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226 On synthesizing systolic arrays from recurrence equations with linear dependenciesir_uspaceText
227 Self-assembly of three-dimensional metal islands: nonstrained versus strained islandsir_uspaceText
228 Effect of exchange coupling on coherently controlled spin-dependent transition ratesir_uspaceText
229 Optical control of magnetic order in molecule-based magnet Mn(TCNE)x.y(CH2Cl2)ir_uspaceText
230 Outcomes after decompressive craniectomy for severe traumatic brain injury in childrenir_uspaceText
231 Observation of ultraslow translational diffusion in metallic lithium by magnetic resonanceir_uspaceText
232 Review of Nancy Sherman, "Making a Necessity of Virtueir_uspaceText
233 Penumbra mapsir_uspaceText
234 Laser vaporization generation of Y ??B+, Y ??B+, and YAI+ for electron spin resonance studies in neon matrices at 4 K: comparison with theoretical calculationsir_uspaceText
235 Some current ideas about the evolution of the human life historyir_uspaceText
236 Interpretive criteria for use of AccuProbe for identification ofir_uspaceText
237 Pressure-induced transition in magnetoresistance of single-walled carbon nanotubesir_uspaceText
238 States in the gap of doped and undoped a-Si:H studied by the photomodulation spectroscopyir_uspaceText
239 uMELT: prediction of high-resolution melting curves and dynamic melting profiles of PCR products in a rich web applicationir_uspaceText
240 QCD thermodynamics with two flavors of Wilson quarks at Nt=6ir_uspaceText
241 Development and application of centrifugal flotation systems in wastewater treatmentir_uspaceText
242 Three-dimensional regularized focusing inversion of gravity gradient tensor component datair_uspaceText
243 Daily modulation due to channeling in direct dark matter crystalline detectorsir_uspaceText
244 Theory of electronic switching effect as a cooperative phenomenonir_uspaceText
245 Frequency up-conversion as a temperature probe of organic opto-electronic devicesir_uspaceText
246 FT-IR internal reflection spectroscopy using regular polygonal internal reflection elementsir_uspaceText
247 Three-year clinical comparison of 3-piece AcrySof and SI-40 silicone intraocular lensesir_uspaceText
248 Graphical man/machine communications: June 1971ir_uspaceText
249 Degrees of inequality: the advance of black male workers in the northern meat packing and steel industries before World War IIir_uspaceText
250 Thermal conductivity of molecular fluids from molecular dynamics simulations: application of a new imposed-flux methodir_uspaceText
226 - 250 of 21,719