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26 Worthen, Cherilyn ReneeThe choir school of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: history and curriculum 1999-2013The distinctiveness of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (MTC) as a unique American choral ensemble is revealed in a persistent paradox that both underscores its history and sets it apart from other choral organizations. By virtue of its widely distributed television broadcasts, recording projects, and to...Choir; Choir school; Choir training; Choral music; Choral pedagogy; Mormon tabernacle choir2014-12
27 Witham, NathanGenerative musicThis thesis project is the result of months of research and development into processes to create a generative system of chance based music making via software built using MAX/MSP. The goal of this music is to combine chance based algorithms with specific harmonic number patterns to foster an environ...Music2014-12
28 May, Brittany NixonA survey of early childhood public school music in the district of columbia: assessing content and teacher preparationThe purpose of this study was to examine early childhood music teaching processes and practices of public school elementary general music teachers in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). The goals were to (1) use the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music Instruction: Grades PreK-12 and...Early childhood music education; Elementary general music education; Music education; Teacher preparation2015-05
29 Kirschner, Aaron J.Divisions without hierarchy: four-dimensional modeling of submeter and its use in empirical analysis of the musics of the new complexityCentral to virtually all scholarship of meter is a notion of beat hierarchy. However, when beat units and/or tempi are in constant flux, defining a hierarchy becomes nearly impossible. Such impulse structuresâ€"common to music of the New Complexityâ€"resist traditional scholarship of meter/sub...Empirical Analysis; Ferneyhough; Meter; New Complexity; Rhythm; Submeter2017
30 Wilks, Nathan A.Verse chorus verse: an analysis of repetition in popular musicPopular music is often criticized by academics for being too repetitive. However, repetition is the mechanism by which music makes sense of itself. It is a conduit for meaning â€" separating music from noise, poetry from ambient chatter. By showing that in most verse-chorus songs, the amount of v...Analysis; Music; Music psychology; Music repetition; Popular music; Repetition2017
31 Russell, JessicaFrom the Old testament to the Paris Opera: Saint-Saëns's Samson Et Dalila and nineteenth-century french orientalismDespite its successful premiere in Weimar in 1877, Saint-Saëns's Samson et Dalila met resistance as the composer attempted to stage the biblical story in France. When the work finally premiered in Paris in 1890, the opera directors exclaimed, "If we only knew!" In this thesis, I explore the aspec...Gender; Nineteenth-century opera; Orientalism; Saint-Saëns; Samson et Dalila2017
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