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226 Clean Coal Technology for the 21st Century RTD Strategy in the European Unionuu_afrcText
227 NOx Reduction from Stationary Combustion Sources via Plasma DeNOxuu_afrcText
228 Emission Control of Small Fluidized Bed Combustors Utilizing Biomass Fuelsuu_afrcText
229 A Summary of Air Toxic Emissions from Natural Gas-Fired Combustion Turbinesuu_afrcText
230 Clean Air Act Impacts on High Temperature Industrial Processesuu_afrcText
231 Development of Radiant Tube Heating System for High-Temperature and for High-Combustion Loaduu_afrcText
232 A Low-NOx High-DRE Burner for Co-firing Liquid Waste with Natural Gasuu_afrcText
233 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Control by Afterburning: Laboratory Experimentsuu_afrcText
234 GRI Industrial Combustion R&D: Controlling Emissions from Gas-Fired Industrial Processesuu_afrcText
235 Low NOx Production Through Lean Premixed Combustionuu_afrcText
236 NOx Reduction by Low Pressure Steam Additionuu_afrcText
237 A Reduced Mechanism for Low-Heating-Value Gas Combustion in a Perfectly Stirred Reactoruu_afrcText
238 Influence of Coal Types on N20 Formation Characteristics in Low Temperature Pulverized Coal Combustionuu_afrcText
239 NOx Emissions for Lean Premixed Combustionuu_afrcText
240 Measurement and Modeling of Air Toxics Emissions from Large-Scale Coal Combustion Equipmentuu_afrcText
241 Predicting Coal Quality Effects on P. F. Firing from a Coal's Ultimate Analysisuu_afrcText
242 Low NOx High Temperature Burnersuu_afrcText
243 Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems: Low-Cost Continuous Emission Monitoringuu_afrcText
244 New Low NOx Burner Design for High Temperature Process Furnacesuu_afrcText
245 Implementation of a Software CEM for NOx Emissions Monitoringuu_afrcText
246 Modelling NOx Formation in Commercial Swirl and Low NOx Burnersuu_afrcText
247 Sensitivity of NOx Production and Combustion Efficiency to Fuel-Air Mixing in a Model Industrial, Natural Gas Fired Burneruu_afrcText
248 Experimental Study on the Desulfuration of Calcined Limestones Produced in Northeastern Part of Chinauu_afrcText
249 Combustion Control Equipment and the Impact on Atmospheric Pollutionuu_afrcText
250 Photothermal Detoxification of Air Toxicsuu_afrcText
226 - 250 of 890