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276 Study of environmental factors in nonorganic failure to thrive children1980-12ir_etdText
277 A Study of attitudes of eight year old children toward aging and the elderly.1981-03ir_etdText
278 Needs assessment of spouses caring for terminally ill mates at home: implications for nursing1981-03ir_etdText
279 Communication in Lamaze couples.1981-03ir_etdText
280 Family cohesion and adaptability in treatment and nontreatment groups1981-03ir_etdText
281 Beliefs and perceptions about childbirth of Utah first-time expectant fathers.1981-06ir_etdText
282 Utah test for the childbearing year: beliefs and perceptions about childbearing1981-06ir_etdText
283 Postpartum hemorrhage and its relationship to anemia and oxytocin stimulation among Navajo women1981-06ir_etdText
284 Biological effects over time of mid-frequency, low current electrical fields on rat tissues.1981-06ir_etdText
285 Hospital charges generated by certified nurse midwives' clients/1981-06ir_etdText
286 The Effect of use of restraints on daily activities of the elderly,1981-06ir_etdText
287 Exercise therapy for the overweight, sedentary, healthy adult.1981-06ir_etdText
288 Life stress and cystic fibrosis1981-06ir_etdText
289 The Relationship between locus of control and use of medication during labor.1981-06ir_etdText
290 Pregnancy symptoms of teenage fathers1981-06ir_etdText
291 A Descriptive Survey of Maternal Protein Status and the Course and Outcome of Pregnancy1981-08ir_etdText
292 Adolescent and adult primiparous information needs and concerns regarding infant care.1981-08ir_etdText
293 Otitis media; compliance with the return appintment1981-08ir_etdText
294 Police officers' knowledge and attitudes toward people experiencing emotional difficulty: preeducational and posteducational seminar.1981-08ir_etdText
295 Formulation of a predicting index of survival following intracardiac surgery in children.1981-08ir_etdText
296 Breast-feeding practices in a rural community.1981-08ir_etdText
297 A study of caring within an institutional culture.1981-08ir_etdText
298 Assessment of intensive care unit nurses' knowledge of electrical safety: nursing implications1981-08ir_etdText
299 Fever as a chief complaint in a pediatric emergency room1981-10ir_etdText
300 A study of bladder impedance measurements and cystometry.1981-12ir_etdText
276 - 300 of 810