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251 Hedstrom, Jonathan CarlAchieving Near Map Performance with an Excited Markov Chain Monte Carlo MIMO DetectorThe continuous growth of wireless communication use has largely exhausted the limited spectrum available. Methods to improve spectral efficiency are in high demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Several technologies have the potential to make large improvements to spectral effic...Mathematics; Electrical engineering2017
252 Lee, WilliamAchieving backend robustness for timed asynchronous circuitsThe design of integrated circuit (IC) requires an exhaustive verification and a thorough test mechanism to ensure the functionality and robustness of the circuit. This dissertation employs the theory of relative timing that has the advantage of enabling designers to create designs that have signifi...Applied sciences; Computer Engineering2016
253 Sorensen, David PerryAcidic and basic compounds in GilsoniteGilsonite, a mineral hydrocarbon of the asphaltite class, was first discovered in l885. It is a black solid of fairly bright luster and melts or fuses between 130 and 210 degree C. It is soluble in carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, and many other non-polar organic solvents. The principal depos...Gilsonite1905-05-08
254 Zhang, YangAcidic residues essential for proton-energized transport in the type-III secretion apparatusType III secretion system in bacteria flagella functions to transfer the protein subunits that form the filament and other structures to outside the membrane. This apparatus membrane is mainly composed of FlhA, FlhB, FliO, FliP, FliQ and FliR, which form the export gate complex, while the delivery i...Bacterial proteins - Secretion; Biological transport; Flagella (Microbiology)2012-12
255 Christensen, David BrentAcoustic Power Transfer Systems for Implantable Medical Devices: Modeling Technique and AnalysisImplantable medical devices (IMDs) are small devices that can be implanted into biological tissue to perform a diagnostic or therapeutic function. In this work, acoustic power transfer (APT) is investigated to wirelessly power IMDs. Acoustic power transfer systems (APTS) are typically comprised of a...Acoustics; Mechanical engineering; Electrical engineering2017
256 Uprety, BibhishaAcoustic emission-based sensor analysis and damage classification for structural health monitoring of composite structuresWithin the aerospace industry the need to detect and locate impact events, even when no visible damage is present, is important both from the maintenance and design perspectives. This research focused on the use of Acoustic Emission (AE) based sensing technologies to identify impact events and chara...Composites; Damage characterization; Low-velocity Impacts; Sensors; Signal processing; Structural health monitoring2015-05
257 Boonyasiriwat, ChaiwootAcoustic waveform inversion of two-dimension Gulf of Mexico dataAcoustic waveform tomography can provide a velocity model with higher accuracy than traveltime tomography because the forward modeling is based on the complete wave equation rather than the high-frequency approximation of ray tracing. Moreover, each trace contains both shallow and deep reflection...Acoustic waveform tomography; Ray-based spatial resolution; Multiscale waveform tomography2009-04
258 Qadir, AshequlAcquiring knowledge for affective state recognition in social mediaOver the last decade, social media has emerged as a revolutionary platform for informal communication and social interactions among people. Publicly expressing thoughts, opinions, and feelings is one of the key characteristics of social media. In this dissertation, I present research on automaticall...Affective Polarity; Emotion Hashtag; Implicit Property; Natural Language Processing; Simile; Social Media2016
259 Stika, MilanActinide Concentration Monitoring and Extraction from Molten Fluoride and Chloride SaltsThe electrochemical properties of actinides in molten salt are of importance in the nuclear pyrochemical material processing. Specifically, the ability to perform fast (real-time) concentration monitoring in such environments is of great importance (and currently not developed). This dissertation ai...Chemistry; Chemical engineering; Nuclear chemistry2017
260 Souza, Vitor Marconi deAction research: perceptions of content-based instruction in an English as a foreign language settingContent-based instruction (CBI) aims to develop students' content and language knowledge as well as their ability to use learning strategies to become autonomous learners. It is a language teaching methodology that uses content as the organizing principle and makes a dual commitment to both language...Content-based instruction; Culture; EFL; Perceptions; Teaching; Vocabulary2014-12
261 Chen, YuminActivation of small molecules by cationic transition metal atoms and oxidesGuided ion beam mass spectrometry techniques are used to study the gas-phase ion-molecule reactions of hydrogen and oxygen molecules with second row transition metal ions, M+ = Y+, Ru+, Rh+, Pd+, and Ag+, as well as the reactions of Rh+ and Ag+ with several small alkanes. The cross sections for the ...Transition metal compounds; Methane; Molecular dynamics1995-03
262 Liu, TongActivation of the apoptotic pathway in response to chemotherapy in childhood leukemiaAcute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common pediatric malignancy. Although patients with ALL have benefited greatly from dramatic advances in chemotherapy, a substantial number of patients eventually fail to respond to treatment, and their prognosis is poor. Cytotoxic chemotherapeutic age...Drug Therapy2000-05
263 Son, JiyoungActive Sperm Separation Technique Using an Inertial Microfluidic DeviceMicrofluidic technology has the unique potential to separate sperm from unwanted debris while improving the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Limitations of current clinical protocols regarding separation of sperm from other cells and cellular debris can lead to low sperm re...Bioengineering; Engineering; Electrical engineering2017
264 Watts, KrystalActive aging center: Holladay, UtahEverywhere we turn we are confronted by the fact that we are aging. The baby boomers are reaching their "silver" and "golden" years. In fact, in 2004 the older population (65+) numbered 36.3 million; in the year 2030, this number is expected to be around 71.5 million.Baby boomers; Elderly2007
265 Steigerwaldt, Brett AlanActive shoe sole capable of providing a level walking surface on low-angled terrainAnkle-related ailments resulting from genetics or injury vary throughout the population and a variety of treatment methods exist to help these individuals cope with limited ankle mobility. Major ankle ailments such as tarsal coalitions and ankle arthritis cause severe ankle pain, especially on uneve...Active shoe sole; Ankle deflection; Ankle mobility; Ankle moment; Tarsal coalition2011-08
266 Shelby, Brian DouglasActive testing apparatus for force and displacement of the fingersControl of a prosthetic device for amputees should be as natural as possible for optimal integration into daily use. A commonly used source of signal for the control of a prosthetic is the amputee's own electrical activity in muscles, known as electromyogram (EMG) readings. In order for these signal...Fingers - Mechanical properties; Electromyography; Prosthesis - Control systems2013-05
267 Jensen, WyattActive transportation on a complete street: objective and subjective walkability correlatesUnited States residents achieve insufficient amounts of physical activity. Insufficient physical activity has been linked to a number of poor health outcomes. Community improvements, such as the provision of a new light rail service as part of a complete street construction project, might encourage ...2016
268 Corgiat, DamonActive versus passive inhibition of activated information in long-term and working memoryThe focus of this research was to investigate the possible existence of an indirect inhibitory mechanism working on activated yet unattended information in long-term memory (LTM). There exists evidence in the cognition and memory literature, specifically the retrieval-induced forgetting and negativ...2014-05
269 Brocious, Heidi LenoreActivities that promote ethnic identity development in transnational adopteesTransnational adoption is a common practice in the United States, with American families adopting hundreds of thousands of children born in other countries over the last 50 years. Most of these adoptions represent transcultural and transracial adoptions, and both families and adoptees frequently en...adult adoptees; ethnic identity; transnational adoption2013
270 Ouellette, Kristen AnnAcute changes in physical activity postbariatric surgeryBariatric surgery has become a prevalent and effective method to reduce body weight and improve the health profiles of morbidly obese individuals. However, variability in the success of the procedure exists, yet few research studies have examined lifestyle changes that may enhance surgical outcomes....Public health; Kinesiology2017
271 Taylor, Cyndie L.Acute dose tolerance and pharmacokinetic study of BWA78U and placebo in normal male volunteersDespite the variety of antiepileptic medications currently marketed in the United States, approximately one-fifth of patients fail to experience adequate seizure control1 and others do so only at the expense of toxic side effects. Thus a need for new antiepileptic drugs with greater efficacy and les...1987-08
272 Harveson, AndrewAcute exercise and academic achievement in youthThe purpose of this study was to determine differences in mathematics performance and cognition between acute bouts of resistance exercise, aerobic exercise, and a nonexercise control in 5th-, 8th-, and 10th-grade students. Aerobic exercise has consistently shown small, positive changes in youth co...Activity; Cognition; Exercise; Mathematics2015
273 Metzger, Ryan RooneyAcute modulation of dopamine transporter function by methamphetamineSingle and multiple high-dose administrations of methamphetamine (METH) rapidly and differentially decrease dopamine transporter (DAT) function, as assessed by measuring [3H]dopamine uptake into rat striatal synaptosomes 1 h after treatment. It has been demonstrated that dopamine, reactive oxygen sp...Physiology; Synaptosomal2000-08
274 Kopp, Derinna VivianAdaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneusThe functional adaptation model suggests that differences in biomechanical forces resulting from habitual loading will be reflected in the trabecular architecture of cancellous bone. Increasingly, trabecular architecture is used to compare habitual loading history in both extant and extinct animals....Bone adaptation; Cancellous bone; Trabecular architecture2014-05
275 Lovings, Tacara M. D.Adapted physical education teachers' attitudes toward curricular outcomes for physical educationWithin the field of adapted physical education, there is a lack of knowledge about who is delivering services and what attitudes they hold for curricular outcomes. The purpose of this study was to discover current adapted physical educators' attitudes towards curricular outcomes for physical educati...Certification; Content; Highly qualified; Years of experience2014-12
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