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326 Marcinek, Michael36 frames: A self portraitThere is no doubt that we live in a highly mediated culture, more and more images are readily available to us. We view them instantaneously as events are unfolding on our computers, tablets, cellphones, as well as in newspapers and on television. We are constantly barraged and influenced by images f...Photography; Self-portraits2012-05
327 Gappmaier, AndreaRestorative justice: Refocusing the lens on the American criminal justice systemThe traditional punitive justice system has failed American citizens. The United States has over 25 percent of the world's prison population and when released, three in four offenders will be back in prison within five years of their release date. High costs, estranging members of society, and rac...Criminal justice, Administration of - United States2016-05
328 Gilbert, AndrewComputational modeling of the rat hippocampus for improving neural stimulationNeural prostheses are used to restore some level of function to tissue damaged by disease. It is important to model and correctly identify the relationship between electrical stimulation and neural response to provide a framework for prosthetic stimulation. This work will show a struc...Neural stimulation - Research; Hippocampus (Brain) - Research; Memory - Research; Rats as laboratory animals - Research; Neural prosthetic2016-05
329 Gilbert, JohnA novel tool to capture neural activity across an entire brain using C-FOS as an indicatorImmunohistochemical staining for the expression of the immediate early gene c-Fos is a powerful tool to measure neuronal activation of neurons across an entire brain. The results of c-Fos immunostaining are often quantified by counting the number of immunolabeled cells in a region of interest (ROI) ...Brain - Localization of functions - Research; Brain - Physiology - Research; Brain mapping - Research; Memory - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Brain activity; Immunohistochemical staining2016-05
330 Gardner, KellyIndividual differences in inhibition and emotionThe objective of this study was to examine if negative emotion can play an influential role on inhibition through attentional control. Higher levels of working memory capacity (WMC) have been correlated with faster inhibition times attributed to greater tolerance of automatic processes and better...Emotion2014-12
331 Gajiwala, SnehalDetermining the variability of depressive brain circuitry among healthy subjects for deep brain stimulationDeep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is being evaluated to treat Treatment-Resistant Depression, though it has shown mixed results. We believe that variability within the fiber tracts of the brain may account for these outcome differences. In this study, we attempt to characterize this potential variation....Brain stimulation - Therapeutic use - Research; Depression, Mental - Treatment - Research; Deep brain stimulation; Depressive brain circuitry; Fiber tracts; Tractography2016-05
332 Green, AustinMeasuring occupancy and occurrence of medium and large mammals in Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area using motion-activated camera trapsWith expanding urbanization and development, human encroachment on wilderness areas continues to increase. In Utah, much of the once pristine and untouched mountain ecosystems of the Wasatch Front have been developed for recreation and other human use, and this increasing human-wildlife interaction...Red Butte Canyon (Salt Lake County, Utah); Wilderness area monitoring - United States; Wildlife conservation - Utah
333 Goller, NicholasIterative game development: What goes into making an effective game and the lessons learned from making two gamesImagine you are told you have two semesters to make a game. You have a team of over ten people ready to help out. You even have the basic idea of what the game will be about. How hard can it be? Well, it is not that hard to make "a game" in two semesters. A competent coder can hack together a game...Computer games - Design2016-04
334 Greenwood, RileyChanges in earnings distribution in Peru: 2004-2014This thesis explores the changes in earnings distribution among heads of household in Peru from 2004 to 2014 by applying Dinardo, Fortin, and Lemieux's methodology of counterfactual distributions and decompositions. Various measures indicate that earnings inequality among heads of household reduce...Wages - Peru2014-12
335 Greenberg, KevinThe effect the duration and location of rest breaks have on sustained attention and reaction timeHumans general system of sustained attention is susceptible to fatigue. The Attention Restoration Theory postulates when the system is fatigued exposure to natural environments may help to restore the fatigued resources. However, the duration and location of exposure needed is unknown, therefore the...Rest periods; Hours of labor2016-04
336 Hadfield, NicholasHuman pathways to the Great Salt LakeHow is the Great Salt Lake connected to our sense of place as residents of the Salt Lake Valley? This thesis seeks to explore the Great Salt Lake's spiritual, environmental, and economic importance to past, present, and future inhabitants of the Salt Lake Valley. To do so, the paper explores differ...City planning - Utah; Great Salt Lake (Utah)2016-04
337 Hanes, JoshA comparison of nuclear thermal rockets with traditional chemical rockets for space transportThe Solar System has multiple destinations that private and governmental space agencies are planning to explore. Missions within the Solar System are both exorbitantly expensive and time intensive projects that involve high risks for the organizations involved. A mission that is currently being...Nuclear rockets - Research; Space vehicles - Design - Research; Nuclear thermal rockets; Chemical rockets; Space transport2016-04
338 Hawe, SamanthaStrained alliance: American ideal and Saudi expertise in fostering Islamic extremismDuring the Cold War, the United States and Saudi Arabia worked together to bolster the efforts of Islamic fundamentalist groups who were battling the Soviet Union. The training, funding, and connections given to some groups in that era led to many of the conflicts in the Middle East today, such as...Islamic fundamentalism; Radicalism2016-05
339 Hahn, CarinaPlasmonically active silver nanowire structures for energy storage applicationsCurrently, there are no sustainable solutions available to meet the increasing demand for grid scale energy storage. Solar to fuel conversion has the potential to curb our dependence on natural gas and costly storage technologies by recycling waste products into chemical fuels. A realistic device mu...Nanowires; Energy storage; Plasmons (Physics)2015-04
340 Hensen, EmilyDistraction-based coping and emotion regulation difficulties as predictors of high-risk behaviorHigh-risk behaviors are correlated with current and future psychological problems. Past research s uggests that difficulties in emotion regulation may increase the likelihood of individuals engaging in high -risk behavior. Research also suggests that problem behaviors may be a function of experienti...Risk-taking (Psychology) in adolescence
341 Hawkins, LisaThe social market: Commitment to responsibility in a changing generationAs the partisan divide in U.S. politics grows wider, actionable and proactive policy making becomes more difficult to achieve. To address growing social issues, then, a more flexible and evidence-based approach must be realized. In the last 40 years, the United States has employed varying levels of ...Public opinion; Social responsibility of business2016-05
342 Hermansen, HillaryMediating silence: translation in Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the StarIn Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the Star, a male narrator, Rodrigo, mediates a feminine and impoverished subject, Macabéa, for a middle class audience. Likewise, two male translators, Giovanni Pontiero and Benjamin Moser, mediate the original Brazilian work for their English-speaking audience. I...Lispector, Clarice. Hora de estrela. English2016-04
343 Herbert-Voss, ArielGenerating audio mixtures using deep convolutional neural networksDeep neural networks have recently been used in a generative capacity to separate and convolve the content and style of two input images. This is done using a joint cost function during gradient descent that encodes information about style and content to iteratively calculate forward node activation...Computer sound processing; Computer music; Machine learning; Neural networks; Audio mixtures; Spectrograms; Split integer scaling2016-05
344 Hawkley, Jesse DeanMetropolitan divergence segregation patterns in New York and DetroitSegregation is usually defined in terms of limiting a certain ethnic group to a single area through discriminatory institutional practices like racially restrictive covenants or redlining. However, segregation is also affected by household decisions and demographic processes. Through the mid-twentie...Residential segregation - Detroit; Residential segregation - New York2016-04
345 Jensen, RossCartesian Phenomenal conservatism: a satisfactory response to radical skepticismIn this paper, I defend an epistemological thesis known as phenomenal conservatism. As introduced by Michael Huemer, phenomenal conservatism states: if it seems to S that p [where the variables S and P represent any subject and any proposition, respectively], then, in the absence of defeaters, S th...Phenomenal conservatism; Meditations on First Philosophy
346 Kim, JeanFemale labor participation in South Korea: implications of policy and cultureSouth Korea, although being a highly developed nation, surprisingly exhibits a lower female labor participation rate when compared to other countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), such as the United States. The percent of Korean women in the workfor...Policy - South Korea; Culture - South Korea; Female labor - South Korea2015-04
347 Jorgensen, Mercedes"Popular" vs. "Award-Winning" literature for childrenAs the field of children's literature has grown and volved over the past several years, an increasing number of awards have emerged to recognize quality children's books. The award lists are developed by committees of adults, but previous research (Lehman, 1991; Nilsen, Peterson & Searfoss, 1980; ...Children - Books and reading; Children's literature - Study and teaching2016-03
348 Hunter, LeaThe "tampon tax" public discourse of policies concerning menstrual tabooThe "tampon tax" is a policy in which feminine hygiene products are taxed as "luxury goods" despite the fact that many countries exempt "necessary goods" - such as basic groceries and medical products-from sales tax. In the summer of 2015, the Canadian parliament took steps to exempt feminine hygien...Women's rights - United States; Sales tax - Law and legislation2016-04
349 Hopkins, JacobDesign of a novel pediatric adaptive skiing systemAdaptive sports and recreational rehabilitation provide patients with experiences that cannot be achieved in a hospital or clinic. Of the many forms of adaptive equipment designed for children, only a few adaptive skiing systems are available and none are specifically designed for convenient adjusta...Skiing for people with disabilities - Research; Adaptive skiing technology; Adaptive sports; recreational rehabilitation2016-05
350 Kirkegaard, MatthewTransboundary water conflict, cooperation, and regional integration: Mercosur and the La Plata BasinWater politics become diplomatic concerns when watersheds cross international borders. But how do these relationships between states change when the nature of these international borders themselves change through economic and political integration? The purpose of this study is to consider the relati...MERCOSUR (Organization); Water-supply - South America; Water-supply - Political aspects2016-05
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