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26 Comparison of high school future nurse club members with nonmembers on opinions about mental illness1965-06ir_etdText
27 Survey of nursing personnel in seventeen nursing homes in Utah1965-06ir_etdText
28 Relationship between sociometric status and patient-rated helpfulness in a small informal psychiatric patient group1965-06ir_etdText
29 Barriers to communication between nurses and patients as perceived by nurses1965-06ir_etdText
30 The Relationship of preoperative preparation to postoperative recovery and satisfaction in patients with intervertebral disc disease1965-06ir_etdText
31 The role and responsibility of the nurse in caring for the dying patient.1965-08ir_etdText
32 Long-term and short-term patients' barriers to communication1965-08ir_etdText
33 Nurses' perception and judgment of patients' behavior as a problem1966-05ir_etdText
34 Development of a nurse-psychiatric patient interaction inventory1966-06ir_etdText
35 Patients' expectations of the functions of psychiatric and medical nurses1966-06ir_etdText
36 Attitude of Nursing Personnel Toward Disabled Persons and Performance of Rehabilitative Aspects of Nursing Care1966-06ir_etdText
37 Relationship between scores on a nurse-psychiatric patient interaction inventory and nurse performance1967-06ir_etdText
38 The Relationship Between Preoperative Psychological Distress and Postoperative Recovery1967-06ir_etdText
39 Comparison of physician's and nurses's opinions of autonomous nursing functions1967-06ir_etdText
40 Effects of a deliberative nursing approach on afterpains1967-06ir_etdText
41 Pre-existing anemia and the number of vaginal examinations as predisposing factors for puerperal infection1967-06ir_etdText
42 The relationship between psychiatric nurses' communication skills and patients' evaluations of their nursing care.1967-06ir_etdText
43 The relationship between field-dependence-independence and performance in group therapy1967-06ir_etdText
44 Relationship between antepartal breast care and postpartum breast engorgement1967-08ir_etdText
45 Cardiovascular alterations with lateral position changes in the immediate post-operative period in patients with aortic valve replacement1968-06ir_etdText
46 The effect of a psychiatric nursing approach during hospital admission with Alaskan native patients1968-06ir_etdText
47 The Effect of the psychiatric nursing approach on follow through of mental health center applicants1968-06ir_etdText
48 The Relation of caloric-volume intake to physiologic weight loss of the newborn.1968-06ir_etdText
49 Relationship between breast feeding initiated at time of delivery and breast engorgement1968-06ir_etdText
50 Opinions and practices of public health nurses concerning assessment of preschool child development1968-06ir_etdText
26 - 50 of 810