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276 Warner, Homer R.Use of the HELP Clinical Database to Build and Test Medical KnowledgeBiomedical Informatics1987
277 Huser, Vojtech; Del Fiol, Gulherme; Rocha, Roberto A.Use of XML Technology for E-resources Management within a Healthcare EnterpriseProvision of access to electronic resources to clinicians is becoming increasingly important. We have created a framework for librarians to manage access to e-resources at enterprise level rather than separately at individual hospital libraries. We present our initial project requirements, implement...Biomedical informatics; E-resources; Knowledge representation; Knowledge management; XML; XSLT; Intermountain Healthcare; Medical informatics2008-03-14
278 Mitchell, Joyce A.Using information prescriptions to refer patients with metabolic conditions to the Genetics Home Reference websiteObjectives: The objectives of this study were to assess the reactions of adult patients and parents of children with metabolic conditions to receipt of an ‘‘information prescription'' (IP) to visit Genetics Home Reference (GHR), a National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine online...2011-01-01
276 - 300 of 278