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251 Letter dated May 15, 1968 from Dr. Aziz Atiya to Dr. David H. Partington1968-05-15uum_asapText
252 Letter dated 26 February 1951 from Howard C. Kee to Dr. Aziz Atiya about color slide photographs1951-02-26uum_asapText
253 Letters from Dr. Aziz Atiya concerning American expedition to Saint Catherine's Monastery at Mount Sinai1949uum_asapText
254 Letter dated 1 August 1952 to Dr. Atiya from Dr. Paul Ba╠łnziger1952-08-01uum_asapText
255 Correspondence from Wendell Phillips to Robert G. Sproul.1953-09-03uum_asapText
256 Reference letters by and reference letters requests to Dr. Aziz Atiya1977-10-27; 1978-08-28; 1978-08-25; 1979-02-13; 1967-04-21uum_asapText
257 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated 10 October 1956, Induction Ceremony Instructions1956-10-10uum_asapText
258 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated May-July 19561956uum_asapText
259 Correspondences from 1949-1961 between Dr. Aziz Atiya and Archbishop Porphyrios III concerning monastery manuscript project1950-02-02; 1961-01-31; 1949-10-28; 1957-12-19; 1949-08-30; 1949-08-28; 1956-04-05; 1949-10-27uum_asapText
260 Letter possibly dated 23 January 1951 to Dr. Atiya from Alan Rowe1951-01-23uum_asapText
261 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated 1956-19571956; 1957uum_asapText
262 Letter dated 6 February 1958 from Porphyrios III Archbishop of Sinai to Dr. Aziz Atiya1958-02-06uum_asapText
263 Correspondence dated Nov. 1952 pertaining to donations to the University of Alexandria1952-11-04; 1952-11-05uum_asapText
264 Letters from October and December of 1962 between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Mr. Richard Henderson Dalrymple1962-10-29; 1962-12-21uum_asapText
265 Letter dated 19 December 1973 to Aziz and Lola Atiya from Fred Anderegg1973-12-19uum_asapText
266 Correspondence from Aziz Atiya to George H. Forsyth, dated 2 August 19601960-08-02uum_asapText
267 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated 7 July 19561956-07-07uum_asapText
268 Correspondence between Dr. Aziz Atiya, Messers. Luzec and Co., Ltd, and Paul Khayat1969-06-05uum_asapText
269 Letter dated 22 May 1951 to Dr. Atiya from William Thomson1951-05-22uum_asapText
270 Board of Regents questions for Aziz Atiya, and his replies.1965uum_asapText
271 Correspondence Letters and Invoice from January and February 1962 between Aziz S. Atiya and W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.1962-01-10; 1962-01-11; 1962-02-09uum_asapText
272 Letter dated 31 March 1970 from Aziz S. Atiya to Catherine Myron Smith, Copy 21970-03-31uum_asapText
273 Letter dated 2 April 1951 to Lola Atiya from Mercedes Labatut1951-04-02uum_asapText
274 Correspondence of 1974 and 1975 to Aziz and Lola Atiya from Fred Anderegg1974-12-03; 1974-08-11; 1975-01-02uum_asapText
275 Correspondence dated 18 May 1950 to Aziz Atiya from W. F. Albright1950-05-18uum_asapText
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