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351 State Street Building1960Image
352 Diesel engines for power plant1960Image
353 Postcard of State Street in early 1900s1900Image
354 Cottonwood Maternity Hospital1960Image
355 Murray Theater and surrounding businesses1960Image
356 Murray First Ward - 184 East Vine Street1960Image
357 Murray City Municipal Building1960Image
358 Murray City Police's Murray Boys Club1960Image
359 Boggess Medical Plazza1960Image
360 Library on Vine Street1960Image
361 Murray City Fire Station1960Image
362 Murray Park Playground1960Image
363 Early subdivision in Murray1960Image
364 State Street businesses in downtown Murray City1960Image
365 Fireman Jon Harris fine tuning flashlight on monument2013Image
366 Monument carved by Battalion Chief Jon Harris2013Image
367 Monument standing over brick pavers with the names of retired firefighters who served MCFD2013Image
368 Completed Firefighter Sculpture2013Image
369 Fireman Jon Harris sculpting a monument with a chainsaw2013Image
370 Reflection of firefighter statue in fire truck2013Image
371 Parks Department Digging a Space for Monument Plaque2013Image
372 Original Murray Arts Board 19891989Image
373 Clint Frohm, Murray Symphony Director, accepts award from Dianne Koetler - 19971997Image
374 First Community Art Awards, First Vintage Days - 19891989Image
375 First Vintage Days - 19891989Image
351 - 375 of 4,205