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226 Pioneer personal history, Alama Elizabeth Mineer Felt1938-07-27dha_wpabsText
227 Pioneer personal history, Mr Robert Aveson1938-02-22dha_wpabsText
228 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Clara B. Williams1934dha_wpabsText
229 Ellis Mendenhall Sanders (grandfather of Jane E. Moody)1937-01-14dha_wpabsText
230 Peter Maughan dead at Ellen Maughan's home1938-09-08dha_wpabsText
231 Ellen George BIrd1937-02-22dha_wpabsText
232 Pioneer's history, Enoch Bryner1938-07-11dha_wpabsText
233 History of Salt Lake City Fire Department, reminiscences of Mr. John Cardwell, veteran volunteer fireman of 18791936-05-14dha_wpabsText
234 Sketch of Mary Ann Miller Peacock: notes I have taken from her daughter Elya P. Curtis1936-12-14dha_wpabsText
235 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Herbert H. Clark1939-06-02dha_wpabsText
236 Peter Sheffield Barson1936-12-14dha_wpabsText
237 Pioneer Annie E. Bertelsen, a widow1936dha_wpabsText
238 History of Harriet M. Cliff and family1938-07-30dha_wpabsText
239 Interview with Mrs. Mary Delina Draper Taylor of Freedom, Utah1939-01-24dha_wpabsText
240 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Elizabeth Horrocks Baxter1939-09-29dha_wpabsText
241 Elizabeth Guy Farnsworth, pioneer woman of Beaver County, Utah1936-10-19dha_wpabsText
242 A Short Sketch of the life of the parents of H. T. Stolworth1939-02-02dha_wpabsText
243 Pioneer personal history answers, Mary Ann Bolitho1938-10-10dha_wpabsText
244 James K. Pierpont1938-07-21dha_wpabsText
245 Hanna Choppell Reese1939-06-05dha_wpabsText
246 Pioneer personal history of Andrew Lamb1938-08-08dha_wpabsText
247 Thomas Hull1936-11-19dha_wpabsText
248 Pioneer interview, Alice L. (Richardson) Gilson1938-10-07dha_wpabsText
249 Rufus Chester Allen1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940dha_wpabsText
250 Pioneer personal questionnaire: George Alma Peart1938-09-01dha_wpabsText
226 - 250 of 865