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26 Clark, James Henry3-D Design of free-form B-Spline surfaces (CSTD-74-005)This report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape Is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...Computer animation1974-09
27 Zhdanov, Michael S.3-D magnetic inversion with data compression and image focusingWe develop a method of 3-D magnetic anomaly inversion based on traditional Tikhonov regularization theory. We use a minimum support stabilizing functional to generate a sharp, focused inverse image. An iterative inversion process is constructed in the space of weighted model parameters that acce...2002-01-01
28 Bhanu, Bir3-D model building for computer visionThis paper presents a Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) based approach for building 3-D models which can be used for the recognition of 3-D objects for industrial machine vision applications. The objects are designed using the Alpha_1 CAGD system developed at the University of Utah. A new metho...CAGD; 3-D models; Machine vision1985
29 Ailion, David Charles31P NMR spin-lattice relaxation: structural glass dynamics in Rb1-x(ND4)xD2PO4We performed 3 1P NMR measurements of the temperature-dependent spin-lattice relaxation time in several mixed single crystals of Rbi_x(ND4 ) xD2P04 [DRADP] having different ammonium concentration x (x =0.22, 0.44, 0.78) as well as in three pure single crystals (ND4)D2P04 [DADP], (NH4)H2P04 [ADP], an...NMR; Spin-lattice; Relaxation; Crystals; Glass; Spin-glass1993
30 Ailion, David Charles; Blinc, Robert35Cl spin-lattice relaxation in incommensurate bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfoneThe 35C1 nuclear-quadrupole-resonance (NQR) spin-lattice relaxation rate in incommensurate bis(4- chlorophenyl)sulfone (BCPS) is determined by Raman processes below 60 K and by direct one-phonon processes above 60 K. The variation of the 35C1 spin-lattice relaxation rate over the incommensurate NQR...35Cl; Incommensurate bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfone; Raman processes; NQR; Incommensurate systems1995-01
31 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-Luh3D analysis of particulates in mineral processing systems by cone beam X-ray microtomographyIn general, x-ray computed tomographic (CT) techniques are able to provide 3D images of the internal structure of opaque materials in a nondestructive manner. The unique cone beam geometry allows acquisition of all 2D projections with only one rotation of the sample thus providing for fast data acqu...X-ray microtomography; Liberation; Heap leaching; Exposure analysis; Coal washability2003
32 Zhdanov, Michael3D inversion of airborne electromagnetic dataTime-domain airborne surveys gather hundreds of thousands of multichannel, multicomponent samples. The volume of data and other complications have made 1D inversions and transforms the only viable method to interpret these data, in spite of their limitations. We have developed a practical methodolog...2012-01-01
33 Gooch, Amy A.; Gooch, Bruce; Willemsen, Peter; Kniss, Joe; Riesenfeld, Richard F.; Shirley, Peter S.3D Line textures and the visualization of confidence in ArchitectureThis work introduces a technique for interactive walkthroughs of non-photorealistically rendered (NPR) scenes using 3D line primitives to define architectural features of the model, as well as indicate textural qualities. Line primitives are not typically used in this manner in favor of texture ma...Presentation graphics; Interactive walkthroughs2007
34 Gerig, Guido3D of brain shape and volume after cranial vault remodeling surgery for craniosynostosis correction in infantsThe skull of young children is made up of bony plates that enable growth. Craniosynostosis is a birth defect that causes one or more sutures on an infant's skull to close prematurely. Corrective surgery focuses on cranial and orbital rim shaping to return the skull to a more normal shape. Functional...2013-01-01
35 Furse, Cynthia M.3D ray-tracing for intra-vehicle environmentsIn order to develop a wireless communication system that could be used for all types of aircraft sensor networks, the severe multipath channel found inside aircrafts must be well defined. This multipath channel is much more complex than usual outdoor/indoor channels and thus far, research has been l...2009
36 Gerig, Guido3D tensor normalization for improved accuracy in DTI tensor registration methodsThis paper presents a method for normalization of diffusion tensor images (DTI) to a xed DTI template, a pre-processing step to improve the performance of full tensor based registration methods. The proposed method maps the individual tensors of the subject image in to the template space based on ma...2012-01-01
37 Morse, Michael DavidThe 3d?Ni(?F)3d10Cu???*? manifold of excited electronic states of NiCuDiatomic NiCu has been supersonically cooled in a molecular beam and investigated by resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy. A total of nine band systems connecting the ground 3d?Ni3??Cu??, X 2?5/2 state to the 3d?Ni(3F)3d??Cu??*?? manifold of states have been found, and bands of eight of these...1992
38 Saam, Brian3He spin exchange cells for magnetic resonance imagingWe present a protocol for the consistent fabrication of glass cells to provide hyperpolarized (HP) 3He for pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging. The method for producing HP 3He is spin-exchange optical pumping. The valved cells must hold of order 1 atm.L of gas at up to 15 atm pressure. Because char...3He; Spin exchange cells; Hyperpolarized 3He; Pulmonary magnetic resonance imaging; Spin-exchange optical pumping; SEOP; Glass cells2002
39 Gerig, Guido4D active cut: an interactive tool for pathological anatomy modeling4D pathological anatomy modeling is key to understanding complex pathological brain images. It is a challenging problem due to the difficulties in detecting multiple appearing and disappearing lesions across time points and estimating dynamic changes and deformations between them. We propose a novel...2014-01-01
40 Gerig, Guido4D modeling of infant brain growth in Down's Syndrome and controls from longitudinal MRIModeling of early brain growth trajectories from longitudinal MRI will provide new insight into neurodevelopmental characteristics, timing and type of changes in neurological disorders from controls. In addition to an ongoing large-scale infant autism neuroimaging study 1, we recruited 4 infants wit...2014-01-01
41 Khan, Faisal Habib5 kW multilevel DC-DC converter for hybrid electric and fuel cell automotive applicationsA 5 kW multilevel modular capacitor clamped dc-dc converter (MMCCC) for future hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell automotive applications will be presented in this paper. The modular structure of the MMCCC topology was utilized to build this 5 kW converter with high reliability and fault bypassi...2007-09
42 Myntti, Jeremy5 Photo Scanning TipsPresentation on digitizing photographs at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital images; Photographs2019-02-28
43 Mitchell, Joyce A.50 Years of informatics research on decision support: what's nextObjectives: To reflect on the history, status, and future trends of decision support in health and biomedical informatics. To highlight the new challenges posed by the complexity and diversity of genomic and clinical domains. To examine the emerging paradigms for sup - porting cost-effective, person...2011-01-01
44 Erickson, John Owen50% SolutionForm: painting; Medium: oil and latex; Dimensions: 18 x 24"Painting2008
45 Ailion, David Charles79Br nuclear-quadrupole-resonance lineshape and Raman-induced spin-lattice relaxation in the incommensurate phase of β- ThBr4We performed 7 9Br nuclear-quadrupole-resonance (NQR) line-shape and spin-lattice relaxation time measurements in the incommensurate (D system j8-ThBr4 over the temperature range 293-2.5 K. In addition, we extended the theory of the effects of Raman processes on amplitudon and phason spin-lattice re...Spin-lattice; NQR; Raman process; Line shape; Phason gap; Incommensurate systems1989
46 Morse, Michael DavidThe 846 nm A? ???u ? ??? band system of jet-cooled V?The 846 nm band system of jet-cooled 5?V2 has been recorded using resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy, and is assigned as the A ? 3?u- +X ??g- band system. Both the ?'= 1u? ?" = 1g and ?'= Ou+ ??? = 0g+ subbands of the O-O band have been rotationally resolved and analyzed. Although the trans...1992
47 Ailion, David Charles93Nb NMR in the imcommensurate and quasi-commensurate phases of barium sodium niobateNMR spectra have been measured for the quadrupole perturbed 1/2 -1/2 transition of 9 3Nb in barium sodium niobate (BSN) between 300 and 650 K. The spectra are inhomogeneously broadened in the incommensurate (/) phase between T7 = 580 K and r c = 540 K as well as in the quasicommensurate (QC) phase ...NMR; Spectra; Barium sodium niobate; Line shapes1994
48 Paiva, Marie96-97 Final report: ALA/USIA library fellow to ethiopiaThe National Library of Ethiopia (NLE) in Addis Ababa requested a librarian to help with staff training, evaluate organizational procedures and processes, and make recommendations to the institution. In order to work on the objectives, Library seminar/discussions were held on various topics for both...Ethiopia; Addis Ababa university; National library of Ethiopia; Librarianship1997-07-07
49 Andy King

"Skin self-examinations and visual identification of atypical nevi: Comparing individual and crowdsourcing approaches." Cancer Epidemiology<

50 Mariam Thalos

A Theory of Freedom. Forthcoming in Theoria.<

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