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226 Joyce, Margaret MaryDimensions of Dyspnea in Lung CancerDyspnea; Lungs; CancerPharmacology & Toxicology2010-02-19
227 Biggs, Laura Ashley FilimonAssessment of Long-Term Morphological and Behavioral Alterations and Drug Interventions Post-Hypoxia-IschemiaCerebral Anoxia; Brain Damage; Fetal BrainPharmacology & Toxicology2010-02-17
228 Rockwood, Nathan JamesLocke's temporal-spatial theory of personal idenityIdentity (Psychology)Philosophy2008-12
229 Lumpkins, Robert WesleyA study of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion.Excretion; NursingNursing1982-12
230 Sonsalla, Patricia KayThe Roles of D1 and D2 dopamine receptors in mediating methamphetamine-induced changes in monoamine and substance P systems.Receptors; DopaminePharmacology & Toxicology1985-08
231 Weidner, Barbara LouiseAn Assessment of factors contributing to hospital utilization: and a look at deficiencies in the Utah projection process of hospital bed demand.Utilization Review; UtahFamily & Preventive Medicine1980-06
232 Smith, Natalie S.Early adolescents' perceptions of conflict experience with teachers in a physical activity settingPhysical education and training; Teacher-student relationshipsExercise & Sport Science2008-05
233 Williams, Phillip Brock Carl.Isolation and characterization of lymphocyte membrane antigen, AgF-1.Immunology; BiochemistryPathology1976-03
234 Lin, I-Kai Frank.The development of online patient asistance at a remotely-controlled kiosk.Software; Technology; Health CareBiomedical Informatics2001-05
235 Spellman, Craig William.Suppression of anti-syngeneic tumor responses by ultraviolet light-induced suppressor T lymphocytes.Immunology; Ultraviolet RaysPathology1978-06
236 Yeh, Shu-hui.Caregiver burden and the changes in caregiving following nursing home placement in Taiwan.Caregivers; Taiwan; Older People: Nursing Home CareNursing1995-08
237 Gueye, Abdou Salam.Mapping economic and health data: integration and analysis challenges.Automatic Data Processing; Statistical AnalysisBiomedical Informatics2007-12
238 Greaves, William WalterRelationship between lung cancer and distance of residence from a nonferrous smelter.Etiology; Lungs; CancerFamily & Preventive Medicine1980-08
239 Woodward, David LeeThe effects of chronic Mg deficiency on the distribution of Mg, Ca, Na, and K in brain, muscle, CSF and plasma.Physiology; PharmacologyPharmacology & Toxicology1968-08
240 Weber, Donna RoseHeparin effect on prostacyclin-inhibited platelet aggregation.Prostaglandins; Anticoagulant ActivityPharmacology & Toxicology1984-06
241 Taylor, Betty Kay.Dermatoglyphics of fullterm and premature infants.Infant, Premature; NursingNursing1977-06
242 From, Belle Marie ConnellyOperating room nurse implementation of perioperative nursing standards: a survey study.Standards; NursesNursing1984-06
243 Ryser, Antoinette FayUse of spline interpolation for border definition from two-dimensional echocardiograms: comparison to manual methodPhysiopathology; Cubic SplineBiomedical Informatics1985-06
244 McBride, Helen JeanneaneGene regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeGenetics; Sce2p; Molecular BiologyOncological Sciences1998-03
245 Hedin, Barbara Ann SchellerNursing education, constraints, and critical consciousness: the birth and death of a Modellversuch in West GermanyGermany, West; History; Nursing; Health Professions; CultureNursing1985-08
246 Duke, JoanneMormon attitudes toward high risk pregnancy management: birth control, prenatal diagnosis and abortionUtah; Family PlanningNursing1985-06
247 Skordos, Konstantine WilliamMechanistic studies of the cytochrome P450-dependent oxygenation and dehydrogenation of the pneumotoxin 3-methylindoleAnalogs and DerivativesPharmacology & Toxicology2002-12
248 Dietz, Thomas MorganClassification of mycobacteria by the aid of skin reactionsPathology1963-08
249 Markle, Donna Marie WallwayAttitudes of nurses toward parents who abuse their childrenPediataric Nursing;Abusive ParentsNursing1974-06
250 Schnabel, Peter C.Potential for reactive oxygen speciesmediated DNA damage and cellular multidrug resistance produced by the pyrroloiminoquinone class of marine natural productsDrug Therapy; DNAPharmacology & Toxicology2000-08
226 - 250 of 6,534