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226 Occurrence of Selected Contaminants in Water, Fish Tissue, and Streambed Sediments in Central Nebraska, 1992-951996wwdl_erText
227 Magnetotelluric data release across the Hubbell Springs fault area, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2003wwdl_erText
228 Selected hydrologic data for the upper Rio Hondo basin, Lincoln County, New Mexico, 1945-20032004wwdl_erText
229 Effects of reservoir installation, San Juan-Chama Project water, and reservoir operations on streamflow and water quality in the Rio Chama and Rio Grande, northern and central New Mexico, 1938-20002004wwdl_erText
230 Water Resources Data, Colorado, Water Year 2003; Volume 1. Missouri River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, and Rio Grande Basin2004wwdl_erText
231 Denver's urban ground-water quality : nutrients, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds1995wwdl_erText
232 Assessing sandhill crane roosting habitat along the Platte River, Nebraska2005wwdl_erText
233 Review of sediment data in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, 1980-921995wwdl_erText
234 Analysis of ground-water-quality data of the Upper Colorado River basin, water years 1972-921998wwdl_erText
235 Daily and seasonal variability of pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and specific conductance in the Colorado River between the forebay of Glen Canyon, Dam and Lees Ferry, northeastern Arizona, 1998-99,2001wwdl_erText
236 Computation and analysis of the instantaneous-discharge record for the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, Arizona : May 8, 1921, through September 30, 20002003wwdl_erText
237 Distribution and concentrations of selected organochlorine pesticides and PCB's in streambed sediment and whole-body fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin, 1995-961998wwdl_erText
238 Algal Data from Selected Sites in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado, Water Years 1996-972001wwdl_erText
239 Controlled Flooding of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon: the Rationale and Data-Collection Planned1996wwdl_erText
240 Biological and contaminant investigations, Upper Colorado River Basin : what's been done and how can the information be used?1997wwdl_erText
241 Calculated Hydrographs for the Colorado River Downstream from Glen Canyon Dam during the Experimental Release, March 22-April 8, 19961996wwdl_erText
242 Determining the source of water pumped from wells along the lower Colorado River1993wwdl_erText
243 Peak-flow frequency relations and evaluation of the peak-flow gaging network in Nebraska1999wwdl_erText
244 Streambed adjustment and channel widening in eastern Nebraska2003wwdl_erText
245 Water resources data, Utah, water year 2004; Colorado River main stem2005wwdl_erText
246 Ground Water and Surface Water A Single Resource1998wwdl_erText
247 Water resources data, Utah, water year 20042005wwdl_er
248 Water Resources Data, Colorado, Water Year 2002--Volume 2. Colorado River Basin2003wwdl_erText
249 Water Use Trends in the Southwestern United States 1950-19902003wwdl_erText
250 Land-Use Changes and the Physical Habitat of Streams-A Review with Emphasis on Studies within the U.S. Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Program2001wwdl_erText
226 - 250 of 270