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251 Looking east across Sevier River near Hatch River terraces in middle distance, "Pink Cliffs" (Wasatch) in background bounded by Sevier fault. Garfield County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
252 Cottonwood trees partly buried in drifted sands, Short Creek, Arizona, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
253 Panorama, Harris Mountain from south. All Navajo except for Carmel limestone on top highest mesas. Kane County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
254 Upper Moenkopi Shanabkaib member at base showing sandstone ledge, Shinarump at top, Rockville, Washington County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
255 Carmel Flume (dry) Canyon, N.E. Glendale. 1936.1936uum_mapImage
256 Moenkopi (upper two-thirds) overlaid by Shinarump 2 miles west of Rockville, Washington County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
257 Navajo sandstone, branch of Parashant Wash north of Cane Beds, Arizona. Kane County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
258 View looking west across valley cut in top Jurassic and Tropic shale (Cretaceous) at head of La Verkin Creek. In distance Timber top and other mesas of Navajo sandstone that form Hurrican Cliffs, Washington County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
259 Timpoweap Canyon (Virgin River); Kaibab formation in bed of stream; conglomerate on rim, thin Kaibab; Timpoweap member of Moenkopi in cliffs. Washington County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
260 Chinle, including Springdale marls, Wingate Kayenta Navajo. Lambs Point, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
261 Color banded Navajo-Wingate, Sand Wash, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
262 Gypsum in Jurassic sands, Alton-Johnson road, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
263 Chinle marls and desert vegetation, Springdale, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
264 Contact, Carmel and Navajo Skutumpah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
265 Sandstone in Chinle marls, Springdale, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
266 Tropic shale, Cretaceous, head of La Verkin Canyon. Washington County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
267 Pinnacles in Navajo sandstone south side Fremont River below Fruita, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
268 Shinarump sandstone (full thickness) underlaid by Moenkopi along Torrey-Fruita road, Wayne County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
269 Platform top of Navajo sandstone, Capitol Reef. Rim of Fremont River gorge in foreground. Wayne County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
270 Split Tower, Wingate sandstone underlaid by Chinle beds, 2+ miles northwest of Fruita, Wayne County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
271 Boulders of lava on eroded surface of Moenkopi along Torrey-Fruita road, Wayne County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
272 Chinle and Wingate, Fremont River near Fruita, Wayne County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
273 Moenkopi and wash near Fruita, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
274 Vermilion Cliffs at Short Creek, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
275 Moccasin Springs, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
251 - 275 of 118,790