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26 Flame configurations in an annular swirl burnerThis paper describes an experimental investigation of flame configurations in a swirling, lean premixed combustor. The flame configuration or stabilization location within the combustor has important influences upon a variety of combustor performance metrics, such as combustion instability limits ...
27 Low NOx Burners in Japan
28 FYI: New for Faculty and StaffWhat's going on at the U of U.Current events; University of Utah; faculty; staff
29 Low Nox Burner Development for High Temperature Reforming and Cracking FurnacesA new industrial process burner that is designed specifically for firing in high temperature reforming and cracking furnaces with minimum formation of NOx during the combustion process has been developed by John Zink Company. A 3 mm Btu/hr prototype burner was built by John Zink Company and test...
30 Hydrocarbon-induced cancer risks in oil shale processing
31 Hydraulic mining technique for recovering bitumen from tar sand deposit
32 Hydraulic mining of tar sand bitumen with aggregate material
33 HP Oxy-Combustion of Syngas from Underground Coal Gasification6th Annual International Conference & Workshop on Underground Coal Gasification, 23rd - 24th March 2011HP oxy-combustion; syngas; underground coal gasification; UCG; clean energy systems; CES process
34 13C NMR Spectroscopy: A key contributor for development of the molecular structure of coal and other kerogensThis presentation goes over: A brief history of kerogen formation, coal macerals, development of molecular structures and modeling, oil shales, and the role played by combustion science.13C NMR; spectroscopy; molecular structure of coal; coal; molecular structure of kerogens; kerogens; coal macerals; molecular structures and modeling; oil shales; combustion science; kerogen formation
35 Development of HPC-based simulations tool for in situ thermal processing of oil shale/sandsA presentation given at the Unconventional Fuels from Oil Shale and Oil Sands Project Review Meeting on March 10-11, 2011.HPC-based simulations tool; in situ thermal processing; oil shale; oil sands; commercial production of oil shale; ecoshale in-capsule process
36 The extraction of bitumen from western oil sandsThe information required for compliance with the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) has been documented in this section. This final report has been prepared to reflect the research and development activities performed under the cooperative agreement 89MC26268 between the University of Utah...Oil Sand Research and Development program; oil sand; bitumen; PR Spring oil sand deposit; bitumen extraction
37 California production statistics-1953: Significant statisticsSignificant statistics: California fields and pools
38 Comparison of laboratory and field steamfloods in tar sandIn situ recovery technologies for tar sand and heavy oil are simulated at the Western Research Institute to prepare for pilot tests and commercial operations. Wide ranges of process parameters are tested in one-dimensional reactor tubes in which the tar sand or heavy oil is uniformly reconstituted t...
39 Completion for tar sand substrateMethod and apparatus for recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation in which a well completion, including a well liner, lies in a generally horizontal disposition within the hydrocarbon productive substrate. The liner encloses conductor means for delivering a stream of a hot stimulating a...Patent; Hydrocarbons; Subterranean formation; Well; Liner; Bitumen; Bitumen emulsion; Hydrocarbon recovery; Tar sand; Tar sand substrate
40 Clay-induced oil loss and alkene isomerization during oil shale retortingSunnyside (Utah) tar sand was subjected to programmed temperature pyrolysis and the volatile products were detected by tandem on-line mass spectrometry (MS/MS) in real time analyses- A heating rate of 4°C/min from room temperature to 900°C was employed. Evolution of hydrogen, light hydrocarbons, n...
41 Komas (UUSAC)Aerial photograph of Komas including parking and entrance. It is shown in relation to the Ortho Hospital and Marriott Library.University of Utah campus buildings
42 U Staff Council (UUSAC)A photograph of the members of the University of Utah Staff Council
43 Demographic patterns and characteristics of UtahThe historical emphasis on numbers rather than on the quality and make-up of the population, though scarcely justifiable, is understandable. Concentration on a single magnitude certainly simplifies the projection of a population. To illustrate, the world population is now approximately 3.5 billion. ...
44 Utah multicounty districts for planning and developmentThe purpose of this report is to provide state and local government officials, as well as the general public, an understanding of a program to regionalize Utah into eight multicounty planning districts. This program is directed toward establishing legal and administrative means to coordinate, at Fed...
45 Bulletin of the University of Utah Undergraduate StudyUndergraduate study descriptions for the University of Utah.
46 Table of ContentsTable of Contents for a report of the University of Utah
47 Bulletin of the University of Utah Back CoverBack cover to the bulletin of the University of Utah
48 Liberal Education Program & RequirementsThe liberal education program and requirements for the University of Utah.
49 Graduate StudyGraduate courses and programs for the University of Utah.
50 Student ActivitiesStudent activities at the University of Utah.Student activities; University of Utah
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