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326 Meteorological conditions affecting labor.1982-06ir_etdText
327 The use of the natural sea sponge as a catamenial device.1982-06ir_etdText
328 An ethnographic nursing study of household health care roles of Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese/Vietnamese refugee families in the Salt Lake City area1982-06ir_etdText
329 Person environment fit and job stress among head nurses in acute care hospitals.1982-06ir_etdText
330 Changes in basal body temperatures and the prediction of the onset of labor1982-08ir_etdText
331 Nurse practitioners attitudes toward protocols.1982-08ir_etdText
332 Use of herbal medicines during pregnancy, parturition and six weeks postpartum by women in Utah1982-08ir_etdText
333 Relationship between birthday and deathday in the institutionalized elderly.1982-08ir_etdText
334 The use of suggestive relaxation and guided visual imagery to decrease distress behaviors exhibited by children with leukemia undergoing a medical procedure.1982-08ir_etdText
335 An analysis of multiple variables associated with exercise-induced oligo-amenorrhea.1982-08ir_etdText
336 Anxiety in siblings of children with cance.1982-08ir_etdText
337 Clinical and laboratory evaluation of four catheter-transducer systems.1982-08ir_etdText
338 Nurse practitioners' adherence to protocols1982-08ir_etdText
339 Nursing Intervention to Promote Primary and Secondary Prevention of CAD in First Degree Relatives of Sudden Cardiac Death Victims1982-08ir_etdText
340 Developing a culturally-related tool to assess organic brain syndrome in African elderly.1982-08ir_etdText
341 Testicular neoplasms : factors that relate to clinical practice among health care professionals1982-12ir_etdText
342 Body temperatures in older adults.1982-12ir_etdText
343 Recovery from heart attack: psychological hazards and coping responses of middle aged and elderly patients and spouses.1982-12ir_etdText
344 A study of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion.1982-12ir_etdText
345 Comparison of hospital maternity charges to consumers of certified nurse-midwives, family practitioners, and obstetricians1982-12ir_etdText
346 Marital bond, external confidant relationship, and the level of depression during conjugal bereavement among the elderly.1983-03ir_etdText
347 Relationship between health consumer knowledge and health focus of early adolescents1983-03ir_etdText
348 Effect of suctioning technique on oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood in positive end expiratory pressure dependent patients1983-03ir_etdText
349 The effect of a hospital initiated postpartum support group on the self-esteem of primary cesarean delivered mothers: and their perceptions of their birth experiences1983-06ir_etdText
350 Total patient care versus team nursing : do they make a difference in the quality of care?1983-06ir_etdText
326 - 350 of 810