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351 Cardiovascular response to exercise training in the elderly1983-06ir_etdText
352 Transcending options: creating a milieu for practicing high level wellness1983-06ir_etdText
353 Relationship between duration of bedrest and occurrence of deep vein thrombosis in patients having undergone total hip replacement surgery1983-06ir_etdText
354 Analysis of stress factors and illness-proneness related to the childbearing year1983-06ir_etdText
355 Relationship between trust and accuracy of information in communication1983-06ir_etdText
356 The effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancy1983-06ir_etdText
357 Toward a critical nursing process: nursing praxis1983-08ir_etdText
358 Relationships among therapists' absenteeism, caseload and perceptions of change, satisfaction and burnout.1983-08ir_etdText
359 Factors which influence compliance with medication regimens : reports by elderly clients1983-08ir_etdText
360 Maternal postural selections during active phase of first stage labor1983-08ir_etdText
361 Adolescent mothers: perceived stressors, social supports and coping during the puerperium.1983-08ir_etdText
362 Changes in basal body temperature and the onset of labor1983-08ir_etdText
363 The effects of biorhythm cycles on labor onset, time of delivery and outcome of pregnancy1983-08ir_etdText
364 The presence of a diagonal ear-lobe crease as an indicator of coronary artery disease.1983-08ir_etdText
365 Folk health beliefs and practices of rural Black Virginians1983-08ir_etdText
366 An exploration of emergent themes in women's existential experience of childbearing.1983-08ir_etdText
367 Involuntary relocation and life satisfaction: comparison between elderly residents of two rural Utah Communities1983-08ir_etdText
368 Cost-effectiveness of community based long term care for the elderly population: a descriptive study of current findings of Utah's Alternatives Program1983-08ir_etdText
369 Height and weight discrepancies in the elderly: implications for nursing1983-12ir_etdText
370 Differences in aspects of satisfaction for nurses who stay on or leave a job1983-12ir_etdText
371 Nice parents equal nice babies: an ethnographic study in the newborn intensive care unit1983-12ir_etdText
372 The development of a scale to test nurses' attitudes about health beliefs1983-12ir_etdText
373 Effects of occupational role strain, life change events, and prenatal risk factors on obstetrical outcomes in hospital nurses.1983-12ir_etdText
374 Needs of the bereaved in a hospice setting: implications for nursing.1983-12ir_etdText
375 Situational stressors perceived and identified by pediatric nurses.1983-12ir_etdText
351 - 375 of 810