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226 Heterogeneity in Asian American homeownership: the impact of household endowments and immigrant status2003ir_uspaceText
227 Permissiveness and control (Book Review)1981-10ir_uspaceText
228 Toward the development of an inventory of daily widowed life (IDWL): guided by the duel process model of coping with bereavement2007-07ir_uspaceText
229 Physical activity during the transition from adolescence to adulthood2007ir_uspaceText
230 Resource intensification and late Holocene human impacts on Pacific coast bird populations: evidence from the Emeryville shellmound avifauna2001ir_uspaceText
231 Approche sociologique feministe pour l'ettude de la fecondite.1995ir_uspaceText
232 Sex, dating, passionate friendships, and romance: intimate peer relations among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents1999ir_uspaceText
233 Binumarien color categories1975ir_uspaceText
234 How much can fossils tell us about regional continuity?2006-06-05ir_uspaceText
235 Homeownership Attainment of Adult Children in Urban China: Parental Attributes and Financial Support2017ir_uspaceText
236 Development and the Environment in China: A Multilevel Analysis 2004-20132018ir_etdText
237 Utah state elections, 1916-19241968ir_etdText
238 Infant deaths in Utah, 1850-19392002ir_uspaceText
239 Hadza women's time allocation, offspring provisioning, and the evolution of long postmenopausal life spans1997ir_uspaceText
240 Patterns of household food expenditures: a cluster analysis2006-09-01ir_uspaceText
241 Hostile personality traits and coronary artery calcification in middle-aged and older married couples: different effects for self-reports versus spouse ratings2007-06-01ir_uspaceText
242 Whose education counts? The impact of grown children's education on the physical functioning of their parents in Tawian2001ir_uspaceText
243 Where the contradictions meet: women and family security in Canada in the 1990s1993ir_uspaceText
244 Passionate friendships among adolescent sexual-minority women2004-04-28ir_uspaceText
245 Ethnocentrism and xenophobia: a cross-cultural study2006-06-06ir_uspaceText
246 History of political theory and other essays (Book Review)2001-09-17ir_uspaceText
247 Alice in demographyland: how it looks from the other side of the looking glass1992ir_uspaceText
248 Seniors and portrayals of intra-generational and inter-generational inequality in the Globe and Mail2006ir_uspaceText
249 From the beginning : a Navaho creation myth1951ir_etdText
250 Three essays on United States trade unions2011-12ir_etdText
226 - 250 of 1,183