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251 Henderson, Thomas C.A study of Pierce's group generatorPierce describes an approach to map learning with uninterpreted sensors and effectors. As part of that, he describes a sensor grouping generator operator that attempts to arrange similar sensors into groups. Here we review that work and place it in a more strenuous statistical validation framewor...Pierce's group; Map learning; Sensor grouping generator2010
252 Jones, David T.A study of the Great Basin Land Snail oreohelix strigosa depressa (Cockerell)A survey of the previous mention of this snail provides a practical background for this essentially morphological study. The literature applicable to Oreolxdix strigosa depressa (Cockerell) in Utah may be summarized by reference to the following articles in the bibliography: directions for preparing...1940-10-15
253 Warner, Homer R.A Study of the Mechanism of Pressure Wave Distortion by Arterial Walls Using an Electrical AnalogBiomedical Informatics1957
254 Furse, Cynthia M.A study on the efficiency of transparent patch antennas designed from conductive oxide filmsAbstract? A study on the efficiency of transparent patch antennas designed from indium tin oxide (ITO) films is presented to provide design guidelines for patch type transparent antennas. The trade-offs between optical transparency and antenna efficiency is analyzed by considering typical materia...2011
255 Catmull, EdwinA subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfaces (CSTD-74-006)This report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a raster-elem...Computer animation1974-12
256 Rockwell, Kenneth W.; Morrow, AnneA summary of geospatial initiatives in the University of Utah's Marriott LibraryAbstract: The Marriott Library's Geospatial Initiatives Committee consists of librarians and staff involved in projects designed to provide access to different library resources through geospatial interfaces. We are creating maps that link to resources in our digital collections, including the Weste...2013-03
257 Brown, Francis HaroldA summary of the geology, geochemistry, and geophysics of the Roosevelt Hot Springs thermal area, Utah1978
258 Chamberlin, Ralph V.A summary of the known North American AmaurobiidaeA recent survey o f the spiders o f the family Amaurobiidae, sens, str., in the collection o f the University o f Utah made it evident that a number o f species and also generic groups occurring more especially in the western states had heretofore escaped detection and naming. It also seemed evident...1947-10-12
259 Ricci, RobertA survey of computing migration2010-02-26
260 Henderson, Thomas C.A survey of dextrous manipulationThe development of mechanical end effectors capable of dextrous manipulation is a rapidly growing and quite successful field of research. It has in some sense put the focus on control issues, in particular, how to control these remarkably humanlike manipulators to perform the deft movement that we t...Dextrous manipulation1986
261 Berzins, MartinA survey of high level frameworks in block-structured adaptive mesh refinement packagesOver the last decade block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (SAMR) has found increasing use in large, publicly available codes and frameworks. SAMR frameworks have evolved along different paths. Some have stayed focused on specific domain areas, others have pursued a more general functionality, p...2014-01-01
262 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Kirby, Robert Michael IIA survey of MPI related debuggers and toolsMessage Passing Interface is a widely used standard in the High Performance and Scienti c Computing Community for writing programs that can exploit the capability of parallel platforms. However, the inherent complexity and the size of the communication standard have made it difficult for programm...Message Passing Interface; MPI; Debuggers2007
263 Sobh, Tarek M.A survey on sensor classifications for industrial applicationsThe importance of sensors in industrial applications is a result of the introduction of many robotics, automation, and intelligent control techniques into factory floors. Research and improvements need to be continuously performed to meet the challenges in automation and manufacturing applications i...Sensor classifications; Industrial applications; Sensors1995
264 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshA symbolic partial order reduction algorithm for rule based transition systemsPartial order reductions are a class of methods that attempt to reduce the state space that must be explored to verify systems by explicit state enumeration. Partial order reduction algorithms have been successfully incorporated into tools such as Spin and VFSM-valid. However, current partial ord...Partial order reductions; Partial order reduction algorithms; SAT solver; Rule based transition systems2003-12-01
265 Whitty, Kevin J.A system for measuring bubble voidage and frequency around tubes immersed in a fluidized bed of particlesGas-solid fluidized beds are common in chemical processing and energy production industries. These types of reactors frequently have banks of tubes immersed within the bed to provide heating or cooling, and it is important that the fluid dynamics within these bundles is efficient and uniform. This p...2010
266 Warner, Homer R.A System for On-Line Computer Analysis of Data During Heart CatheterizationBiomedical Informatics1970
267 Henderson, Thomas C.A systolic array implementation of discrete relaxation algorithmDiscrete Relaxation techniques have proven useful in solving a wide range of problems in digital signal processing, artificial intelligence, machine vision, and VLSI engineering, etc. A conventional hardware design for an 8-label 8-object Discrete Relaxation Algorithm (DRA) requires three 4K memory...Discrete Relaxation algorithm; Systolic array1986
268 Allen, Richardson; Deo, Milind D.; Isaacson, Alan E.; Keiter, Robert B.; Kessler, Christopher; Levey, Raymond; Oh, Kyeong Seok; Smith, Philip J.; Spinti, Jennifer P.; Uchitel, Kirsten; Alleman, DavidA Technical, Economic, and Legal Assessment of North American Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, and Oil Shale Resources: In Response to Energy Policy Act of 2005 Section 369(p)The purpose of this report is to assess unconventional North American resources, summarize current technologies for extracting and processing the resources, identify the issues which will affect the economic viability of various resource development schemes, evaluate the socioeconomic costs to commu...2007-09
269 Warner, Homer R.A Technique for the Detection of Asynergistic Motion in the Left VentricleBiomedical Informatics1974
270 Warner, Homer R.A Technique for the Quantitative Study of Carotid Sinus BehaviorBiomedical Informatics1967
271 Liu, FengA three-layer-mesh bridging domain for coupled atomistic-continuum simulations at finite temperature: formulation and testingAlthough concurrent multiscale methods have been well developed for zero-temperature simulations, improvements are needed to meet challenges pertaining to finite-temperature simulations. Bridging domain method (BDM) is one of the most efficient and widely-used multiscale atomistic-continuum techniqu...2014-01-01
272 Ameel, Timothy A; Gale, Bruce K.; Harvey, Ian R.A three-semester interdisciplinary educational program in microsystems engineeringMotivated by an NSF IGERT grant in the general area of microfluidics, a sequence of three interdisciplinary technical courses has been developed in the emerging area of microsystems engineering. Designed to be taken in series, these courses take students, both graduate and upper-level undergraduates...2004
273 Adler, Frederick R.A time since recovery model with varying rates of loss of immunityFor many infectious diseases, immunity wanes over time. The majority of SIRS models assume that this loss of immunity takes place at a constant rate. We study temporary immunity within a SIRS model structure if the rate of loss of immunity can depend on the time since recovery from disease.We determ...2012-01-01
274 Seeley, DonnA tour of the wormOn the evening of November 2, 1988, a self-replicating program was released upon the Internet 1. This program (a worm) invaded VAX and Sun-3 computers running versions of Berkeley UNIX, and used their sources to attack still more computers2. Within the space of hours this program had spread aacross ...Computer worm1989
275 Warner, Homer R.A Transfer Function Analysis of Coronary and Renal Circulation Calculated from Upstream and Downstream Indicator-Dilution CurvesBiomedical Informatics1966
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