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226 Effects of orientation program on psychiatric patients attitude toward the hospitalLesnan, Verle BakerPatients newly admitted to a psychiatric unit of a general hospital were studied to determine if a specific orientation program provided by a psychiatric nurse would improve their attitudes toward the hospital. If this was accomplished it was anticipated that the patient would respond more favorabl...Nursing
227 Regulation of neuroepithelial cell shape during bending of the chick neural plateSmith, Jodi LinnThe early chick neural plate is a flat epithelial sheet that appears to consist of a homogeneous population of cells. As the notochord forms and becomes anchored to the overlying neural plate, a median hinge point (MHP) for bending is generated, and neuroepithelial cells within the MHP become striki...Anatomy
228 Molecular studies of lipoprotein lipaseShuhua, ZhangMolecular defects in the lipoprotein lipase (LPL) gene account for a significant proportion of the occurrence of the massive hypertriglyceridemia and other clinical manifestations of the chylomicronemia syndrome. Furthermore, some published reports suggest that the heterozygous state for LPL defici...Pathology
229 Analysis of retail pharmacy location patterns for neighborhood sites in Salt Lake CountyConstantine, George Harmon, Jr.There is a great deal of importance associated with the problem of location analysis, but there is an appreciable lack of adequate methods that can be used by an independent business having limited financial means and inadequate training. Because of this condition, a study was undertaken to determin...Pharmacology & Toxicology
230 Nurse-initiated telephone follow-up of postpartum womenGroenjes, Jean MarieThe purpose of this study was to determine whether or not a nurse-initiated telephone contact with postpartum women at home is an effective means by which well postpartum families can receive continued professional care, guidance and support. The 99 subjects v/ere selected at one U.S. Air Force Base...Nursing
231 Energy-efficient method for thermal processing of Utah tar sandsBezama, Raschid JoseA modification of the existing University of Utah process for thermal recovery of oil from tar sands is described and tested. In the first step of the process, bituminous sand is fed into a fluidized pyrolysis bed, where the bitumen is cracked and vaporized at temperatures of 430°C to 550°C. In ...Chemical Engineering
232 The Characterization of cytotoxic metabolites from Fijian marine invertebratesZabriskie, T. MarkMarine organisms have been shown to produce a wide variety of biologically active secondary metabolites, often without precedent among known terrestrial natural products. As part of a continuing program to screen Fijian marine invertebrates for novel bioactive compounds, two organisms, the sponge Ja...Medicinal Chemistry
233 Touch relaxation and response to labor contractionsVijatrasil, KobkulThe purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of physical touch and touch relaxation as supportive procedures upon the mother's physiological response and her ability to cope with her labor contractions. It was hypothesized that the application of the nurse's hands to the mother as supportiv...Nursing
234 Nonurgent patient use of the emergency departmentMcElwain, Kristin KayeIncreased use of emergency departments (EDs) for nonurgent primary care, overcrowding, and cost factors has forced healthcare systems to promote more 'appropriate' use of the ED. However, few studies have evaluated patients' perceptions of urgency and why they utilize the ED for medical care. This p...Nursing
235 Nursing support time and nurse/patient satisfaction during first stage active phase laborBarnett, Gerrie Ann VogtPositive perception of the childbirth experience is linked with increased self-esteem, decreased maternal/infant mortality, and more complete adoption of the maternal role. Nursing support is key to that satisfaction. This investigation sought to answer the following question: How much time do nurse...Nursing
236 The Salt Lake Medical Outreach Clinic: recommendations for improving health care deliveryKeahey, David J.The financing and provision of health care for medically indigent persons ineligible for Medicaid and Medicare has long been a problem for Utah. Utah's response has been the Utah Medical Assistance Program (UMAP), funded solely by state revenues and represented in Salt Lake County by the Medical Ou...Family & Preventive Medicine
237 Fractionation of the metastable equilibium solubility distribution of carbonated calcium hydroxyapatiteColby, Shane J.The physical-chemical behavior of calcium hydroxyapatites in various mineralizing and demineralizing conditions has been studies for decades with the purpose of discovering its intrinsic influence on the mechanisms and extent of diseases of biologic hard tissue. There has been an assumption that th...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
238 Evaluation of informatics methods for public health surveillance of adverse drug eventsSims, ShannonMany public health entities maintain clinical data repositories useful for assessing the harm caused by adverse drug events (ADEs). In Utah, the state government has databases containing claims data for emergency department visits; claims data for inpatient visits; death certificates; medical examin...Biomedical Informatics
239 Changes in self-actualization among senior nursing studentsHanna, Marguerite A.This research study was conducted to determine if self-actualization, which is one of the goals of higher education and of the University of Utah College of Nursing, is being achieved or not, and to what extent. Senior students who are experiencing their last quarter in an undergraduate program coul...Nursing
240 The carbohydrate component of a human gamma globulinRosevear, John W.1. The carbohydrate components of human gamma-globulin, fraction II-1,2 were identified and quantitatively estimated. 2. Three glycopeptides were isolated from a papain digest of human gamma-globulin and characterized by chemical and physical methods. 3. The amino acid of the three glycopeptides w...Biochemistry
241 Utilization of patient acuity data for predicting staffing needsRossi, Julia AnnThe LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah wishes to utilize the computerized patient acuity data to determine the staffing requirement of the nursing units. Acuity items are the nursing care procedures provided the patient during a shift; a standard time is assigned to each procedure. A model was d...Biomedical Informatics
242 Role of information technology in a study on antithrombotic-related bleeding eventsLagor, CharlesWith the emergence of computer-based patient records, it is to be expected that more retrospective studies will be conducted based on electronically stored clinical data. By using clinically collected data as research data, new opportunities and also new challenges emerge. The challenges include ass...Biomedical Informatics
243 Study of the antigenicity and antiseptic properties of chloroform and bromoform substituted products of otho-mata- and parachlorobenzaldenydeparachlorobenzaldenydeLogan, Lucille McDonald1. The bromo-substituted compounds of ortho-, meta- and para- chlorophenylcarbinol appear to be more active agents for producing sensitization in guinea pigs than are the respective chloro-substituted compounds. 2. The position of the substituted group in this series of compounds appears to have ...Pathology
244 Influence of certain hormones on nucleic acids and metabolism by lymphocytesBrinck-Johnsen, TrulsIn the present investigation the uptake and prolonged retention of adenine-8-C-14 by lymphatic tissue of mice was demonstrated. The experiments bring support to the idea that the nucleic acids of dead lymphocytes are re-utilized during heteroplastic lymphocytopoiesis. Tumor tissue has been shown t...Neurobiology & Anatomy
245 Properdin system in host resistanceMiya, FredUnder carefully controlled conditions, bovine serum properdin was isolated and partially purified by employing cold ethanol fractionation procedures. The euglobulin was recovered in the serum fraction which was insoluble at pH 6.9, -5° and at a final ethanol concentration of 20 percent v/v. The...Pathology
246 Study of environmental factors in nonorganic failure to thrive childrenConley, DaneenNonorganic, or environmental failure to thrive (FTT) is a devastating syndrome of childhood. It is a problem that is prevalent among today's society. It has been identified in the literature since the late 19th century. Recognition of the complexity and the devastating effects of this problem ha...Nursing
247 Methods for the clinical measurement of oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide productionRaemer, Daniel B.Clinical methods using feedback for the respiratory measurement of oxygen uptake (?VO2) in neonates and for the measurement of both oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production (?VCO2) in adults have been developed. Instruments which use these methods to measure ?VO2 and ?VCO2 have been constructed....Bioengineering
248 Monocyte nonspecific esterase: a technique for quantifying activitySimonian, YasmenDuring a study comparing the results of leukocyte differential counts obtained from the Hemalog-D with those obtained by manual techniques, discrepancies in monocyte counts were observed in patients with lymphomas. It was postulated that these patients might have monocyte nonspecific esterase (MNS...Biomedical Informatics
249 The molecular biology of lysosome fusion: mapping and cloning the beige genePerou, Charles MauriceChediak-Higashi syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder of humans that has profound effects upon lysosome morphology and function. This fatal disorder results in abnormally large lysosomes that are thought to be caused by misregulated vesicle fusions. This dissertation investigates the molecular...Pathology
250 Problem oriented computerized medical order entryAshton, Nicola S.Computerized order entry (OE) by clinicians has long been a goal of medical record system developers. Organizing order lists according to the patients' clinical problems would make the process more efficient by reducing the lists to relevant items. The present study examines a process to do this. A...Biomedical Informatics
226 - 250 of 5,968