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276 Letter dated 29 September 1930 from Edith (Tallmon) Park to Clara (Tallmon) Jones: envelope1930Text
277 Letter dated 28 June 1936 from Emma Boose Tucker to her children1936-06-28Text
278 Medical notebook, Dr. Susan B. SargentText
279 Letters relating to Susan Tallmon Sargent materials, 1971 and 19741974-07-22; 1974-07-10; 1971-07-26Text
280 Envelope postmarked 14 January 1928 for a letter from at Berkeley from L. M. (Lucy) Miler of Berkeley to Mrs. Hubbard (Edith) Park of Morgan Hill1928Text
281 Three letters from September 1916, C. J. King and Edith Tallmon1916-09-18Text
282 Letters dated 28 January 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon, addressed to Susan Tallmon Sargent and Hester Tallmon1921-01-28Text
283 Letter dated 2 December 1916(?) from Susan to Ben Sargent1916-12-02Text
284 Letter dated 23 February 1937 from Kate Bailey Hinman, Page 11937-02-23Text
285 Letter dated 10 April 1930 from Grace M. Breck to friends1930-04-10Text
286 Envelope addressed to Mrs. Emery W. Ellis at TechowText
287 Letter dated 26 May 1916 from Edith Tallmon to family1916-05-26Text
288 Program of the fourteenth annual convention of the Young Women's Christian Associations of Iowa; Fifth annual conference of the Iowa State Association-Christian Endeavor, held at Congregational Church, Grinnell, October 14, 15, and 16, 18901897-11Text
289 Letter dated 7 January 1921 from James H. McCann to Edith C. TallmonText
290 Susan B. Tallmon keepsakes: work sheets from grade schoolText
291 Letter dated 23 February 1937 from Kate Bailey Hinman, page 21937-02-23Text
292 Letter dated 4 January 1926 from Charles E. Ewing to friendsText
293 Constitution of the Girls of the Class of '92Text
294 Read this and think! (clipping of a letter about lapsed insuranceText
295 Letters to Ardis Hitchcock, 1971-1973, re Tallmon family papers1971-08-18; 1971-05-18; 1973-08-10Text
296 Envelope postmarked in11 February 1908 for a letter from Susan Tallmon to her sister Hester1908Text
297 Letter dated 28 May 1934 from Mabel Meilecke in China to Edith Park1934-05-28Text
298 Letter dated 15 June 1936 from Altie C. Galt to friends, page 11936-06-15Text
299 Letter dated 22 May 1952 from Francis and Emma Tucker, with note of 29 June 1952 to Edith Park1952-05-22; 1952-06-29Text
300 Ventures and adventures at LintsingText
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