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251 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Pallid ischemic swelling.48 year old woman, flight attendant.Image
252 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Red ischemic swelling. 49 year old man.Image
253 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Pallid ischemic swelling. 41 year old manImage
254 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Pallid ischemic swelling. Woman with vasculitis.Image
255 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Ischemic swelling. Patient was diabetic. April 18, 1978. Same patient as B1-2.Image
256 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Pallid ischemic swelling with intraretinal exudates near the macula and a ""cotton wool"" infarct below the disc. 38 year old man. Diabetic. 20/60 vision. Altitudinal visual field defect.Image
257 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Acute AION.Image
258 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.arterioles are narrowing in resolution phase from AION. Patient had a superior altitudinal visual field defect. 20 year old man.Image
259 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.57 year old woman with AION.Image
260 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.AION in a disc with an optic cup. Extraordinary exception with AION. Note ischemic vascular changes in disc surface.Image
261 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Normal eye in patient who later developed AION. Note generous optic cup. June 2, 1991. Same patient as B1_16b.Image
262 Disc swelling. Ischemic papillopathies. AION.Typical AION in disc with optic cup. December 23, 2996. 5 years later in same patient as B1_15a.Image
263 Disc swelling. Pre-ischemic swelling.Pre-ischemic swelling. March 22, 1983. Same patient as A5_4d.Image
264 Disc swelling. Pre-ischemic swelling.AION with altitudinal visual loss. July 7, 1983. Same patient as A5_3c.Image
265 Disc swelling. Pre-ischemic swelling.Pre AION swelling. Asymptomatic on October 8, 1985. Same patient as A5_2b.Image
266 Disc swelling. Pre-ischemic swelling.Pre AION swelling. Cleared after 8 days. October 16, 1985. Disc swelling resolved. arterioles at 6:00 and 12:30 have focal narrowing. Patient did not lose vision. Same patient as A5_1aImage
267 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Male with blind eye. Marked peripapillary intraretinal exudate. April 1985. Same patient as B402, B407.Image
268 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Radiation papillopathy with arterial narrowing, exudation and venous dilation in man with blind eye. May 1985. Same patient as B401, B407Image
269 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Man with blind eye. June 1985. Same patient as B401 and B402. Note the striking peripapillary intraretinal exudatation occurring at a slight distance from the disc.Image
270 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Man with blind eye. Ischemic hemorrhages. Vitreous haze.Image
271 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Marked vascular changes in the swollen optic disc. Probably not blind. Male. Right eye.Image
272 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Bilateral blindness 6 months post radiation for malignant glioma of left hemisphere. Left eye. Marked white exudation probably represents necrosis of swollen disc tissue. Japanese patient.Image
273 Disc swelling. Radiation papillopathy.Note the marked vascular changes on the disc surface and the interesting distribution of intraretinal exudate. Patient had vision with large blind spot. Woman. Right eye. Visual field showed only an enlarged blind spot.Image
274 Disc swelling. Vitreous effectsPrepapillary hemorrhage. Partial posterior vitreous detachment in myopic Asian patient. Reference: Katz B, Hoyt WF. Intrapapillary and peripapillary hemorrhage in young patients with incomplete posterior vitreous detachment. Signs of vitreopapillary traction. Ophthalmology. 1995 Feb;102(2):349-54.Image
275 Disc swelling. Vitreous effectsVitreopapillary haze. Cone of vitreous that has obscured the disc. Uveitis patient.Image
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