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226 Studies on bacteriophage and host genes involved in morphogenesis.Tilly, Kathryn LouiseStudies on characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus the staphylococcal alpha hemolysin or exotoxin in cell free filtrates, rather than coagulase, correlated with the lethal effects in suckling mice. As observed in these studies alpha hemolysin production was increased by prolonged incubation of S. a...Pathology
227 Biological effects over time of mid-frequency, low current electrical fields on rat tissues.Nietrzeba, Patricia MaguireElectrical impedance has been used to measure a variety of physiological events and to assess characteristics of tissues and organ systems. The technique requires the generation of an alternating current field within the biological system by means of surface electrodes. When current is passed thro...Nursing
228 Role of various neurotransmitter systems in the phenomenon of amphetamine-induced reverse tolerance.Chaudhry, Imtiaz A.The potential role of various neurotransmitter systems was investigated in the phenomenon of amphetamine-induced reverse tolerance. CF-1 mice were treated daily with amphetamine to produce reverse tolerance to the stereotypic effects of the drug. After amphetamine withdrawal, the enhanced responsive...Pharmacology & Toxicology
229 Situational stressors perceived and identified by pediatric nurses.Campfield, Deborah GailLittle is written in regard to the stresses encountered in pediatric Nursing;. The insufficiency of evidence confirming the belief that critical care Nursing; is more stressful than other types of Nursing; care, together with the limited knowledge of pediatric Nursing; stress, provided the impetus ...Nursing
230 The effect of teaching/learning groups on retention of hypertension education.Burns, Jody.Hypertension education was presented to clients involved in the Pedigree Oriental Screening for Hypertension (POSH) Program in Salt Lake City, Utah. These clients received the education in one of three teaching learning groups: those taught individually, those taught with nuclear family members, ...Nursing
231 The isolation, purification and characterization of an ethanol-induced UDP-glucuronosyltransferase from rabbit hepatic microsomes.Hutabarat, Renta Magdalena.The UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (GT) enzyme from ethanol-induced male New Zealand white rabbit hepatic protein was purified to homogeneity and characterized. The molecular mass of the ethanol-induced UDP-glucuronosyltransferase was determined to be 57,000 Da. Tryptic digests and amino acid composit...Pharmacology & Toxicology
232 Effects of oral cyclosporine and cremophor-EL on microvascular dynamics and the barrier function of skin in the nude rat.Jederberg, Warren WilliamStudies were conducted to asses the impact of the oral administration of cyclosporine and cremophor-EL on parameters important to the per-cutaneous penetration of compounds through nude rat skin. The two parameters chosen were dermofluorometric response to injected fluorescein (reflecting vasculari...Pharmacology & Toxicology
233 Why runners stop running.Soulier, Scott MartinThis thesis addresses the subject of drop-out from running programs and the reasons runners give for having stopped running. A review of the literature revealed that must is known about running and the effects on health. Although some authors have written about the adverse affects of running on he...Family & Preventive Medicine
234 Studies on fate maps and states of determination of embryonic cells in Xenopus laevis.Xu, WeilongThe question of which embryonic structures arise from particular regions of the early embryo is central to a better understanding of normal development. Marking undifferentiated cells with a dye that can later be recognized is one way of examining this question. Such fate maps have traditionally bee...Neurobiology & Anatomy
235 Comparison of selected direct reading instruments used for sampling fumigants in the grain handling industry.Alexander, Gary JamesThe Miran 1A Portable Gas Analyzer, the H-Nu Photoinization Analyzer, Gastec No. 134 Detector Tubes, and Drager No.5/a Detector Tubes have been evaluated in the laboratory for use as sampling instruments to detect carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) and carbon disulfide (CS2) in the grain handling industry....Family & Preventive Medicine
236 A Systems approach to mild essential hypertension: educational lifestyle adjustments versus biobehavioral techniques.Okawa, Jean NakamuraTwo nonpharmacological interventions--education for lifestyle adjustments and biobehavioral techniques--were tested on medicated and nonmedicated patients with mild essential hypertension. Blood pressure reductions and relationships between blood pressure responses and concomitant variables (changes...Nursing
237 The development of a parenteral admixture program in a pediatric hospital.Pearce, Daniel Milton.This endeavor describes the development of a parenteral admixture program in a 175-bed pediatric acute care hospital. It begins with a description of the advantage to the hospital of a parenteral admixture program as compared to conventional floor stock systems. Some examples of other admixture pr...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
238 A new standard method for determination of oxygen content.Yen, Ming-Cheng.A modified polarographic method for measuring oxygen content in whole blood, which has first principle measurement status equal to that of the Van Slyke manometric method, is described. First principle measurement status is achieved by an oxygen sensor nulling technique which eliminates the influenc...Biomedical Informatics
239 A survey of the clinical pharmacy services provided in medium-size hospitals in the United States.Phillips, Jeffrey Owen.Pharmacists have provided clinical pharmacy services in hospitals for at least 20 years. This survey of community hospital pharmacy departments has revealed that current clinical pharmacy involvement does not include performing the essential problem-solving activities necessary to assure safe and a...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
240 Studies on human epidermal membrane with alternating current.Song, Yang.Alternating current (AC) electric field was found to be able to induce and keep human epidermal membrane (HEM) electrical conductance constant during iontophoresis. The technique of maintaining a constant electroporation state by keeping HEM electrical resistance constant during AC iontophoresis wa...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
241 Mechanistic aspects of chemical skin permeation enhancers.Warner, Kevin SIncorporation of chemical permeation enhancers in transdermal formulations has led to the potential of dermal and transdermal delivery of drugs at therapeutic rates. A great deal of work has been directed toward the search for chemicals that can be used as chemical permeation enhancers; however, kno...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
242 Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Innovative Carriers for Delivery of MR Contrast Agents and Nucleic AcidsXu, RongzuoMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) assists clinical diagnostics by providing high resolution images. Incorporation of contrast agents will enable MRI to detect diseases on the molecular level. The first part of the thesis describes the development and evaluation of two such contrast agents. A dendr...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
243 Factors responsible for the differential survival of heart and skin allografts in inbred rats.Warren, Reed ParleyIt is common observation that orthotopic skin allografts are rejected acutely across certain histoincompatibility barriers in which surgically anastomosed hearts often survive for many months. In three normal or treated rat strain combinations that exhibit this pattern, neonatal heart tissue grafte...Pathology
244 Development and evaluation of an authoring environment for a centralized knowledge repository.Hulse, Nathan Carlisle.A single knowledge authoring environment can accommodate the wide range of needs imposed by the authors and the knowledge engineering processes associated with a centralized knowledge repository. In this dissertation, three separate studies are presented to support this hypothesis.The studies explor...Biomedical Informatics
245 Analysis of Extended Pedigrees Ascertained for AsthmaTeerlink, Craig CThis dissertation describes statistical analyses of an extended pedigree resource ascertained for asthma. The asthma pedigree resource contains 741 affected individuals in 81 pedigrees, with approximately 90 percent of the resource genotyped on 535 short tandem repeat markers dispersed throughout...Biomedical Informatics
246 Receptor dynamics in virtual screening: A dihydrofolate reductase case study.Roalstad, Shelly M.The implications of receptor dynamics virtual screening were explored as part of proof of concept study for an interactive docking, molecular dynamics and scoring strategy. The original study was to demonstrate whether or not the iterative process proposed would relax receptor structures that began...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
247 Biologically motivated predictions for dynamic power in VLSI circuitsLodder, Michael AlanAs Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits continue to shrink in size and increase in complexity, device design is increasingly power constrained. Currently, engineers must design their chips and then perform lengthy simulations in order to generate accurate power estimates. Once power predictio...Electrical & Computer Engineering
248 A descriptive evaluation of the expanded-role nurse in high risk newborn care.Johnson, Patricia Jean LannonThe expanded-role nurse concept was implemented by one nurse in a newborn intensive care center. A comparative evaluation was then conducted to described and compare the quality of primary care provided by the nurse to a representative group of high risk newborns with the primary care provided to s...Nursing
249 An Anesthesia alarm system based on neural networks.Orr, Joseph AllenThe alarms in most patient monitoring devices are threshold alarms that call attention to the value of a single measured parameter. These threshold alarms do not aid in diagnosis and tend to have high false alarm rates. This dissertation describes a neural network based anesthesia alarm system tha...Bioengineering
250 Regulatory mutations affecting amino acid tansport in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells.DeBusk, Weldon Earl.Two mutant clones of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-K1) cells were obtained by selection schemes designed to favor cells with defective amino acid transport through the cationic amino acid transporter, system y+. One of the mutants, CH-K r, was selected for resistance to chronic exposure to high concent...Neurobiology & Anatomy
226 - 250 of 5,872