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226 Asynergistic segmental wall motion of the human left ventricleir_etdText
227 Functional analysis of Tbx5 amd Tbx4 genesir_etdText
228 Case study of two complex health care institutions with charging systems for nursing careir_etdText
229 Elastin gene expression in human skin fibroblasts during development and in heritable diseasesir_etdText
230 Novel mechanisms of two death domain proteins and the development of a single-cell assay for caspase activity in living cellsir_etdText
231 Understanding language barriers: nurses' and patients' perspectivesir_etdText
232 Certified nurse-midwives' attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about the use of Universal Precautionsir_etdText
233 Alloantigen reactive T cells in human transplantationir_etdText
234 Rewarming following hypothermic cardiovascular surgery:comparison of the use of rewarming mattresses versus prewarmed blanketsir_etdText
235 Computerized weaning of childhood respiratory failureir_etdText
236 Road oils from Utah coalsir_etdText
237 Evaluation of a prescription medication voucher system for a homeless populationir_etdText
238 Barriers to communication between nurses and patients as perceived by nursesir_etdText
239 Time studies in underground coal miningir_etdText
240 Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone regulation of tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 1-indicible biologic responsesir_etdText
241 Reaction of some ketosteroids with thioglycolic acidir_etdText
242 Progestational hormone in human placentair_etdText
243 Creation and evaluation of an expert system for disk diffusion antimicrobial susceptibility testingir_etdText
244 Concerns of primiparous mothers at two months postpartumir_etdText
245 Model approach to evaluate the topical efficacy of antiviral agents: correlation between the in vitro flux and the in vivo antiviral efficacy of acyclovirir_etdText
246 Pharmaceutical applications of a Pinyon Oleoresinir_etdText
247 Database design for computerized management of time-variant clinical information in neonatal intensive careir_etdText
248 Characterization of protein targets of the pneumotoxin 3- methylindoleir_etdText
249 Depression and life satisfaction among elderly chronically ill home care patientsir_etdText
250 Mining frequent order setsir_etdText
226 - 250 of 21,717