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26 McDaniel, SusanFeminist scholarship in sociology: transformation from within?Few revolutions, epistemological or otherwise, begin in academia. And yet, knowledge producers always play some role in revolutions of any kind, including epistemological revolutions. This paper is in the spirit of recent debates in the Canadian Journal of Sociology about the end of modern sociology...Feminist sociology; Social reality1991
27 McDaniel, SusanAlice in demographyland: how it looks from the other side of the looking glassThe challenges are many in reflecting on women in demography in Canada in the 1990's. On the one hand, so much is known about women in academia and the hurdles that still need to be overcome " institutionally and intellectually. So much more research exists in the area than it did only a decade ago....Women; Universities; Academic life1992
28 McDaniel, SusanWomen and family in the later years: findings from the 1990 general social surveyAging is a feminist issue. Women on average live longer than men, live longer in disability or with chronic health problems, more often experience the deaths of spouse and friends, more often live alone in their later years, are significantly poorer than men of the same age, and more often institu...Middle age; Old age; Family life; Women1992
29 McDaniel, SusanChallenges to mental health promotion among working women in CanadaHealth promotion efforts have concentrated on promoting physical well-being with psychological benefits perhaps most often among men. With greater proportions of women now working, the workplace provides excellent opportunities for health promotion and education for women. Given increasing recognit...Working women; Canada1993
30 McDaniel, SusanWhere the contradictions meet: women and family security in Canada in the 1990sFamily and security are both contested ground in Canada in the 1990s. The family and family values are lauded sentimentally on both sides of the 49th parallel. Yet, more and more families, Canadian and American - families with children, aging couples and the working poor - are lining up at food bank...Values; Responsibilities; Opportunities1993
31 McDaniel, SusanEmotional support and family contacts of older CanadiansElderly people can no longer expect to spend their senior years living with their families. This is particularly true for older women, who as widows are more and more likely to be living alone. With more seniors living on their own, emotional support from family may not be as easy to come by as i...1993
32 McDaniel, SusanSingle parenthood: policy apartheid in CanadaPolicy discussions regarding single parents often move to income maintenance issues. While the risk of poverty for single mothers with dependent children is high, attention devoted largely to the policy challenges of income maintenance for single mothers may have two unfortunate consequences. Firs...Single mothers; Social policy; Canada1993
33 McDaniel, SusanHealth care in an aging Canada: constraint or choice?It is often presumed that population aging will result in increased demand for health care, with older Canadians seen as a "burden" to the working population. Yet, such a presumption of direct correlation (with implied causality) belies the complex questions of societal choices in expenditures: fac...Age factors; Canada; Health care costs1994
34 Smith, Ken R.Ovarian cancer mortality among immigrants in Australia and CanadaThis study examined the impact of changing environments on ovarian cancer by comparing age standardized mortality rates of numerous immigrant groups in Australia and Canada to those in the origin countries for the period 1984-1988. Mortality rates by length of residence in Australia (0-29 and 30+ y...Ovarian cancer; Immigrants; Australia; Canada; Mortality1995
35 Diener, Marissa L.Role of prenatal expectations in parents' reports of infant temperamentThe associations were examined among parents' characteristics, their prenatal expectations for and postpartum perceptions of infant temperament, and observers' ratings of temperament. During pregnancy and at 3 months postpartum, 70 primiparous women and their husbands completed several mood and anx...1995
36 McDaniel, SusanApproche sociologique feministe pour l'ettude de la fecondite.L'essor d'une perspective feministe de la fecondite provient de plusieurs endroits et se situe a des niveaux varies. Avant d'esquisser ceux qui serviront de base aux discussions de ce chapitre, une breve histoire de ce contexte parait de mise. Il y a une vingtaine d'annees, alors que les sciences...Fecundity; Feminist sociology1995
37 McDaniel, SusanWork, retirement and women in later lifeResearch on the labour market experiences of mid-life and older women is increasing, revealing new knowledge, but also showing us how much is not yet known. Retirement remains, for the most part, a presumed life transition for men, but not necessarily for women. Despite the growing, but still small ...Women; Retirement; Mid-life; Canada1995
38 Smith, Ken R.; Zick, Cathleen D.Risk of mortality following widowhood: age and sex differences by mode of deathThis study examines how spouses' deaths from sudden or lengthy illnesses differentially affect the mortality risks of surviving widows and widowers by age. Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, we find the mortality risk differs by gender, age, and type of widowhood. For nonelderly ( < 65) wido...Risk of mortality; Widowhood; Sex differences; Role theory1996
39 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriDeterminants of first sex by age 14 in a high-risk adolescent populationA study using data for mothers from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth and their children aged 14 or older indicates that, after accounting for a wide range of demographic and socioeconomic antecedents, children are significantly more likely to become sexually active before age 14 if their m...1996
40 Smith, Ken R.Association of physical and behavioral characteristics with menstrual cycle patterns in women age 29-31 yearsWe examined the association between menstrual cycle characteristics(cycle length, variability, and bleeding length) and physical and behavioral attributes in 766 women age 29-31 years. Menstrual cycled at a were prospectively recorded as part of the Menstruation and Reproductive History Study of col...1996
41 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Different voices of gender: social recognitionMany researchers have shown that men and women speak differently. In this paper we examine whether these differences extend to the interpretation of speech. Men and women were recorded as they described their participation in a common interpersonal dilemma.Gender differences1997
42 McDaniel, SusanIntergenerational transfers, social solidarity, and social policy: unanswered questions and policy challengesLe transfert intergenerationnel constitue l'essence de la continuite societale et pourtant, il demeure mal conceptualise et analyse. Il se situe Egalement au centre du concept de l'etat sur le bien-etre quant a la redistribution des ressources et partant, des changements/defis actuels quant aux mes...Intergenerational transfers; Social solidarity; Social continuity; Redistribution1997
43 Brown, Barbara B.Post-occupancy evaluation of wayfinding in a pediatric hospital: research findings and implications for instructionA post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of way finding in a new pediatric hospital pointed to a wide range of areas where wayfinding aids could be improved. After initial walk-through evaluation tours and meetings with administrators, five more systematic methods were used to assess problems: staff and vi...Hospitals; Wayfinding; Signage1997
44 Zick, Cathleen D.Review of the economics of family time useTime is a limited resource. Yet, it is also the one resource with which all individuals are equally endowed on any given day. Why then is there such wide variation in how each of us chooses to use that time? What factors guide our decisions about time spent working versus time spent with family and...1998
45 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriSex, contraception and childbearing among high-risk youth: do different factors influence males and females?During adolescence, many young people begin to experiment with new roles. One important area of exploration is sexual activity, which involves a certain amount of risk-taking.1998
46 McDaniel, SusanPublic policy, demographic aging and familiesVoodoo demographics, a term coined by American economist James Schulz in the late 1980s, describes the belief that aging populations pose threats to life and society as we know it, particularly to social safety nets, education, public health care, as well as challenges to families. Surprisingly, the...1998
47 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriWelfare receipt and family structure: evaluating the effects on children's reading achievementThis paper examines the impact of public and private support system on cognitive outcomes for children born to adolescent mothers. The data for this analysis were drawn from the 1979 to 1988 rounds of the National Longitudinal Surrey of Youth between the ages of six and ten in 1988. The key inputs...Adolescent mothers; Child development; Public support1999
48 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Trends in the intergenerational transmission of divorceNumerous researchers have shown that the children of divorce are disproportionately likely to end their own marriages (e.g., Amato 1996; Amato and Booth 1991; Bumpass, Martin, and Sweet 1991; Glenn and Kramer 1987; Kulka and Weingarten 1979; McLanahan and Bumpass 1988; Mueller and Pope 1977; Pope a...1999
49 Diener, Marissa L.Gift from the gods: a Balinese guide to early child rearingThe influence of Western schools and other imports notwithstanding, many child-rearing practices recorded earlier in the century [in Indonesia] are still observable, especially those concerning infants and young children. For the "manual" that follows, I propose as the fictive author a male healer, ...Children; Bali; Infants; Child rearing manuals2000
50 Smith, Ken R.Perceived marital quality and stability of intermarried couples: a study of Asian-white, Black-white, and Mexican-white couplesThe purpose of this study is to compare intermarried and intramarried couples with respect to their marital happiness and perceived marital stability White, black, Mexican, or Asian spouses in black-white, Mexican-white or Asian-white unions were compared to intramarried couples based on data from ...Interracial couples; Marital quality; Marital stability2000
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