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26 How to Lead an Effective MeetingRunolfson, Kevin2015
27 Cultivating Community Partnerships for Developing Cultures of Health and Well BeingSanchez-Birkhead, Ana2015
28 Meeting CCNE Essentials: Master Evaluation Plan for the CoN or A Cure for InsomniaWilson, Barbara; Ward, Katie; Barnett, Gerrie2014
29 Studying the Cognitive Psychology of Nurses in Simulation LaboratoryDoig, Alexa2014
30 Becoming a Peer Reviewer for a Referred JournalMurphy, Patricia2014
31 Lets Get You Published!: Basic Steps for the Novice WriterMurphy, Patricia2014
32 Social Network Interventions: Preview and Review of Research AgendaClark, Lauren2014
33 Women Interested in Nursing, 2014: The Silver Tsunami: Baby Boomers Redefining Aging2014
34 Five Ways to Find and Reclaim Your Passion for TeachingHardin, Pam2014
35 Current Health Issues Among Veteran PopulationGardner-Trover, Grace2014
36 Evaluating ImpactShipman, Jean P.; Wimmer Erin2014
37 Me and My Wishes: Long Term Care Resident Videos to Communicate Care PreferenceTowsley, Gail2014
38 iPads, Adolescents and Menopausal WomenLinder, Lauri2014
39 Teaching Materials Should Be Referenced Like Scholarly PapersPepper, Ginette2014
40 If You Ask a Child a Question: Answers from Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Cancer Regarding Their Symptoms and Hospitals ExperienceLinder, Lauri2014
41 The Future of Nursing Advancing Nursing and the Nations HealthCipriano, Pamela2014
42 Opportunities for Collaboration in Ethical Legal and Social Implications ResearchRothwell, Erin2014
43 STI Screening: Utah Juvenile Justice Services and National StandardsClifton, Jennifer2014
44 Lessons from the Thai Burma BorderDyer, Jane2014
45 Novice Nurse Management of Medication Administration: A Complex Task in a Complex EnvironmentDoig, Alexa2014
46 Getting Started with Publishing: Selecting a Topic and JournalMorton, Patricia2014
47 From Idea to Intervention Ad.it Technology for Children with Autism and or ADHDMorstein, Jodi2014
48 Assessment of HPV Vaccination in Utah: Reaching Out To Latino FamiliesKepka, Deanna2014
49 Grading Rubrics and Other Online Teaching Tips Part DeuxRichards, Donna2014
50 Top Ten Pedagogies for 2014Tripeny, Patrick2014
26 - 50 of 164