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301 Introducing a new method for FDTD modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized plasmaComputational investigations of electromagnetic wave propagation in the upper atmosphere are important for studying space weather hazards, such as geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). GICs are currents generated in gas/oil pipelines, railroads, and electric power networks due to solar storms and...2014-01-01
302 Invisible fray: a critical analysis of the use of reflectometry for fray locationSignificant international research and development efforts have been devoted to methods and equipment for locating wiring faults, particularly those on aging aircraft. Several reflectometry methods that send high frequency signals down the line and analyze the returned reflections have risen to the...Reflectometry; Fray location; Invisible fray; Fault location; Aging wiring; Spread spectrum reflectometry2006-06
303 Iterative array level optimization of MIMO antennasMultiple-input-multiple-output systems have gained importance in the last decade due to their ability to provide improved capacity as compared to their SISO counterparts. System optimization promises further improvement in the capacity. The optimization can be either optimization of detection algori...2008
304 Kinetically controlled order/disorder structure in GaInPA Ga0.52In0.58p order/disorder heterostructure having a band-gap energy difference exceeding 160 meV has been grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The two layers were grown on a nominally (OOl)-oriented GaAs substrate misoriented by 3° toward the [110] direction in the lattice. The disorder...Indium phosphides; Gallium Phosphides; Heterojunctions1994
305 Kinetics of Te doping in disordering GaInP grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxyTe-doped GaInP epitaxial layers were grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy in an effort to clarify the Te disordering mechanism. CuPt ordered GaInP is produced under normal growth conditions. The addition of Te has been reported to induce disorder. One suggested mechanism for disordering GaInP...Crystal growth; Epitaxy; Dynamics2001
306 LEMA: A tool for the formal verification of digitally-intensive analog/mixed-signal circuitsThe increasing integration of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) circuits into system designs has further complicated an already difficult verification problem. Recently, formal verification, which has been successful in the purely digital domain, has made some in-roads in the AMS domain. This paper describe...2014-01-01
307 Lab report writing (and teaching!) made easyThis paper reports on a project to improve students' ability to write better lab reports and assist teaching assistants (TAs) in grading reports in a consistent manner. A lab report teaching system was developed that includes lab report templates, teaching assistant instructions, grading rubrics, ex...Lab report writing2008
308 Laboratory Project in Wireless FSK Receiver DesignThis paper describes a wireless local area network laboratory project that provides senior and first-year graduate students in microwave engineering courses the opportunity to design, build, and test several passive microstrip components and integrate them into a working system. Students design fil...Microwave engineering; Project-based education2004-02
309 Lattice algorithms for recursive least squares adaptive second-order volterra filteringThis paper presents two computationally efficient recursive least-square (RLS) lattice algorithms for adaptive nonlinear filtering based on a truncated second-order Volterra system model. The lattice formulation transforms the nonlinear filtering problem into an equivalent multichannel, linear filte...1994
310 Lattice and QR decomposition-based algorithms for recursive least squares adaptive nonlinear filtersThis paper presents a lattice structure for adaptive Volterra systems. The stucture is applicable to arbitrary planes of support of the Volterra kernels. A fast least squares lattice and a fast QR-lattice adaptive nonlinear filtering algorithms based on the lattice structure are also presented. The...1990
311 Lazy transition systems and asynchronous circuit synthesis with relative timing assumptionsThis paper presents a design flow for timed asynchronous circuits. It introduces lazy transitions systems as a new computational model to represent the timing information required for synthesis. The notion of laziness explicitly distinguishes between the enabling and the firing of an event in a tr...2002
312 Leaky fields from damaged shieldsIn a world where wireless devices appear to dominate society, it is wires that truly rule and connect our lives. Certainly the spread of cellular phones, Bluetooth technology, wireless sensor networks, and advances of ion-lithium battery capabilities have made common daily devices more disconnecte...2011
313 Learning genetic regulatory network connectivity from time series dataAbstract-Recent experimental advances facilitate the collection of time series data that indicate which genes in a cell are expressed. This information can be used to understand the genetic regulatory network that generates the data. Typically, Bayesian analysis approaches are applied which neglect ...2011
314 Learning genetic regulatory network connectivity from time series dataAbstract. Recent experimental advances facilitate the collection of time series data that indicate which genes in a cell are expressed. This paper proposes an efficient method to generate the genetic regulatory network inferred from time series data. Our method fi_x000C_rst encodes the data into le...2006
315 Learning to teach in the flipped classroomThe flipped classroom has gained tremendous recent popularity. This paper reports on a new faculty training program for helping and mentoring faculty to learn to teach with the flipped classroom. Several modules were piloted in 2013-2014, including active teaching, how to create video lectures, cont...2014-01-01
316 Level oriented formal model for asynchronous circuit verification and its efficient analysis methodUsing a level-oriented model for verification of asynchronous circuits helps users to easily construct formal models with high readability or to naturally model datapath circuits. On the other hand, in order to use such a model on large circuits, techniques to avoid the state explosion problem must ...2002
317 Local field potential measurement with low-power analog integrated circuitLocal field potentials (LFPs) in the brain are an important source of information for basic research and clinical (i.e., neuroprosthetic) applications. The energy contained in certain bands of LFPs in the 10-100 Hz range has been shown to correlate with specific arm movement parameters in nonhuman ...Local field potentials; Neural recording; Low-power circuit design; Neural prosthesis; VLSI2004-01-01
318 Long term in vitro stability of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on Utah slant electrode arrayWe herein report in vitro functional stability and recording longevity of a fully integrated wireless neural interface (INI). The INI uses biocompatible Parylene-C as an encapsulation layer, and was immersed in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) for a period of over 150 days. The full functionality ...2010
319 Long term in vitro stability of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on Utah slant electrode arrayWe herein report in vitro functional stability and recording longevity of a fully integrated wireless neural interface (INI). The INI uses biocompatible Parylene-C as an encapsulation layer, and was immersed in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) for a period of over 150 days. The full functionality (...2010
320 Long wavelength lattice dynamics for quaternary alloys: GaInPSb and AlGaAsSbPresents information on a study which investigated the long wavelength lattice dynamics of quaternary alloys. Theory of the random cell isodisplacement model; Secular equation developed; Results and discussion.Lattice dynamics; Quaternary alloys1992
321 Low pressure pyrolysis of alternate phosphorus precursors for chemical beam epitaxial growth of InP and related compoundsThe most widely used phosphorous source in chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) is phosphine (PH3). However, because it is highly toxic, alternatives to phosphine have been sought for the growth of phosphorous-containing compounds. We have investigated the pyrolysis rates and reaction products, in low pres...Chemical Beam Epitaxy; CBE1994
322 Low-delay nonuniform pseudo-QMF banks with application to speech enhancementAbstract-This paper presents a method for designing low-delay nonuniform pseudo quadrature mirror filter (QMF) banks. This method is motivated by the work of Li, Nguyen, and Tantaratana, in which the nonuniform filter bank is realized by combining an appropriate number of adjacent sub-bands of a uni...2007
323 Low-interference sensing electronics for high-resolution error-correcting biomechanical ground reaction sensor clusterAbstract- This paper presents a low-interference and low -power sensing electronics design for a high-resolution errorcorrecting biomechanical ground reaction sensor cluster (GRSC) developed for improving inertial measurement unit (IMU) positioning resolution and accuracy. The GRSC is composed of 13...2010
324 Low-power FM transmitter for use in neural recording applicationsWe present a low power FM transmitter for use in neural recording telemetry. The transmitter consists of a low noise biopotential amplifier and a voltage controlled oscillator used to transmit the amplified neural signals at a frequency of 433 MHz. The circuit is powered through a transcutaneous,...RF telemetry; Transmitter; Neural recording; Low power circuits; Multielectrode arrays; Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)2004-01-01
325 Low-power STDR CMOS sensor for locating faults in aging aircraft wiringA CMOS sensor used to locate intermittent faults on live aircraft wires is presented. A novel architecture was developed to implement the Sequence Time Domain Reflectometry method on a 0.5- m integrated circuit. The sensor locates short or open circuits on active wires with an accuracy of +/-1 ft w...CMOS sensor; Pseudo-random noise; Reflectometry Methods; Spread spectrum; Wire fault location; Time Domain Vernier (TDV) method2007-01
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