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26 The Impact of Effortful Processing on Automatic Priming2017ir_etdText
27 Engaging with Latin@ "Eth(n)ical Issues" in Middle School Spanish: Using Translanguaging and Comprehensible Input Approaches to Advance Spanish Proficiency and Social Justice Goals2017ir_etdText
28 Factors that influence graducation efficiency of baccalaureate recipients at Weber State University2017ir_etdText
29 Understanding the utilization and effectiveness of combined (individual plus group) mental health treatment in everyday practice2017ir_etdText
30 An Examination of the Effects of Harsh Discipline and Infant Difficult Temperament on the Externalizing Behaviors of Maltreated Children2017ir_etdText
31 Oral reading fluency: Predicting outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse students2010ir_etdText
32 Managing Cognitive Load During Complex Learning: A Study on Worked Examples and Element Interactivity2017ir_etdText
33 The pedagogy of sistahood : Living in this skin in the classroom2009ir_htoaText
34 Colonial legacies and preservice teacher subjectivities in mali: A critical examination of two teacher training programs2017ir_etdText
35 Fostering critical counterspaces in the borderlands: Engaging latin@ elementary youth in Chican@ studies2016ir_etdText
36 An autonomist biopolitics of education: Reframing educational life in the age of neoliberal multiculturalism2016ir_etdText
37 An adaptation of the Mindful schools curriculum for adolescents: feasibility and preliminary effectiveness on stree, depression, and mindfulness of adolescent in an after-school setting2017ir_etdText
38 Adaptive theory - Educational implications and an exemplary Earth Science curriculum1975ir_etdText
39 Mindfulness and social justice advocacy: exploring the relationship and experience among psychotherapists2017ir_etdText
40 Racially diverse students' perceptions of caring teacher-student relationships in private Jewish schools2018-08ir_etdText
41 Racial battle fatigue and coping in a "postracial" era for african american and mexican american students: implications for higher education institutions and students2015ir_etdText
42 Ninth-grade students with disabilities: a concrete-representational-abstract + writing strategy for solving rate of change problems2015ir_etdText
43 Every least thing: reading Cormac McCarthy's literary ecologies for a practice of thinking ethics2015ir_etdText
44 on-task in a box: a validation study examining an evidence-based package intervention for increasing rates of on-task behavior and academic performance2013ir_etdText
45 An examination of college career counselor self-efficacy in working with international students and its relationship with multicultural counseling competence2017ir_etdText
46 Co-occurring anxiety in adults with autism spectrum disorder: use of diagnostic codes to measure prevalence and associations between anxiety and intellectual ability, adaptive behavior, and employment2017ir_etdText
47 Play your way to compliance: a validation study of a parent-training program to increase compliance rates in young children with autism spectrum disorder2017ir_etdText
48 I've got a bird's eye view: portraits of asian american women educators practicing hip-hop pedagogy2017ir_etdText
49 An adaptation of the mindful schools curriculum for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: implementation feasibility and impact on anxiety, rigidity, and mindfulness2017ir_etdText
50 Differences in use of campus resources for gender transition and support by trans college students: a mixed-methods study2017ir_etdText
26 - 50 of 314