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26 Golden, Kenneth M.Climate change and the mathematics of transport in sea iceAs the boundary layer between the ocean and atmosphere in the polar regions, sea ice is a critical component of the global climate system. As temperatures on Earth have warmed, the Arctic sea ice pack in particular has exhibited a dramatic decline in its summer extent. Indeed, the polar sea-ice pack...Polar ice; Fluid flow; Complex permittivity2009
27 Greene, Stephen Andrew; Golden, Kenneth M.Composite microstructures and climate changeDevelop mathematical models to better understand the changes in sea ice as it pertains to global climate. Compare Diffusion Limited Aggregates (DLA) and Electrorheological (ER) fluids to sea ice microstructures.Composite microstructures; Climate change; Effect on climate; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
28 Golden, Kenneth M.The lsing model and critical behavior of transport in binary composite mediaWe present a general theory for critical behavior of transport in binary composite media. The theory holds for lattice and continuum percolation models in both the static case with real parameters and the quasi-static case (frequency dependent) with complex parameters. Through a direct, analytic cor...2012-01-01
29 Golden, Kenneth M.Transition in the fractal geometry of Arctic melt pondsDuring the Arctic melt season, the sea ice surface undergoes a remarkable transformation from vast expanses of snow covered ice to complex mosaics of ice and melt ponds. Sea ice albedo, a key parameter in climate modeling, is determined by the complex evolution of melt pond configurations. In fact, ...2012-01-01
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