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301 Application for DSP-66 from Hashim Amir Ali.1979uum_asapText
302 Two letters between William S. Culbertson and Azia Atiya from 19531953uum_asapText
303 Article from Time, dated 20 April 1970 about Wendell Phillips and oil exploration in Indonesia1970-04-20uum_asapText
304 Letter dated 8 August, 1961 to Dr. Aziz Atiya from an unidentified staff of the University of Utah1961-08-08uum_asapText
305 Christmas card and envelope, 1946-19471946; 1947uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
306 Correspondence dated June and July 1972 between Aziz Atiya and Wendell Phillips1972-07-04; 1972-06-28uum_asapText
307 Handwritten letter dated 2 February 1962 from Fred Anderegg to Aziz S. Atiya1962-02-02uum_asapText
308 Correspondence during Aziz S. Atiya's time as Special Consultant to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.1950; 1951; 1952uum_asapText
309 Report summary draft titled "Treasure at Mount Sinai" by G.W.C.1960uum_asapText
310 Letter dated 10 April 1951 to Dr. Atiya from Alan Rowe1951-04-10uum_asapText
311 Letter dated 20 January 1951 from Howard C. Kee to Dr. Aziz Atiya1951-01-20uum_asapText
312 Correspondences about Sinai Exhibition dated June-August 1960 between Dr. Atiya, Charles Sawyer, and George Forsyth1960-08-02; 1960-07-18; 1960-07-28; 1960-06-27uum_asapText
313 List of books to be forwarded by mail to Dr. Aziz Atiya dated 19691969uum_asapText
314 Book Shipment List dated 20 December 1961 listing various books and authors1961-12-20uum_asapText
315 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J. Staff and members list dated 19581958uum_asapText
316 Correspondence dated 11 November 1959 from George H. Forsyth to Porphyrius III, Archbishop of Mount Sinai1959-11-11uum_asapText
317 Set 13 of undated correspondence written in Arabic, includes French and English text1958uum_asapText
318 Newspaper article about the manuscripts at St. Catherine's Monastery1957uum_asapText
319 Check payment for books purchased from Middle East Center1966uum_asapText
320 Correspondence letters from 1962 between Aziz S. Atiya, Jacob Geerlings, Albert Ray Olpin, Fird H. Gagosian, and Myron Bement Smith1962-10-17; 1962-11-04; 1962-11-07uum_asapText
321 Postcard from George and Ilene Forsyth to Aziz and Lola Atiya1973uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
322 Items pertaining to Myron Bement Smith and his Islamic Archive.1970-04-23; 1974-05-28; 1968-07-29; 1970-09-30uum_asapText
323 Correspondence dated 4 May 1958 from George Makdisi to Aziz Atiya1958-04-05uum_asapText
324 Correspondence regarding Fawzi Mikhail Tadros' application for Middle East cataloger at the Univ. of Utah Libraries.1966uum_asapText
325 Letters from 1964 1977 involving Aziz S. Atiya, Roger B. Mathison, Alfred H. Lane, Marian Sheets, Daniel J. Boorstin, Jana K. Stevens, and Rodney G. Sarle1964-12-01; 1968-06-04; 1969-07-22; 1973-12-12; 1975-03-11; 1975-04-21; 1976-07; 1976-11-22; 1977-08-16uum_asapText
301 - 325 of 495