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251 Cultural factors in the utilization of the Denver Developmental Screening Test in a Navajo population1980-06Textir_etd
252 Uterine volume as a predictor of birthweight1980-06Textir_etd
253 Nurse-midwifery practice: a descriptive study of prenatal care.1980-06Textir_etd
254 Loss of a spouse to cancer: implications for nursing1980-06Textir_etd
255 Age of menarche in the rural population of southern Haiti1980-06Textir_etd
256 Relationship of vital signs to maternal position in labor1980-06Textir_etd
257 Factors related to sexual satisfaction in pregnancy: implications for nurses and other health care providers.1980-06Textir_etd
258 The Relationships among leisure time activities, maximum oxygen consumption, lipid levels and percentage body fat in a group of sedentary office workers.1980-06Textir_etd
259 Relationships of mothers' orientation to neonatal behavior and mother-infant interaction1980-06Textir_etd
260 Stress and symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus.1980-06Textir_etd
261 Prediction of pregnancy-induced hypertension in primigravidas.1980-06Textir_etd
262 Menstrual discomforts and physical exercise.1980-08Textir_etd
263 Comparison of separation behaviors on the Winnicott set situation" and the modified Ainsworth paradigm of nine month old infants;"1980-08Textir_etd
264 Perspectives of childbirth held by immigrant Tongan women in the United States and their health care considerations1980-08Textir_etd
265 Management of postpartum breast engorgement in nonbreastfeeding women by mechanical extraction of milk.1980-08Textir_etd
266 Alcohol as a topic for consideration in prenatal education: nursing intervention implications.1980-08Textir_etd
267 Measurement of obesity in the child with myelomeningocele1980-08Textir_etd
268 Use of a screening blood sugar test to increase the identification of gestational diabetes1980-08Textir_etd
269 Heart surgery patients physiological and psychological recovery in relation to type of nursing psychological preparation and patients coping style.1980-08Textir_etd
270 Nutrition in pregnancy: a community study1980-12Textir_etd
271 Nursing diagnosis: a tool to written care planning1980-12Textir_etd
272 Physiological adaptation to high altitude sojourning in backpackers1980-12Textir_etd
273 Cardiac knowledge levels and adherence behaviors postmyocardial infarction.1980-12Textir_etd
274 Study of environmental factors in nonorganic failure to thrive children1980-12Textir_etd
275 A Comparative study of assertiveness characteristics among female nursing graduate students and other female graduate students at the University of Utah.1980-12Textir_etd
251 - 275 of 810