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276 Kriegsaufsätze1915uum_rbcText
277 L'isole piv famose del mondo1572uum_rbcText
278 Last Poems of James Russell Lowell1895uum_rbcText
279 Law and the People1913uum_rbcText
280 Lectures on the Elements of Comparative Anatomy1864uum_rbcText
281 Letter from Edmund Burke, Esq., one of the representatives in Parliament for the city of Bristol, to John Farr, and John Harris, esqus. sheriffs of that city, on the affairs of America, particularly the suspension of the law of "habias corpus."1777uum_rbcText
282 Letter to Sir J--- B---, by birth a Swede, but naturaliz'd and a m----r of the present P---t: concerning the late Minehead doctrine which was established by a certain free parliament of Sweden, to the utter enslaving of that Kingdom.1711uum_rbcText
283 Lettere scientifiche : ed erudite.1721uum_rbcText
284 Lettres sur la danse, et sur les ballets1760uum_rbcText
285 Leviathan, or, The matter, forme, and power of a common-wealth, ecclesiasticall and civill1651uum_rbcText
286 Liberty Bell1853uum_rbcText
287 Libro di Mormon : ragguaglio scritto per mano di Mormon, sopra tavole prese fra le tavole di Nefiuum_rbcText
288 Life of Andrew Jackson, major-general in the service of the United States1817uum_rbcText
289 Lily and the Totem, or, The Hugenots in Florida, A Series of Sketches, picturesque and Historical, of the Colonies of Coligni, in North America. 1562-1570. By the author of "The Yemassee"1850uum_rbcText
290 M. Vitruvii viri suae professionis peritissimi, De architectura libri decem1543uum_rbcText
291 Management of the War. In a Letter to a Tory-Member.1711uum_rbcText
292 Manuel complet de la danse : comprenant la théorie, la pratique et l'histoire de cet art depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à nos jours : à l'usage des amateurs et des professeurs1830uum_rbcText
293 Marcelli Malpighi : Opera posthuma, figuris aeneis illustrata1697uum_rbcText
294 Massachusetts Proposition for Abolishing the Slave Representation as Guaranteed by the Constitution1845uum_rbcText
295 Massachusetts in Mourning1854uum_rbcText
296 Memorie istoriche ed edificanti d'un missionario apostolico dell'ordine dei predicatori fra varie tribù de selvaggi e fra i cattolici e'protestanti negli Stati-Uniti d'America.1844uum_rbcText
297 Message from the President of the United States communicating discoveries made in exploring the Missouri, Red River and Washita1806uum_rbcText
298 Message from the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the Senate relative to the British establishments on the Columbia, and the state of the fur trade &c.1831uum_rbcText
299 Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire d'un genre de polypes d'eu douce1744uum_rbcText
300 Mirʼāt al-uṣūl fī sharḥ mirqāt al-wuṣūl1700; 1701; 1702; 1703; 1704; 1705; 1706; 1707; 1708; 1709; 1710; 1711; 1712; 1713; 1714; 1715; 1716; 1717; 1718; 1719; 1720; 1721; 1722; 1723; 1724; 1725; 1726; 1727; 1728; 1729; 1730; 1731; 1732; 1733; 1734; 1735; 1736; 1737; 1738; 1739; 1740; 1741; 1742; 1743; 1744; 1745; 1746; 1747; 1748; 1749; ...uum_rbcText
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