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226 Improving the efficiency and performance of a thermoacoustic laser powered by pulsed thermal radiationir_etdText
227 Intervention exercise program to change decisional balance, decrease temptation not to exercise, and increase self-efficacy: for mothers of young childrenir_etdText
228 Advanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic datair_etdText
229 Simulation of a cold-air pool in Utah's Salt Lake Valleyir_etdText
230 Hyperspectral remote sensing for monitoring species-specific drought impacts in Southern Californiair_etdText
231 Selection and engineering of dna aptamer biosensors for high-throughput small-molecule enantiopurity analysisir_etdText
232 Quantitative analysis of shape changes in the cerebral cortex across the adult human lifespanir_etdText
233 The rhetoric of verisimilitudeir_etdText
234 Safeguard monitoring of direct electrolytic reductionir_etdText
235 Communication in contemporary learning environments: instructor and student concepts of civility and conflict in online coursesir_etdText
236 Migration and tomographic imaging of colluvial wedges and faults over the Washington Fault, Arizonair_etdText
237 Developing and applying a surface integrity framework to metal cutting on 2024-t351 aluminum with wiper cutting toolsir_etdText
238 Ocular-motor methods for detecting deception: effects of practice feedback and blockingir_etdText
239 Technology, talk, and time: patterns of group communication and identityir_etdText
240 Pilot investigation of effectiveness of real-time feedback-assisted partial weight bearingir_etdText
241 Archaic admixture in modern humansir_etdText
242 Parallel distributed, reciprocal monte carlo radiation in coupled, large eddy combustion simulationsir_etdText
243 Development of a high-temperature high-pressure process for the manufacture of diamond-tungsten-metal composites for oil and gas drillingir_etdText
244 Social determinants of health among older adults: evidence from the utah fertility, longevity, and aging (flag) studyir_etdText
245 Do different types of negative events lead to distinct adaptive functioning threats?ir_etdText
246 Gaze, posture, balance, and training effects in persons with multiple sclerosisir_etdText
247 f-block chemistry: a study of sm+ and th+ reactions with small molecules in the gas phaseir_etdText
248 Paleoecology of Upper Cambrian carbonate units, house range and South Lakeside Mountains, Utahir_etdText
249 Role of heparan sulfate and hyaluronan in mechanical properties of the lung microvascular glycocalyxir_etdText
250 Isolation and characterization of lost copper and molybdenum particles in the flotation tailings of kennecott copper porphyry oresir_etdText
226 - 250 of 21,718