmentReliable isolation of malicious application inputs is necessary for preventing the future success of an observed novel attack after the initial incident. In this paper we describe, measure and analyze, Input-Reduction, a technique that can quickly isolate malicious external inputs that embody unfore...2013-01-01
40 Blair, StevenImplantable devices for optical neural interfacesOptical neural control requires light delivery techniques dependent on the experimental goal and biological model. Several light sources and neural interfaces have been implemented featuring one or more of the fol- lowing criteria: deep illumination, specific and/or com- prehensive access, spectral ...2013-01-01
41 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshOvercoming extreme-scale reproducibility challenges through a unified, targeted, and multilevel toolsetReproducibility, the ability to repeat program executions with the same numerical result or code behavior, is crucial for computational science and engineering applications. However, non-determinism in concurrency scheduling often hampers achieving this ability on high performance computing (HPC) sy...2013-01-01
42 Dwight, Zachary LawrenceHeterozygote PCR product melting curve predictionMelting curve prediction of PCR products is limited to perfectly complementary strands. Multiple domains are calculated by recursive nearest-neighbor thermodynamics. However, the melting curve of an amplicon containing a heterozygous single nucleotide variant (SNV) after PCR is the composite of four...2014-01-01
43 Jorgensen, ErikAxon regeneration genes identified by RNAi screening in C. elegansAxons of the mammalian CNS lose the ability to regenerate soon after development due to both an inhibitory CNS environment and the loss of cell-intrinsic factors necessary for regeneration. The complex molecular events required for robust regeneration of mature neurons are not fully understood, part...2014-01-01
44 Miller, Jan D.Bubble attachment time and FTIR analysis of water structure in the flotation of sylvite, bischofite and carnalliteWater structure is a most important parameter that influences the flotation of soluble salts. In this paper bubble attachment time measurements and FTIR analyses were performed to investigate the effect of water structure on the flotation behavior of sylvite (KCl), bischofite (MgCl2•6H2O) and carn...2010-01-01
45 Neatrour, Anna; Morrow, Anne; Rockwell, Kenneth W.; Witkowski, Alan J.Automating the production of map interfaces for digital collections using Google API'sMany digital Libraries are interested in taking advantage of the GIS mapping capabilities provided by GoogLe Maps and GoogLe Earth. The DigitaL Ventures Division of the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library has successfully completed an innovative automated process in which descriptive me...digital libraries, gis, geocoding, maps, KML, Graphical user interfaces, Google Maps2011
46 Mattis, Daniel C.Conductivity of one-dimensional interacting fermions*Using an exactly soluble model, the decay rate of a current-carrying state of one-dimensional fermions is calculated in the presence of random scatterers at finite temperature and the dc conductivity thereby inferred. For interacting fermions it is modified by a factor (T/T + θ)g, where g is a posi...Fermi gas1974-04
47 Varner, Michael W.Episiotomy: techniques and indications.In current obstetric practice episiotomy is generally taken to refer to an incision of the perineum and vagina to facilitate vaginal delivery. While the most precise definition of this incision is perineotomy, episiotomy is the generally employed terminology and thus is used in this article. The e...Episiotomy; Adverse Effects; Perineotomy1986-06
48 Harrison, Reid R.Validation of adaptive threshold spike detector for neural recordingWe compare the performance of algorithms for automatic spike detection in neural recording applications. Each algorithm sets a threshold based on an estimate of the background noise level. The adaptive spike detection algorithm is suitable for implementation in analog VLSI; results from a proof-of-...Spike detection; Neural recording; Ation potential; VLSI2004-01-01
49 DeTar, CarletonLeptonic decay constants fDs and fD in three flavor lattice QCDWe determine the leptonic decay constants fDs and fD in three flavor unquenched lattice QCD. We use O(a2)-improved staggered light quarks and O(a)-improved charm quarks in the Fermilab heavy quark formalism. Our preliminary results, based upon an analysis at a single lattice spacing, are fDs = 263+5...Decay constants2005-03
50 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Effects of low surfactant Sb coverage on Zn and C incorporation in GaPThe use of surfactants during the vapor phase growth of III-V materials to control fundamental characteristics of epitaxial layers is becoming increasingly important. We have investigated the remarkable effects of Sb, from triethylantimony (TESb) Pyrolysis, on the Zn doping during the organometallic...Surfactants; Organometallic vapor phase epitaxy; Gallium phosphide2007
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