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26 Barnett, Jack ArnoldGround-water hydrology of Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake County, UtahEmigration Canyon is situated in the portion of the Wasatch Mountains that are in the eastern part of Salt Lake County in north central Utah. A significant amount of ground-water development has taken place in the canyon in recent years to satisfy domestic water needs. This hydrologic investigation ...Groundwater; Utah; Salt Lake County1966
27 Baxter, Eric ThomasFundamental Studies of Catalytic Dehydrogenation on Alumina-supported Size-selected Platinum Cluster Model CatalystsThe research presented in this dissertation focuses on the use of platinum-based catalysts to enhance endothermic fuel cooling. Chapter 1 gives a brief introduction to the motivation for this work. Chapter 2 presents fundamental studies on the catalytic dehydrogenation of ethylene by size-selected P...Physical chemistry2018
28 Bidez, Clarice LeeChanging Agricultural Suitability: Model Development and Applications in the Past and FutureModeling the relationships between climate and crop growth is an important tool to study agriculture in the past and future. Agricultural suitability models, which estimate the probability of rain-fed cultivation in a particular location, provide an opportunity to predict agricultural conditions for...Physical geography; Geography; Agriculture2018
29 Arezoomandan, SaraTerahertz Metamaterials and Plasmonics Using Two-Dimensional Materials and Highly Conductive Transparent OxidesDriven by a myriad of potential applications such as communications, medical imaging, security, spectroscopy, and so on, terahertz (THz) technology has emerged as a rapidly growing technological field during the last three decades. However, since conventional materials typically used in microwave an...Electrical engineering; Applied physics2018
30 Angus, Ryan WinnEntrepreneurial Value Creation: Three Essays Examining How Entrepreneurs Create Value Under Conditions of UncertaintyThis dissertation consists of three essays examining how entrepreneurs create value under conditions of uncertainty. The first essay theoretically examines the process of stakeholder enrollment through which entrepreneurs acquire critical resources for their endeavors under informational conditions ...Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Economic theory2018
31 Alnaser, HusainMechanical Properties Investigation of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Cellular StructureTi-6Al-4V is an alloy that has been developed to be used in medical implants due to its compatibility with the human body. Additive manufacturing technology has also become useful in constructing human bone design (marrow) from Ti-6Al-4V, imitating bone function. This research focuses on studying me...Materials science2018
32 Martinez, Steven SandovalAn evaluation of various admissions procedures and the 1970 Ford Foundation Program in relation to the Mexican American and the American Indian student at the University of UtahA crisis for colleges and universities in America today is that of meeting the educational needs of various ethnic minorities. The University of Utah has recognized the need to implement educational programs and to reassess admissions procedures in regard to minority students. In the summer of 1970,...University of Utah -- Students Ford Foundation Mexican Americans -- Education Indians of North America -- Education1971
33 Moore, Harvey D.The study of adult education in Carbon CountyAdult education, in the United States, has become closely associated with vocational education. State and federal monies have only been made available for adult education in times of a national emergency or through vocational acts. The first monies to be made available for adult academic improvement...Carbon School District (Utah) Adult education -- Utah -- Carbon County1970
34 Andersen, Barbara EricksonAn evaluative study - teaching three and four-year olds in a structured education program : by Barbara Erickson Andersen.This study was designed to determine at what age children should be taught academic material formally, in a structured school program and to give Granite School District the information on which it can confidently base future decisions about early childhood and kindergarten programs in advance of th...Granite School District (Utah) Education; Preschool1971
35 Wilson, Tonia J.Predicting the ACT Reading Test Score and Why It Matters2017
36 Raghuraman, ShrinivasanUsing Constellation Pharmacology to Assess Molecular Determinants of Cellular PhenotypesDifferent cell types have unique combinations of ion channels and receptors that define their physiological function. Combinations of ion channel and receptor isoforms may change in a cell-specific manner with disease progression. Thus, it is essential to design a general platform to investigate the...Neurosciences; Pharmacology; Physiology2017
37 Moore, Shawn A.Integrated Depositional Model and Hydrocarbon Potential of Distal Ramp Deposits, Agrio Formation, Neuquén Basin, ArgentinaThe mudstone-dominated Early Cretaceous Agrio Formation is the youngest marine source rock interval of the hydrocarbon prolific Neuquén Basin, Argentina, yet its unconventional hydrocarbon potential remains relatively understudied. A northern section of the entire Agrio Formation and a southern com...Petroleum Geology; Sedimentary Geology; Geochemistry2018
38 Lacasse, Cheryl LynnComorbidity and Symptom Measurement in Oncology Scale: Development and Pilot Results in Older Adult Cancer SurvivorsMore than two thirds of all cancers are diagnosed in older adults and the diagnosis often co-occurs with normal and pathological changes of aging, which include chronic diseases and related symptoms. The purpose of this measurement study was to conduct initial psychometric testing of a newly develop...Gerontology; Nursing; Oncology2017
39 Daniel Yongwon LeeCell Surface Engineering and Its Applications in Cancer TherapyRemodeling of cell surface to install new features has continuously attracted attention for cell therapy. This dissertation focuses on a method of cell surface engineering using bioactive molecules to transiently award distinct functions to ordinary cells. Spontaneous incorporation of lipid-conjugat...Cellular biology; Biomedical engineering; Pharmaceutical sciences2017
40 Li, QingImproved Methods for Next Generation Sequencing-Based Conotoxin DiscoveryCone snails (genus Conus) have attracted scientific interest for the great neuropharmacological potential of their venoms to treat chronic pain, which consist of a complex mixture of peptides known as conotoxins. For discovery purposes, we have carried out a survey of the venom-ducts of 22 Conus spe...Bioinformatics2017
41 Hedstrom, Jonathan CarlAchieving Near Map Performance with an Excited Markov Chain Monte Carlo MIMO DetectorThe continuous growth of wireless communication use has largely exhausted the limited spectrum available. Methods to improve spectral efficiency are in high demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Several technologies have the potential to make large improvements to spectral effic...Mathematics; Electrical engineering2017
42 Chynoweth, Mark WilliamEcology and Conservation of Large Carnivores in a Human-Dominated Landscape in Eastern AnatoliaConservation of biodiversity is rapidly changing as a result of increased impact of human activity on the natural world. At the beginning of a new epoch - the Anthropocene - the cumulative effect of population growth and natural resource consumption has left no corner of the planet unaffected by hum...Wildlife Conservation; Wildlife Management; Conservation biology; Middle Eastern Studies2017
43 Roberts, Richard CampbellHistory of the Utah National Guard : 1894-1954This "History of the Utah National Guard: 1894-1954 If is a case study of National Guard development. It traces to some extent the national trends of the National Guard as well as the local development in Utah. In many respects the history of the Utah National Guard has been local and peculiar and w...Utah National Guard; History1973
44 Bijanzadeh, MaryamComputation of Surround Modulation Across Layers of the Primate Primary Visual CortexPrimate primary visual cortex (V1) consists of six anatomical layers. There are both heterogeneous and homogeneous functional properties found across layers. Surround modulation (SM) occurs when neuronal responses to stimulation of a neuron's receptive field (RF) is modulated by simultaneous simulat...Neurosciences; Systematic; Systems science2017
45 Blackburn, Brenna E.The Long-Term Health Effects and Healthcare Costs of Thyroid Cancer Survivors in Population-Based Cohort StudyThyroid cancer patients have one of the highest 5-year survival rates of any cancer at 98%. It also affects a young population as nearly 67% of thyroid cancer patients are diagnosed before age 55. As these survivors are young and leading long lives after cancer diagnosis and treatment, it is importa...Medicine; Public health; Epidemiology2017
46 Buenos, TalThe Power of "Genocide": International Law as a Dialectical Progression of Hard Power Through Soft Power Toward Legal PowerIn the existing academic literature on "genocide" there is an emphasis on moralistic arguments toward public acceptance of using the term genocide popularly in relation to specific events. This practice is unaccompanied by a recognition that the created genocide discourse is the product of a biased ...International Relations; Political science; International law2017
47 Alderden, JennyPressure Injury Risk Among Critical-Care PatientsHospital-acquired pressure injuries (PI) are localized areas of damage to the skin, underlying tissue, or both, as a result of pressure. Critical-care patients represent a highly specialized patient population, and currently available risk-assessment scales, such as the Braden scale, tend to identif...Health sciences2017
48 Almishaal, Ali A.Effects of Cochlear Compression and Efferent Feedback on Amplitude Modulation DetectionAmplitude modulation (AM) detection measures a listener's sensitivity to temporal envelope fluctuations. AM signals are ecologically relevant because the amplitude of speech fluctuates over time. The post-cochlear representation of AM may be influenced by processes that occur in the cochlea, where s...Audiology2017
49 White, Jean BickmoreUtah state elections, 1895-1899This is a study of three elections, the first elections in the history of Utah as a state. The first occurred in 1895 just before statehood was formally proclaimed, the second in 1896 as a climax to the first year of statehood, and the third in 1898 at the end of nearly three years of statehood. The...Elections -- Utah1968
50 Swaner, Paula M.The image of the garden in shakespcanc's playsThe i mage of the garden prevaiIs throughout Shakespeare's plays.. He utilizes pervasive garden imagery in metaphor and simiIe to develop theme s plot and character, and employs larger garden images, intermittent garden scenes, to function in certain ways which are characteristic of him"1972
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