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301 Do caps on non-economic damages decrease medical malpractice insurance premiums?2015-04Textir_htoa
302 Do children affect an abused parent's choice to seek treatment?2016-05Textir_htoa
303 Do different types of negative events lead to distinct adaptive functioning threats?2015Textir_etd
304 Does choice moderate the effects of received social support on cardiovascular reactivity?2013-12Textir_etd
305 Does daylight savings time encourage physical activity?2014-01-01Textir_uspace
306 Does housework matter anymore? The shifting impact of housework on economic inequality2006-09-25Textir_uspace
307 Does immigration induce urban sprawl? A dynamic demographic analysis for the U. S.2002Textir_uspace
308 Does language guide behavior in children with autism?2013Textir_etd
309 Does the shoe fit? Applying lessons learned in aviation to healthcare2012-01-01Textir_uspace
310 Does the teaching of home economics skills have an economic payoff? The case of clothing construction1986Textir_uspace
311 Dollarization in Latin America: wave of the future or flight to the past?2003Textir_uspace
312 Domestic labor and wellbeing: the Evlatlık institution in turkey2016Textir_etd
313 Dominicans, decompression, and doping: three essays on the economics of sports2011-08Textir_etd
314 Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorce2003Textir_uspace
315 Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorce2003Textir_uspace
316 Double jeopardy: interaction effects of marital and poverty status on the risk of mortality1994Textir_uspace
317 Doubts about isonymy1991Textir_uspace
318 Drill baby drill: an analysis of how energy development displaced ranching's dominance over the BLM'S subgovernment policymaking environment2010Textir_etd
319 Driving factors in the colonization of Oceania: developing island-level statistical models to test competing hypotheses (Electronic Supporting Material)2015-01-23Textir_uspace
320 DRM & driving: Creation of false memories under cognitive workload2015-04Textir_htoa
321 Dyadic examination of posttraumatic stress symptoms, relationship satisfaction, and potential mediators in military couples2014-08Textir_etd
322 Dynamic systems approach to the life sciences2008Textir_uspace
323 Dynamic systems theory places the scientist in the system2002Textir_uspace
324 Dynamical systems analysis of gender-related interest development in online coursework2017Textir_etd
325 Dynamics, space, and regional inequality in provincial China: a case study of Guangdong province2012-01-01Textir_uspace
301 - 325 of 1,247