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251 Effects of oxygen therapy via nasal cannula on the oral-rectal temperature relationship of afebrile adult patients1969-06Text
252 Survey of the health needs and problems of Iranian students: how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with the University health service1981-12Text
253 Differences in attitudes as measured by the California F scale in a group of psychiatric nurses1962-04Text
254 Job stress and performance track record as perceived by nurse administrators1985-08Text
255 Limb blood pressure measurements in infants twelve hundred grams or less1993-06Text
256 Effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancy: phase three1985-06Text
257 Study of preventive health education as an intervention in child sexual abuse1987-06Text
258 Effects of teaching on the recovery patterns of postpartum women1985-06Text
259 Relationship between nurses role conflict and authoritarianism1964-08Text
260 Stressors, coping efforts, and coping resources of homeless children1990-08Text
261 Perception and preference of body size in 5-6 years old girls and family lifestyle factors that may influence their perception and preference of body size1988-12Text
262 An ethnographic nursing study of household health care roles of Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese/Vietnamese refugee families in the Salt Lake City area1982-06Text
263 Changes in basal body temperature and the onset of labor1983-08Text
264 Effect of manual fetal scalp stimulation on fetal heart rate during labor1989-06Text
265 Survey of nursing personnel in seventeen nursing homes in Utah1965-06Text
266 Nursing personnel and patients' perceptions of nursing functions contributing to patient comfort1960-08Text
267 Profile of the competency requirements for effective job performance in the head nurse role1985-03Text
268 Transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPo[D2]) fluctuation in the neonate with respiratory distress syndrome1981-12Text
269 Diagnostic sensitivity of serial heelstick blood cultures in neonatal sepsis1984-03Text
270 The effects of biorhythm cycles on labor onset, time of delivery and outcome of pregnancy1983-08Text
271 Health self-concepts and health-related behaviors of school-age children with chronic health conditions1989-06Text
272 Continuing education course in microbiology for registered nurses1979-08Text
273 Nurses' beliefs and attitudes toward caring for children who fail to thrive1988-03Text
274 Preparation for pediatric emergencies in the primary care provider's clinic1996-06Text
275 Analysis of stress factors and illness-proneness related to the childbearing year1983-06Text
251 - 275 of 601