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301 Veranth, JohnNOx Emissions from a Commercial Hazardous Waste Incinerator1992
302 Nair, RajeshSimulation of the BERL 300 kW Natural Gas Flame Using FLUENT/UNS1996
303 Tsang, Wing; Babushok, ValeriKey Issues in the Formation of Polychlorinated Unsaturated Hydrocarbons in Combustion Systems1999
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305 Dugué, Jacques; Weber, RomanLaser Velocimetry in Semi-Industrial NaturalGas, Oil and Coal Flames by Means of a Water-Cooled LDV Probe1992
306 Chang, A.; Samuelsen, G. S.Multivariate Study of the Effects of Geometric Design Parameters on Furnace Performance1997
307 A New Turbulent Combustion Model Based on Flame Surface Density Concept1997
308 Suresh, Nallan C.; Dahm, Werner J.A.; Tryggvason, GretarLIM Simulations of Mixing and Chemical Reaction in Gas Reburning Applications1996
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311 Commercial Operating Experience with the Rapid Mix Ultra Low Emission Burner1998
312 Patterson, Peter D.Optimizing Boilers for NOx Control and Fuel Savings Three Utility Examples Using Sequential Process Optimization1996
313 Firing of Coal and Municipal Waste Sludges for Utility Boilers1997
314 Drennan, Scott A.; Webster, Timothy L.Reducing Emissions from Biomass Fuel Combustion1998
315 HAPs Generation from External Gaseous Hydrocarbon Combustion1998
316 Wierzba, I.; Karim, G. A.Prediction of the Flammability Limits of Fuel Mixtures1998
317 Labegorre, B.; Marin, O.; Charon, O.; Samaniego, J. M.; Oguro, T.NOx Formation Modelling in Oxygen Natural Gas Industrial Flames1998
318 The Strong-Jet/Weak-Jet Problem and Aerodynamic Modelling of the CGRI Burner1997
319 Plodinec, M. J.; Cook, R. L.; Arunkumar, R.; Green, R. A.; Gresham, L. L.; Jang, P. R.; Lindner, J S.; Luthe, J. C.; McCarthy, M. J.; Miles, D. M.; Monts, D. L.; Norton, O. P.; Okhuysen, W. P.; Singh, J. P.; Yueh, F. Y.; Zikratov, G. A.Diagnostic Field Measurements in High Temperature Industrial Scale Process Equipment1998
320 Biomass Coal Cofiring for Reduced CO2 Emissions from Coal Fired Utility Boilers1998
321 Bluestein, JoeAir Regulatory Outlook for Combustion Processes1996
322 Holmes, Michael J.; Bailey, Ralph T.; Farthing, George A.; Madden, Debi A.Mercury Emissions Control Strategies for Coal-Fired Power Plants1998
323 Janus, M. C.; Richards, G. A.Results of a Model for Premixed Combustion Oscillations1996
324 Seery, D. J.Combustion 2000 - Burning Coal in the Twenty-First Century1992
325 Fossil Fuel Combustion in an O2 CO2 Medium Preliminary Data From Highvale Coal1997
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