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26 Utz, Rebecca L.; Lund, Dale A.; Caserta, MichaelHumor, laughter, and happiness in the daily lives of recently bereaved spousesThe positive psychology movement has created more interest in examining the potential value of experiencing positive emotions (e.g., humor, laughter, and happiness) during the course of bereavement. This study of 292 recently widowed (5-24 weeks) men (39%) and women (61%) age 50 and over examined bo...bereavement adjustment2008-01-01
27 Zimmer, Zachary; Korinek, KimNumber of children and proximate residence among older adults in the context of population aging: a comparative analysis of six societies in the Asia-Pacific regionPopulation aging, occurring concurrently with social and economic change, has the potential to dismantle traditional support structures for older adults in the Asia-Pacific region. An example is the traditional system of living with an adult child, which may be threatened by smaller families and mor...Population; Aging; Asia-Pacific2007-08-18
28 Zimmer, ZacharyDifferentials in life expectancy and active life expectancy by socioeconomic status among older adults in BeijingThe study compares estimates of life expectancy and active life expectancy across indicators of socioeconomic status for a cohort of older adults in Beijing Municipality. Our aim is to determine whether associations found are consistent across indicators and with those typically observed in Western...Active life expectancy; Functional limitations2004
29 Wen, MingRacial and ethnic differences in general health status and limiting health conditions among American children: parental reports in the 1999 National Survey of America's FamiliesObjectives: This research investigates the association between race/ethnicity and child health and examines the role of family structure, family SES, and healthcare factors in this association. Five major racial/ethnic groups in the United States are studied. Two child health outcomes including pare...Socioeconomic status; Health care; Children; Race; Ethnicity2006-09-01
30 Zimmer, ZacharyFamily size and support of older adults in urban and rural China: current effects and future implicationsChina will experience rapid growth in the proportion and number of older people in its population in the near future as a consequence of an extraordinarily rapid decline in fertility over the past several decades. Total fertility rates were as high as 7.5 in the early 1950s, but have fallen to below...Urban China; Rural China; Support; Older adults; One-child policy2003
31 Zimmer, ZacharyHow indicators of socioeconomic status relate to physical functioning of older adults in three Asian societiesIn developed countries, socioeconomic status has been identified as one of the most important demographic and social determinants of older adult health. The relationship has not been well studied or contrasted across much of the developing world. Yet, with population aging occurring rapidly in much ...Physical functioning; Older adult health2003
32 Mineau, Geraldine PageEstimating recurrence of spontaneous preterm deliveryTo identify factors associated with spontaneous preterm birth and to estimate the risk of its recurrence for the second through fourth births among women in Utah who had a first and any subsequent birth between 1989 and 2001, using a retrospective cohort study design.Spontaneous preterm delivery2008
33 Wen, MingUGT1A1*28 polymorphism as a determinant of irinotecan disposition and toxicityThe metabolism of irinotecan (CPT-11) involves sequential activation to SN-38 and detoxification to the pharmacologically inactive SN-38 glucuronide (SN-38G). We have previously demonstrated the role of UGT1A1 enzyme in the glucuronidation of SN-38 and a significant correlation between in vitro glu...UGT1A1*28 polymorphism; Irinotecan disposition; Irinotecan toxicity; Glucuronidation; SN-382002
34 Mineau, Geraldine PageQuantification of the familial contribution to müllerian anomaliesCases of müllerian anomalies, identified by International Classification of Diseases and Current Procedural Terminology codes from January 1994 to March 2006, were collected from the largest hospital systems in the state of Utah. All records were subsequently matched to the Utah Population Databas...Mullerian anomalies; Utah Population Database; UPDB2008
35 Zimmer, ZacharyEducational attainment and transitions in functional status among older TaiwaneseThere is a lengthy history of research examining the relationship between socioeconomic status and health and mortality in Western societies (Antonovsky 1967; Fox 1989; Williams and Collins 1995). Almost unanimously, these investigations show that those with high socioeconomic status are advantaged ...Educational attainment; Functional status; Older Taiwanese1998
36 Caserta, Michael; Lund, Dale A.Toward the development of an inventory of daily widowed life (IDWL): guided by the duel process model of coping with bereavementThe Dual Process Model of Coping with Bereavement (Stroebe & Schut, 1999) suggests that the most effective adaptation involves oscillaton between two coping processes: loss-orientation (LO) and restoration-orientation (RO). A 22-item Inventory of Daily Widowed Life (IDWL) was developed to measure t...Bereavement; Grief reaction; Widowhood; Psychological orientation; Adaptation, Psychological2007-07
37 Zimmer, ZacharyWhose education counts? The impact of grown children's education on the physical functioning of their parents in TawianResearch has identified education as an important predictor of physical functioning in old age. Older adults in Taiwan tend to experience close ties to family members and high rates of adult child coresidence, much more so than is typical in Western cultures. These circumstances might imply addition...Grown children; Physical functioning; Education2001
38 Zimmer, ZacharyHIV/AIDS and the living arrangements of older persons across the Sub-Saharan African regionABSTRACT: Older adults in sub-Saharan Africa face harsh living conditions including severe poverty and an HIV/AIDS epidemic that results in unprecedented rates of mortality. Yet, because of a lack of available data and only a trickle of past studies, the impact of these conditions on living circum...HIV/AIDS; Sub-Saharan Africa; Poverty2007-11-08
39 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Thanks for nothing: changes in income and labor force participation for never-married mothers since 1982This study examines whether the changing social and economic characteristics of women who give birth out of wedlock have led to higher family incomes. Using Current Population Survey data collected between 1982 and 2002, we find that never-married mothers remain poor. They have made modest econom...Motherhood; Single Mothers; Income; Population surveys2006-07-26
40 Korinek, KimFamily relations and the experience of loneliness among older adults in Eastern EuropeIn this paper I conceptualize and analyze the determinants of loneliness among older adults in Russia and Bulgaria, two former communist societies experiencing myriad and challenging transitions - economically, demographically, and socially. Using the Generations and Gender Survey (2004) I conduct ...2009
41 Mineau, Geraldine Page; Bean, Lee LawrenceMacrosimulation approach to the investigation of natural fertilityThis paper is part of a long-term investigation known as the Mormon Historical Demography Project. It examines the capability of a simulation model, originally proposed by John Bongaarts (1976), to fit the natural fertility pattern which characterized the mid-nineteenth century Mormon population. Ap...Mormon Historical Demography Project; Macrosimulation; Natural fertility1982
42 Zimmer, ZacharyGray agendas: interest groups and public pensions in Canada, Britain, and the United States, by Henry J. PrattGray Agendas, by Wayne State University's Henry J. Pratt, is an in-depth and well-structured examination of the historical development of pension policy and its impact on interest groups in three countries over the last century: Canada, Britain, and the United States. It is of interest to political...Gray agendas; Book review; Pratt, Henry J.; United States; Canada; Great Britain1995
43 Wen, MingNeighborhood environment and health in old age: what role do individual characteristics play in this link?This research investigates the relationship among objectively assessed neighborhood SES, subjective perceptions of neighborhood environment, and self-rated physical health among older persons. We further explore the structural and psychosocial mechanisms at the individual level underlying the observ...Community; District; Geriatric; Elderly; Healthcare2004-01-16
44 Mineau, Geraldine PageFamilial predisposition to developmental dysplasia of the hipDevelopmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a common birth defect and is thought to have genetic contributions to the phenotype. It is likely that DDH is genetically heterogeneous with environmental modifiers. The Utah Population Database (UPDB) is a computerized integration of pedigrees, vital stat...Developmental dysplasia of the hip; DDH; Utah Population Database; UPDB2009
45 Wen, Ming; Van Duker, Heather; Olson, Lenora MarySocial contexts of regular smoking in adolescence: towards a multidimensional ecological modelUsing data from the Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), this study investigates factors at the individual, family, peer, school, neighborhood, and state levels that are important for subsequent adolescent cigarette regular smoking after controlling for the baseline smoking behavio...Adolescent smoking; Social capital; Family; Neighborhood; School; Teenagers; Teenage smoking2006-09-19
46 Zimmer, ZacharyShifts in coresidence among the oldest-old in China: comparing decedents and survivorsWhat we know about transitions in coresidence of older adults in China is based upon panel data involving survivors. This paper examines the tendency to shift and determinants of shifts in coresidence with adult children among very old, comparing survivors of an inter-survey period with deceden...Elderly; China; Living arrangements; Co-residence status; Mortality; End of life2008-12-30
47 Zimmer, ZacharyLiving arrangements and socio-demographic conditions of older adults in CambodiaSince the takeover of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge in 1975, analysis of social conditions in the country has been lacking. Only recently has dependable socio-demographic data become available. We use some of these data to examine living arrangements and other socio-demographic conditions among Cambod...Living arrangements; Older adults; Socio-demographic conditions; Coresident children2002
48 Zimmer, ZacharyEducation of adult children and mortality of their elderly parents in TaiwanResearch shows an older adult's education is strongly associated with mortality. But in societies such as Taiwan, where families are highly integrated, the education of family members may be linked to survival. Such may be the case in settings where there are large gaps in levels of education acros...Education; Mortality2005
49 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriExploring the influence of the National School Lunch Program on children using the early childhood longitudinal studyUsing data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, 1998-1999 Kindergarten Cohort, the proposed study examines two research questions. First, what are the effects of participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) on changes in children's behavior, test scores, and body weight? Second,...Children; Nutrition; Elementary School, Meal program2006-09-01
50 Zimmer, ZacharyReciprocal effects of health and economic well-being among older adults in Taiwan and BeijingThe objectives of this study are threefold: 1) to examine whether socioeconomic status disparities in health are found in non-Western settings; 2) to assess whether socioeconomic status gradients in health endure into older ages; and 3) to evaluate the direction of causality between health and soci...Well-being; Health2005
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