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276 Instrumentally rational myopic planning2004Textir_uspace
277 Ontological meta-argument (and the ontological argument for the actuality of the world)2004Textir_uspace
278 Employment and intellectual disability2004Textir_uspace
279 Excellent palliative care as the standard, physician-assisted dying as a last resort2004Textir_uspace
280 False dichotomy versus genuine choice the argument over physician-assisted dying2004Textir_uspace
281 Rocking the foundations of cartesian knowledge: critical notice of Janet Broughton, descartes's method of doubt2004-01Textir_uspace
282 Heredity and heritability2004-07-15Textir_uspace
283 From Reaganomics to Ebonics: the urban cultural dissonance of Hip-hop2004-12Textir_etd
284 From paradox to judgment: an essay on the metaphysics of expression2005Textir_uspace
285 From paradox to judgment: towards a metaphysics of expression2005Textir_uspace
286 Competitive sports, disability, and problems of justice in sports2005Textir_uspace
287 On natural goodness by Philippa Foot2005Textir_uspace
288 Heidegger and the prospect of a phenomenology of prayer2005Textir_uspace
289 July 4, 1826: explaining the same-day deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson2005Textir_uspace
290 Descartes' epistemology2005-04-14ir_uspace
291 Practical reason and the structure of actions2005-08-24Textir_uspace
292 Justice through trust: disability and the Outlier problem in Social Contract Theory2005-10Textir_uspace
293 On probability and systematics: possibility, probability, and phylogenetic inference2005-10-01Textir_uspace
294 Coherence, consistency, and cohesion: Clade selection in Okasha and beyond2005-12Textir_uspace
295 Explanation in classical population genetics2005-12Textir_uspace
296 Characterization of human sperm protamine deficiency and the implications for human male infertility2005-12Textir_etd
297 Poverty of the Linnaean Hierarchy: a philosophical study of biological taxonomy (book review)2005-12-15Textir_uspace
298 'Race': normative, not metaphysical or semantic2006Textir_uspace
299 Getting on in a varied world2006Textir_uspace
300 Innateness as closed process invariance2006Textir_uspace
276 - 300 of 936