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226 Doxon, Andrew JohnImproving combined tactile-kinesthetic haptic feedback through haptic shading algorithms and mechanical design constraintsDevice design; Haptics; PsycophysicalMechanical Engineering2014-05
227 Day-Holmer, Kimberly MarenThe importance of Frederick Kesler to the early economic history of Utah 1851-1865History1980-03
228 Christensen, Douglas ForsgrenGood people make good friends: critical friendship and ethos in college compositionComposition; Levinas; Montaigne; Pedagogy; Response to student writing; Writing studiesEnglish2014-08
229 Ellingson, A. GladeEarly premature termination from a university counseling center: a qualitative research studyCounseling centers; Early premature terminators; Treatment failureEducational Psychology1990-06
230 Wray Jr., William B.Geology and ore deposits of the Rebel Mine area Beaver County, UtahMineralogy; Mining; Beaver County Utah; Ore depositsMineralogy1965-06
231 Jeong, HotcherlPyridine transport and assimilation in salmonella entericaMutationBiology2002-08-14
232 Quincy, JoshuaKnee biomechanics walking on railroad ballast and the associated risk factors for knee osteoarthritisMusculoskeletal disordersMechanical Engineering2010-03-12
233 Rich, TracyTwo aspects of computerized patient history that improve bedside pulmonary diagnosisMedical records - Data processing; Lungs - Diseases - DiagnosisBiomedical Informatics1989-03
234 Kwok, Wilson Yuen-KeungEffect of computer reported clinical information on the cardiologist's behavior in the interpretation of electrocardiogramsElectrocardiography; Medicine - Data processingBiomedical Informatics1985-12
235 Keating, Ann, Sister, C.S.C.Study of two definitive methods of fetoscopic ausculationHeart Auscultation; Fetal Monitoring; Fetal Heart; Fetal DevelopmentNursing1969-08
236 Thomas, Donna Raye OjanenFever as a chief complaint in a pediatric emergency roomFever in childrenNursing1981-10
237 Nielson, Jeffrey A.Improved prediction of need for therapeutic laparotomy using existing dataUltrasonics in medicine; Abdomen - Blunt trauma; Abdomen - SurgeryBiomedical Informatics2005-12
238 Reyes, Kyle AnthonyAssessing how higher education administrators of color navigate spaces of advocacy for social justiceAdvocacy; Critical Race Theory; Higher Education; Identity; Leadership; Social JusticeEducation Leadership & Policy2012-12
239 Reyes-Navarro, Javiera NataliaProtecting cultural authenticity: identity and the creation of tradition in the Japanese-Chilean communityChile; Idenitity; Japan; Japanese-Chileans; NikkeiAsian Studies2014-05
240 Reyes, Gustavo AdolfoThe use of brokered deposits and its relation to bank failure: the case of industrial banksBank Failure; Brokered Deposits; Call Reports; FDIC; Industrial Banks; Moral HazardEconomics2013-05
241 Richards, Jessie WoolleyLived narratives, everyday trauma, and the aftermath of the Bosnian war: human rights as living practiceBosnia; Narrative; Rhetoric; Trauma; War; YugoslaviaCommunication2016
242 Richards, Jody LynRecognition and repair of DNA damage by bacterial adenine glycosylasesDNA repair; AdenineChemistry2008-05
243 Rice, GregoryInvariance principles in functional time series analysis with applicationsAnalysis of Variance; Functional Data; Time Series; Weak convergenceMathematics2015-05
244 Richards, Anne marie SchaefferSuperconducting, structural, and magnetic properties of lithium and lithium-rich compoundsisotope effect; lithium; phase diagram; quantum solid; superconductivity; symmetry-breakingPhysics & Astronomy2016
245 Rhodehouse, Sara BerniceTeaching vocabulary to preschoolers with disabilities using adult-child shared bookreading: a comparison of traditional and electronic booksDisabilities; E-book; Preschool; Shared bookreading; Traditional bookSpecial Education2013-08
246 Rigby, Michael ThomasCoefficient of thermal expansion of Portland cement concrete in Utah and pavement performanceCement--Thermal properties; PavementCivil & Environmental Engineering2010-03-19
247 Reiser, Robert AlanWriting and repetition: Ontic writing and questions of authenticity in Haruki Murakami's 1Q84Authenticity; Derrida; Heidegger; Mythopoesis; Ontology; OrwellLanguages and Literature2014-05
248 Reiser, Brent AlbertMiddle ground: the Canaanite and Non-Canaanite origins of ancient Israel as evidenced by the gods and godess they worshippedAncient; Bible; God; Goddess; Israel; Origins; CanaaniteLanguages and Literature2010-07
249 Remien, Christopher H.Biological markers: blurred in time and spaceMathematics2012-12
250 Reiss-Brennan, BrendaIntegrating mind and body healing into primary care: a team approachChronic conditions; Depression; Mind-body healing; Patient reported outcome; Primary care; Team careAnthropology2013-08
226 - 250 of 6,252