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226 Joe Gedeon and Larry Chappel down with FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
227 63 Flu Victims Nebraska's QuotaSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
228 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluManti Messenger1918-11-01
229 Court in Open Air to Fight influenzaSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
230 The "Flu"Park Record1918-11-01
231 Schwab has the FluBeaver County News1918-11-01
232 Happenings over TownBeaver County News1918-11-01
233 Poolroom Men Broke Flu Rule, Complaint SaysSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
234 Government Says All "Flu" Vaccines Are ExperimentalEureka Reporter1918-11-01
235 Beaver Escapes Epidemic of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
236 Grid Star is "Flu" VictimSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-02
237 Draftees may Meet Wearing Flu MasksSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-02
238 Injured Man Gets into 'Flu' HospitalSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-02
239 Joe Gedeon and Larry Chappell down with 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-02
240 Spanish Influenza --- What it is and How it Should be TreatedRichfield Reaper1918-11-02
241 Nearly Three Thousand Flu and Cold Cases Have Been Reported during OctoberOgden Daily Standard1918-11-02
242 Chinese Held as Flu Order BreakersSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-02
243 Chas. a Abbott Victim of FluOgden Daily Standard1918-11-04
244 County Divided into Flu ZonesSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-04
245 Town of Portage Hard Hit by FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-04
246 Uphold Validity of 'Flu' OrdinanceSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-05
247 Newspaper Men Attacked by 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-05
248 Flu' is Spreading at Brigham CitySalt Lake Tribune1918-11-05
249 Urgent Need of Help at Homes Where Flu PrevailsOgden Daily Standard1918-11-06
250 Appropriations for Flu Relief MadeSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-06
226 - 250 of 1,172