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26 Distributed friend-to-friend framework and services using social networksWe develop a novel framework for friend-to-friend (f2f) distributed services (F3DS) by which applications can easily offer peer-to-peer (p2p) services among social peers with resource sharing governed by approximated levels of social altruism. Our frame- work differs significantly from typical p2p c...Distributed Systems; Malware Detection; Peer-to-Peer; Social Distance; Social Networks; Social psychology; Computer science2012-12
27 Effect of animated self-avatar in virtual environmentsAnimated avatars are becoming increasingly prevalent in three-dimensional virtual environments due to modern motion tracking hardware and their falling cost. As this opens up new possibilities and ways of interaction within such virtual worlds, an important question that arises is how does the prese...Avatars; Virtual environment; Behavioral psychology; Computer science2013-08
28 Efficient ray tracing architecturesThis dissertation presents computer architecture designs that are efficient for ray tracing based rendering algorithms. The primary observation is that ray tracing maps better to independent thread issue hardware designs than it does to dependent thread and data designs used in most commercial archi...Computer architecture; Computer graphics; Graphics; Ray tracing; Rendering; Computer Engineering; Computer science2015-05
29 Efficient summarization techniques for massive dataWe are living in an age where data are being generated faster than anyone has previously imagined across a broad application domain, including customer studies, social media, sensor networks, and the sciences, among many others. In some cases, data are generated in massive quantities as terabytes or...Big data; Data analytics; Efficient queries; Massive data; Summaries; Computer science2013-12
30 Efficient switching between WiFi and cellular networks for robust internet connectivityCurrent solutions for switching between cellular networks and WiFi, such as those provided by Google and Samsung, do not work well in many scenarios. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone connected to a WiFi network remains in the WiFi mode for more than 5 minutes, even when the Internet conne...Cellular; Internet; Networks; Smartphone; Wifi; Computer science2014-08
31 Efficient user-level event notificationHigh-performance supercomputers on the Top500 list are commonly designed around commodity CPUs. Most of the codes executed on these machines are message-passing codes using the message-passing toolkit (MPI). Thus it makes sense to look at these machines from a holistic systems architecture perspecti...Architecture; Interrupt; Message-passing; Notification; User-level; Computer science2013-08
32 Evaluating the effectiveness of orientation indicators with an awareness of individual differencesUnderstanding how users perceive three-dimensional (3D) geometric models can provide a basis for creating more effective tools for visualization in applications such as CAD or 3D medical imaging. This dissertation examines how orientation indicators affect users' accuracy in perceiving the shape of ...Orientation indicators2010-08
33 Exploiting cross layer opportunities for secrecy and efficiency in wireless networksCross layer system design represents a paradigm shift that breaks the traditional layer-boundaries in a network stack to enhance a wireless network in a number of di erent ways. Existing work has used the cross layer approach to optimize a wireless network in terms of packet scheduling, error correc...Cross layer; Dynamic spectrum access networks; Filterbank multicarrier; Secret key extraction; Wireless channel characteristics2013-05
34 Exploring bluetooth for received signal strength indicator-based secret key extractionCurrent approaches to secret key extraction using Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) measurements mainly use the WiFi interface. However, in the presence of jamming adversaries and other interfering devices, the efficiency of RSSI-based secret key extraction using WiFi degrades and sometimes ...Android; Bluetooth; RSSI; Secret keys2012-12
35 Exploring the landscape of clusteringsWith the tremendous growth of data produced in the recent years, it is impossible to identify patterns or test hypotheses without reducing data size. Data mining is an area of science that extracts useful information from the data by discovering patterns and structures present in the data. In this d...Clustering; Data mining; Machine learning; Sampling2013-12
36 Finite element solutions to inverse electrocardiographyInverse Electrocardiography (ECG) aims to noninvasively estimate the electrophysiological activity of the heart from the voltages measured at the body surface, with promising clinical applications in diagnosis and therapy. The main challenge of this emerging technique lies in its mathematical founda...Cardiac electrophysiology; Finite element method; Inverse problem; Optimization; Partial differential equation; Scientific computing2012-12
37 Flowops: open access network management and operationArguably, the inherent complexity of network management makes it the top concern for network operators. While true for all networks, network management complexity is significantly exacerbated in open access networks where, unlike more monolithic "closed access networks," services are provided by dif...Municipal networks; Network framework; Network management; Open access network; Openflow; Software-defined network2013-12
38 Fluorender, an interactive tool for confocal microscopy data visualization and analysisConfocal microscopy has become a popular imaging technique in biology research in recent years. It is often used to study three-dimensional (3D) structures of biological samples. Confocal data are commonly multichannel, with each channel resulting from a different fluorescent staining. This techniqu...Anatomical atlas; Biology application; Confocal microscopy; Visualization; Volume rendering2013-08
39 Formal verification of device drivers in embedded systemsEmbedded systems are often deployed in a variety of mission-critical fields, such as car control systems, the artificial pace maker, and the Mars rover. There is usually significant monetary value or human safety associated with such systems. It is thus desirable to prove that they work as intended ...Device; Driver; Formal; Interrupt; Verification2013-12
40 Formal verification of programs and their transformationsFormal veri fication is an act of using formal methods to check the correctness of intended programs. The verifi cation is done by providing a formal proof on an abstract mathematical model of the program, with respect to a certain formal specifi cation or property. We present three case studies ...Compiler verification; Formal verification; GPU program; Parallel program; SMT solving; Theorem proving2010-12
41 Harnessing GPU computing in system-level softwareAs the base of the software stack, system-level software is expected to provide ecient and scalable storage, communication, security and resource management functionalities. However, there are many computationally expensive functionalities at the system level, such as encryption, packet inspection, ...GPU; Network; Storage; System software2014-08
42 Improving high-performance sparse libraries using compiler assisted specialization: a PETSC (portable, extensible toolkit for scientific computation) case studyScientific libraries are written in a general way in anticipation of a variety of use cases that reduce optimization opportunities. Significant performance gains can be achieved by specializing library code to its execution context: the application in which it is invoked, the input data set used, th...PETSC; Compiler assisted specialization2012-05
43 Improving information extraction by discourse-guided and multifaceted event recognitionEvents are one important type of information throughout text. Event extraction is an information extraction (IE) task that involves identifying entities and objects (mainly noun phrases) that represent important roles in events of a particular type. However, the extraction performance of current eve...2014-12
44 Improving operating system and hardware interactions through co-designWith the explosion of chip transistor counts, the semiconductor industry has struggled with ways to continue scaling computing performance in line with historical trends. In recent years, the de facto solution to utilize excess transistors has been to increase the size of the on-chip data cache, all...2014-12
45 Improving the utility of compiler fuzzersAggressive random testing tools, or fuzzers, are impressively effective at finding bugs in compilers and programming language runtimes. For example, a single test-case generator has resulted in more than 460 bugs reported for a number of production-quality C compilers. However, fuzzers can be hard t...Bug reporting; Compiler defect; Compiler testing; Random testing; Test-case minimization; Test-case reduction2014-05
46 Integrating structured data on the webThe explosion of structured Web data (e.g., online databases, Wikipedia infoboxes) creates many opportunities for integrating and querying these data that go far beyond the simple search capabilities provided by search engines. Although much work has been devoted to data integration in the database ...2013-05
47 Interactive digital photography at scaleInteractive editing and manipulation of digital media is a fundamental component in digital content creation. One media in particular, digital imagery, has seen a recent increase in popularity of its large or even massive image formats. Unfortunately, current systems and techniques are rarely concer...2013-05
48 Interactive Visualization and Exploration of Feature Evolution in Dynamic DataA broad range of applications capture dynamic data at an unprecedented scale. Independent of the application area, finding intuitive ways to understand the dynamic aspects of these increasingly large data sets remains an interesting and, to some extent, unsolved research problem. Generically, dynami...Computer science2017
49 Learning latent structures via bayesian nonparametrics: new models and efficient inferenceLatent structures play a vital role in many data analysis tasks. By providing compact yet expressive representations, such structures can offer useful insights into the complex and high-dimensional datasets encountered in domains such as computational biology, computer vision, natural language proce...Bayesian learning; Bayesian nonparametrics; Machine learning2013-08
50 Managing data locality in future memory hierarchies using a hardware software codesign approachIn recent years, a number of trends have started to emerge, both in microprocessor and application characteristics. As per Moore's law, the number of cores on chip will keep doubling every 18-24 months. International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) reports that wires will continue to sc...Cache management; Data locality; DRAM; Memory hierarchy; NUMA; Operating system support2014-12
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