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276 Can trauma scoring systems predict the nursing costs of trauma care?1990-08Text
277 Reliability of arrhythmia detection by coronary care unit nurses utilizing telemetry1984-06Text
278 Relationship between health consumer knowledge and health focus of early adolescents1983-03Text
279 Falling as an indicator for mortality in the institutionalized elderly1986-12Text
280 Randomized trial of reduced physical activity and increased rest in the prevention of pregnancy-induced hypertension1982-06Text
281 Use of whirlpool tubs for pain relief in active first stage labor: a descriptive study1993-06Text
282 Women's experience of planned home birth with a certified nurse midwife in rural Montana1997-03Text
283 Epidemiology of necrotizing enterocolitis at the University of Utah Newborn Intensive Care Center1990-12Text
284 Patterns and relief of discomfort following ureteral reimplant surgery: the effects of parent coached relaxation1984-03Text
285 Clinical decision making within the nursing process among Utah nurses1995-12Text
286 Attitudes of registered nurses towards the suicidal patient1964-06Text
287 Analgesic management of postoperative pain in children: a retrospective study1979-06Text
288 Assessment of the use of progressive relaxation in a stress reduction program1984-06Text
289 Attitudes, beliefs, and significant others influencing the expectant woman's participation in childbirth education classes1987-08Text
290 Recall of discharge instructions with and without computer-generated patient instructions1996-06Text
291 Sensory descriptions in recalling a recent bone marrow transplant experience1996-12Text
292 National survey of critical care nurses' perceptions of end-of-life care and effect of incentives on survey response rates2001-12Text
293 Recent life stress and ego strength in hospitalized and non-hospitalized subjects1974-06Text
294 Healing of the perineum1970-06Text
295 Healing of the perineum, a follow-up study1971-06Text
296 Food choices of five-year-old white female preschool children1979-06Text
297 Accuracy of nurses assessing patients using American psychiatric association criteria1998-06Text
298 Differences identified in a group of psychiatric nurses through use of the California psychological inventory1962-08Text
299 Nurse-midwife support at home and success with breast feeding1973-06Text
300 Relationship between chronic anxiety and perceptions of illness behavior in latency-aged children1984-06Text
276 - 300 of 601