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326 Board of Supreme Audit Draft Law - English, Second Reading2009-05-14Text
327 Draft Law of Inspectors General - English, Second Reading2009-05-14Text
328 Assessment of Integrity Entity Laws - Arabic التشريع قيد البلوَرة لمكافحة الفساد2009-05-16Text
329 Investigative Triumvirate2009-05-17Text
330 Anti-Corruption Work Plan No. 32009-05-18Text
331 Anti-Corruption Analysis2009-06-16Text
332 Anti-Corruption Activity Plan Portfolio-Final2009-07-10Text
333 Anti-Corruption Implementation Strategy and Workplan2009-07-18Text
334 Commentary on Draft Law on the Commission of Integrity - English, Second Reading2009-07-21Text
335 Commission of Integrity Draft Law - Amended after Second Reading2009-07-21Text
336 Regulating Political Finance in Iraq: Political Party Draft Law for Iraq Review and Recommendations by Dr. Martin Walecki2009-07-22Text
337 Draft Anti-Corruption Act: Analysis of Three Anti-Corruption Draft Bills2009-08-05Text
338 English translation of the Anti-Corruption Law Preamble to the Anti-Corruption Booklet2009-08-10Text
339 English translation of the Anti-Corruption Law Booklet2009-08-06Text
340 Anti-Corruption Conference Draft Letter for International Panelists2009-08-30Text
341 Anti-Corruption Course Material Week 2 - Arabic2010-01-14Text
342 Anti-corruption Deliverables - Amended2010-01-17Text
343 Legislative Drafting Symposium: Commission of Integrity2010-01-14Text
344 Legislative Drafting Symposium Weekly Program2010-01-17Text
345 Legislative Drafting Symposium Weekly Program - Arabic ورشة عمل حول الصياغة التشريعية2010-01-18Text
346 Legislative Drafting Symposium: Commission of Integrity - Arabic ةيعيرشتلا بيردتلا ةشرو2010-01-18Text
347 Legislative Process Quantitative Metrics2009-06-16Text
348 Aspects of Bribery2009-05-28Text
349 Anti-Corruption Law2009-08-05Text
350 Preliminary views on the "Way Forward" and additional priorities for moving forward in Anti-Corruption2010-01-14Text
326 - 350 of 389