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226 Combustion Control Using Infrared Tunable Acoustooptic Filters as a Smart Sensor for On Line Determination of Gas Temperature and Composition1985uu_afrcText
227 A Non-Intrusive Sodium Line Emission Pyrometer for Coal Combustor Temperature Measurement1985uu_afrcText
228 Modeling of Chemical Kinetics in Pulse Combustors1985uu_afrcText
229 Recent Advances in High Velocity Combustors1979uu_afrcText
230 Low NOx Combustion Technology of Package Boilers and Industrial Furnaces Experience by Town Gas1979uu_afrcText
231 Forced Draft Burners with Two Stage Fuel System1979uu_afrcText
232 Influence of Mineral Matter in Coal on Steam Generator Conversions1982uu_afrcText
233 Emission Characteristics of Petroleum and Alternative Liquid Fuels1979uu_afrcText
234 Recent NOx Research at IGT1979uu_afrcText
235 NOx Controls for Industrial Boilers and Furnaces1979uu_afrcText
236 NOx Control Overview1979uu_afrcText
237 Part 2 Low NOx Technology for Industrial Furnace1979uu_afrcText
238 Development of Low NOx Burners and Low NOx Air Register1979uu_afrcText
239 Development Program and Operating Experience of Pulverized Coal Staged Combustion Burners for Steam Boilers1979uu_afrcText
240 Low Emission Process Burner Environmental and Operational Test Program Operating Test Results1979uu_afrcText
241 Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries - II1982uu_afrcText
242 Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport: An Alternative for Conveying Pulverized Coal1982uu_afrcText
243 Detailed Local Measurements in the BYU Entrained Coal Gasifier1982uu_afrcText
244 Effect of Coal Particle Temperature on Ash Vaporization1982uu_afrcText
245 A Heated Grid Study of the Pyrolysis/Oxidation Competition During Ignition of Coal Dust1982uu_afrcText
246 Slagging Behavior of Coal Ash in an Experimental Furnace1982uu_afrcText
247 Coal Slurries as Alternate Fuels for Oil-Designed Boilers1982uu_afrcText
248 Retrofitting Biomass Burning Equipment to an Existing Gas/Oil Burning Plant1982uu_afrcText
249 Technical Assessment of Refined Biomass Burn Demonstration at Florida State Hospital1982uu_afrcText
250 Combustion Characterisitcs of Occidental Coal-Oil Mixtures1982uu_afrcText
226 - 250 of 890