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26 PenumbraI grew up in Chile during the 70's, and early 80's, a time of political upheaval and economic distress in Chile, and this has probably exerted as strong an influence on my musical outlook as any other aspect of Chilean culture. While I distrust "political art," I do have an abiding desire for my mu...1997
27 Persistencia de la MemoriaLa Persistencia de la Memoria (The Persistence of Memory) takes its title from the iconic surrealist painting ("The Persistence of Memory") by Salvador Dalí. The flexibility of this work's tempo, unusual for a work in which the electronics are closely coordinated with the live performer, mirrors th...Persistence of Memory; Salvador Dalí2008
28 Salmo 139Choral music work in Spanish based on Psalm 139.music, SSATB Choir2009
29 SaturnianaScore for work for bass trombone and electronics.music, trombone, electronics2009
30 Sonora RunSonora Run is a 7 minute work for orchestra dedicated to the memory of the Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. Although his novels take the reader all over the world, the Mexican state of Sonora and the Sonoran desert play a central role in several of his works, including his acclaimed major works, The...Roberto Bolaño; Sonora Mexico2006
31 St. Mary Magdalene at the Holy Sepulchre: fantasy on a vespers hymn from the feast day of St. Mary MagdaleneScore for work for organ for the feast of St. Mary Magdalene.score, music, organ, St. Mary Magdalene.2006
32 Tiempo norte, tiempo sur (north time, south time)Score for work for chamber orchestra commissioned by the Utah Arts Festival (NEA).music, chamber orchestra2008
33 You do you: A theoretical exploration of audience agency in theatreHow is audience agency implemented in today's theatre? What elements are used in this type of performance? How do audiences react to such experiences?2017
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