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26 Adler, Robert W.Drought, Sustainability, and the LawResearchers and responsible officials have made considerable progress in recent years in efforts to anticipate, plan for, and respond to drought. Some of those efforts are beginning to shift from purely reactive, relief-oriented measures to programs designed to prevent or to mitigate drought impacts...2010-07-15
27 Mallat, ChibliInsightful, Moving Study of the Iraqi Chalabi DynastyTamara Chalabi's Late for Tea at the Deer Palace: The Lost Dreams of my Iraqi Family, has just been published by Harper's Press. Late for Tea at the Deer Palace, is her literary-historical chronicle of the Chalabi family over the last century. Like Wild Swans, which recounts three generations of wom...2010-08-19
28 McCormack, WayneModels of War and Crime in Confronting Organized ViolenceIs it crime or is it war? American politicos immediately beat the drums of a war on terrorism after 9/11 despite some cautionary notes sounded by professionals in the military, law, and international affairs. But the only other option promoted in the popular debates has been that of domestic crim...2010-02-23
29 Mallat, ChibliIraq at a Crossroads: Constitutional Review Committee Fills in Crucial GapsIraq is at a historical crossroads on the bumpy road to democracy. The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) has all but completed the task assigned to it by the 2005 Constitution under the chairmanship of Sheikh Humam Hamoudi, the delegate of the largest parliamentary bloc, together with Dr....2009-11-19
30 Mallat, ChibliIraqi Refugees: Mobilizing for Lana and the Rights of Abused WomenIRAP helps escapees navigate maze of interviews, document reviews, security and medical procedures2010-10-21
31 Mallat, chibliIs Israel a Democracy? It's conditionalThis is a serious discussion to be undertaken on a world level on the type of system that Israel is, as serious indeed as the legal investigation carried out in the mid-1960s on the legal nature of the apartheid regime in South Africa. In the early 1960s, Yale Law Journal published a long, two-pa...2009-12-10
32 Mallat, ChibliKhatami - A Man Amidst the WavesMuhammad Khatami takes over in August as president of Iran. How far will he change the Islamic Republic? What kind of change does Khatami want? Professor Chibli Mallat begins a major series of articles, exclusive to the Daily Star, on these crucial questions for the future of the Middle East.1997-06-23
33 Mallat, ChibliThe Lebanese Legal SystemLebanon was established in its present borders in 1920, in the wake of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman empire. It acquired the main elements of its judicial and legal systems under the French mandate (1920-1943), and has retained most of them to date.1997
34 Mallat, ChibliJaafar al-Sadr : A Confluence Prime Minister for IraqIn Iraq and the wider Middle East, Jaafar needs no introduction. His father, Mohammad Baqer al-Sadr, was the most remarkable Islamic thinker of the 20th century. He was executed without trial by Saddam Hussein, together with Jaafar?s aunt Bint al-Huda, on 8 April 1980. His cousin and brother-in-law ...2010-08-19
35 Mallat, ChibliIntroduction a la pensee de Robert FossaertCette introduction est surtout un appel, pour paraphraser Althusser sur Marx (<< II faut lire Le Capital, et se mettre au travail) a un bon usage de Fossaert : II faut lire La Societe, et se mettre au travail . Le lecteur trouvera une lucarne de l'universalisme de Fossaert dans la section du b...2009
36 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Holt, Rebecca; Tanana, HeatherLands with Wilderness Characteristics, Resource Management Plan Contraints, and Land Exchanges: Cross-Jurisdictional Management and Impacts on unconventional Fuel Development in Utah's Uinta BasinAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2012-03
37 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, Heather; Kline, MichelleLand and Resource Management Issues Relevant to Deploying In-Situ Thermal TechnologiesAbstract: Utah is home to oil shale resources containing roughly 1.3 trillion barrels of oil equivalent and our nations richest oil sands resources. If economically feasible and environmentally responsible means of tapping these resources can be developed, these resources could provide a safe and st...2011-01
38 Guiora, Amos N.International Law: Where Have We Been; Where Are We Going?International law, much like the law of nation-states, is in a state of flux. There is great unceraintly regarding its applicability in what I (and others) refer to as the post-9/11 world. Needless to say, not all agree with me that the world significantly changed that Tuesday morning. They suggest ...2009-07-13
39 Mallat, ChibliLegal Developments and Constitutional Structures in IraqIn order to practice business under the rule of law, you need to have one, and the Iraqi theatre is most unusual in this respect. This is because post-dictatorship Iraq offers lawyers equally immense hopes and immense disappointments.2008-09-19
40 Mallat, ChibliOn the Specificity of Middle Eastern ConstitutionalismRen Maunier, a prolific French ethnologist and jurist (1887-1951), summed up in 1935 the radical transformation of Middle Eastern law since the nineteenth century. In a brief report entitled Outline of the Progress of Law in Muslim Land, he noted the centrality of law in the immense change affec...2006
41 Fuller, Ronald; McNett, Meredith; McPhail, RossOne Moment in Time: Lessons Learned From Library Snapshot Day 2010The University of Utah Law Library participates in Library Snapshot Day 2010 - and learns what patrons really think.2010-11
42 Mallat, ChibliThe Original Sin: Terrorism or Crime Against HumanityOnce the Middle East connection was established over the September 11 attacks, apprehension and uneasiness gripped the region. Eyebrows are now raised over the word terrorism, and there is hardly a newspaper in the Arab and Muslim world that does not question everyday the definition of the word, ami...2002
43 Mallat, ChibliObama's just war speech: Three questions for 'the Middle East in the United States'Congo, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Sin Kiang and Honduras, are hot spots that have turned or are likely to turn violent. But the Middle East is different in two ways. It is the longest continuously war-ridden area in modern history. And at least since September 11, it has become a domestic American issue...2009-12-24
44 Mallat, ChibliCoddling Dictators is Annan's Bad HabitOp-ed.2012-06-08
45 Chodosh, HiramCombating World's Corruption is a Slippery BusinessThe better we can measure corruption, the more accurate will become our understanding of its reach and depth, as well as impacts. Without improving our methodologies, effective reforms will continue to rest on shaky empirical foundations.2009-10-22
46 Mallat, ChibliCommercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern BusinessA brief presentation of commercial law decisions across the Arab world is sufficient to show the dominance of western principles in the field, and the direct translation of western terminology and rules for local transactions.2 The decisions have been regrouped in categories which will be familiar t...2000-01
47 Mallat, ChibliBeware of Sudan's Secessionist DemonsDemocracy means sorting out problems together, not going ones own way in a separate state every time there is disagreement. Only a miracle can save Sudan from the demons of secession. The precedent set could be devastating for the Middle East and well beyond.2010-09-02
48 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, HeatherPolicty Analysis of Produced Water Issues Associated with In-Situ Thermal TechnologiesABSTRACT Commercial scale oil shale and oil sands development will require water, the amount of which will depend on the technologies adopted and the scale of development that occurs. Water in oil shale and oil sands country is already in scarce supply, and because of the arid nature of the regi...2011-01
49 Keiter, Robert; Ruple, John; Tanana, Heather; Holt, RebeccaConjunctive Surface and Groundwater Management in Utah: Implications for Oil Shale and Oil Sands DevelopmentS.J. Quinney College of Law photograph.2011-12
50 Chodosh, Hiram E.Corruption and Its Challenges: The Battle to Stop a Universal ProblemCorruption is increasingly seen as a universal problem, deeply embedded in many national legal systems, and also transnational in nature. It is so endemic that it has generated its own special vernacular, such as Code 1,000 in Honduras (a reference to the 1,000 lempira note), mordida in Mexico...2009-09-25
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