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26 Heller, Molly AnneBecoming incredible: healing trauma through performanceIn this thesis, I explore how dance performance can be a catalyst for healing trauma. Throughout my own research on performance, it has been my experience that the act of being witnessed itself triggers a healing response. The intimacy of performance, where I channel my emotional intelligence throug...Dance; Healing; Modern dance; Performance studies; Therapy; Trauma2015-08
27 Bruce, Kelly M.Nothing but me: a study of identity through choreography, performance, and educationIdentity is one way in which we claim ourselves and our role within society. It allows us to categorize and negotiate who we are within this world, simultaneously altering who we become. How attached and attuned to ourselves can we be when our identity is heavily shaped and informed by our culture ...Choreography; Dance2015-08
28 Povey, RachelOh, dracula: chris burden's 1974 performance at the utah museum of fine artsOn 7 October, 1974, Chris Burden wrapped himself in a fabric and adhesive tape cocoon and lay suspended from the foyer gallery wall of The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) for a total of eight hours. On either side of the cocoon hung two old master paintings, and below him stood two lit candle sticks...Chris Burden; Oh Dracula; UMFA2015-08
29 Baldridge, Seth RobertGold powder and gunpowder: the appropriation of western firearms into japan through high cultureWhen an object is introduced to a new culture for the first time, how does it transition from the status of a foreign import to a fully integrated object of that culture? Does it ever truly reach this status, or are its foreign origins a part of its identity that are impossible to overlook? What rol...Arquebus; Firearms; Japan; Lacquer; Momoyama; Noh2015-08
30 Derington, Krista TreuUsing rudolf laban's effort system as an inroad to choreographyThis thesis interweaves Rudolf Laban's Effort theories, observation and analysis devices stemming out of the Integrated Movement Studies program, personal and physical influences from ballroom dance, modern dance, and movement analysis, and the fully embodied experience of my first pregnancy as prim...Arts-based research; Choreography; Dreams; Effort; LMA; Rudolf Laban2015-05
31 Dryden, NathanTowards a decided body and choreographyThis thesis examines a state termed the decided body, which describes an engaging and qualitatively fluid presence in performance. My research explored this state of presence and drew from the embodied qualities arising out of the state as source material for choreography. Dancers were trained in ...Choreography; Dance; Passive; Performance; Presence; Sequencing2015-08
32 Bowman, MarcelThe human versus the supernatural: intervallic, motivic, and harmonic connections in stravinsky's the firebirdIn The Firebird, Stravinsky followed the Russian convention of sharply contrasting the music of the human characters against that of the supernatural characters. Most theorists posit that the human characters are portrayed with principally diatonic music, and the supernatural with principally chroma...Firebird; Harmonic; Human; Princesses; Stravinsky; Supernatural2015-08
33 Parker, Sara BethDancing amidst flames: discomfort and surrender as a catalyst for artistic growth in choreography and performanceThe practice of yoga has had a profound impact on me as a dancer and artist, serving as a new lens and conceptual framework I have applied to my creative work. Both dance and yoga allow me the unique opportunity to experience who I am by emphasis on self-investigation through expansion of consciousn...Dance; Myth; Philosophy: Yoga2015-05
34 Katz, SamStockham: the father of digital audio recordingStockham: The Father of Digital Audio Recording is a mid-length documentary film that celebrates the life and achievements of former University of Utah professor Thomas Greenway Stockham, Jr. Despite Dr. Stockham's many accomplishments, his story remains relatively unknown outside of the audio engin...Film and media arts; Digital audio recording2015-04
35 O'Neill, KellyBifurcate: Intersections and PhotographyThrough my works and research I investigate the photographic medium's ambiguous nature as a simultaneously aesthetic and empirical object. Combining a vast assortment of photographic mediums from contemporary GIFs to historical processes such as the Cyanotype, my work reveals the multiplicity of the...Fine arts; Photography2015-04
36 Guiley, Patricia KathleenGraffiti, art, and identity: exploring Gajin Fujita's Hood RatsWhile contemporary historians have explored the advent of graffiti as well as its link to the social and financial world, little attention has been given to overarching lenses that attempt to encompass the new global contemporary form of graffiti. In a recent catalogue of street art, Carlo McCormick...Gajin fujita; Global contemporary; Graffiti; Identity; Street art; Urban art2015-05
37 Ramos, AlysiaEmbodying eclecticism from potential to actualizationThis thesis examines a disjunction, or marked contrast, between dance training encompassing diverse and multiple approaches and the increasingly narrow representations of modern dance in technique and choreography. If modern dance is to be understood as deriving from a belief that dance can constitu...Choreography; Composition; Dance; Eclecticism; Embodiment; Nomadic theory2014-08
38 Martin, Eliza AbigailBodily transfer and sacrificial gestures: rethinking the Hungry Tigress Jataka in Mogao Cave 254The Caves of Mogao, located just outside of the city of Dunhuang, have received much scholarly attention because they have preserved one thousand years of medieval Chinese visual culture from the fourth to fourteenth centuries. Right on the Silk Road, the Mogao site comprises nearly five hundred cav...Buddhist art; Chinese art; Jataka; karma; Sinicization; Stupa2014-08
39 Tolman, Alyssa SuzanneThe search for individuality in the choreographic processThis thesis examines various techniques of highlighting dancers' individuality. In this document I examine choreographers and past creative investigations that influenced creative choices I made. I also discuss Laban movement analysis as a tool in finding an individual's authentic movement signature...Choreography; Individuality; Laban movement analysis2014-08
40 Hardwig, George ScottDance hacking: digital technology and the performing bodyThe questions posed in this research involve the massive effects of the cyberrevolution on the human experience of embodiment and identity formation. Our technologies have begun to merge with the human body in new and unforeseen ways, from the development of smartphones, to new advances in Internet ...Dance; Digital; Performance; Screendance; Technology2014-08
41 Maguire, PatrickTerminal structures: Ant Farm's Cadillac Ranch, 1974The San Francisco art and architecture collective Ant Farm built Cadillac Ranch in 1974 outside of Amarillo, Texas, to showcase "the rise and fall of the Cadillac tailfin." The ten vintage Cadillacs buried nose‐first in a row along the old Route 66, with their tailfins jutting up obliquely, is oft...Ant farm; Cadillac ranch; Land art; Minimalism; Monument; Sculpture2014-08
42 Byrne Cranny, LouiseSituating Helen Frankenthaler's WizardCompleted in 1963, Helen Frankenthaler's Wizard stands apart from her then contemporary paintings, with its vertical orientation, body-sized scale, and figural allusion in both name and form. One of the last paintings Frankenthaler worked entirely in oil, Wizard should be understood as a crucial exp...1963; Frankenthaler2014-05
43 Rosenbury, Mary MargaretPins, felt, and cloth: performing Mormon feminismThe sculptural series Seer Bonnets (2009-present) by artist Angela Ellsworth addresses issues of gender, polygamy, and the historical recovery of Mormon pioneer artifacts and culture. Seer Bonnet X, XI, and XII in the collection of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts are positioned in this thesis as a case...Mormon faith; Sunbonnets; Pioneer women2014-05
44 Lyver Harris, Emily RosePerforming the document in Francis Alys's re-enactments (2001)In Francis Alÿs's two-channel video Re-enactments, the artist is filmed as he walks through the streets of downtown Mexico City with a loaded gun in his hand until he is arrested. Managing to avoid charges, Alÿs repeats the same series of events, replicating the performance based on the footage ca...Francis Alys; Mexico City; Re-enactments2013-12
45 Zhan, LiThe beautiful beast: the subversive power of monsters in the aesthetics of dance and individual expressionMonsters have been traditionally regarded as large, aggressive, and ugly creatures that live in our nightmares to terrify us with their abnormal bodies and hideous appearances. They are generally relegated to the realm of evil in our fictions, folklores and mythologies, and used as symbols to descri...Aesthetics; Dance; Monsters; Performance potential; Possibilities of movements; Subversive power2013-08
46 Mielke, Benjamin AllenDance training as mechanism for overcoming the technologization of the bodyOur way of life is changing at a speed never before seen in the history of our species. The rate of change is only increasing, and shows no signs of slowing down. Exponentially rapid advancements in technology may now, according to some, be putting us squarely in the face of our own irrelevance or e...Digital realities; Interpersonal communication; Modern dance; Sociology; Technology; Time2013-08
47 Myers, Jamie MichelleStage peacocking: the amplified self in performanceWithin this thesis, I will be exploring the notion of authenticity in performance. I have found that the word ‘authenticity' can take on a litany of meanings and is not necessarily synonymous with ‘actuality.' Throughout this thesis, I am asking: Can something be fabricated construction, yet hol...Authenticity in performance; Performance methods; Performance studies; Performance techniques; Performing dance; Self in performance2013-08
48 Bagley, Claire ValeneEditing in the choreographic process: "I am a work of fiction"In this paper, I will speak about how I supplemented film editing techniques, such as the "Rule of Six" and montage, among others, to the choreographic process for the development of my dance piece "I am a work of fiction." This paper will tell the story of my process in constructing an original and...Creative process; Dance; Film editing; Graphic novel; Montage; Pina Bausch2013-08
49 Bobzin, Lynn MarieDancing toward humanity: accessing embodiment in artifice within the choreographic and performative processesThis thesis research investigates the role of actualized embodiment in the choreographic creative process in order to articulate and access visceral, raw, poetic essences of humanity inside performance. How does one find honesty inside of an experience that is crafted with artifice, or, actualizatio...Being doing; Creative process; Embodiment; Empathy; Vulnerability2013-08
50 Moore, Amanda JaneMotion picturesArt cannot be created in a bubble. Motion Pictures is no exception. This body of work is a culmination of my education, location, and personal interaction with pop culture. Without my move from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, I would not have become so obsessed with my subject matter. Without my subject ...2006-05
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