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226 Exercises at the Elizabeth Memorial BuildingText
227 Letter begun in Fall of 1917, completed January 1918 from Vinton P. Eastman to American friends1917; 1918Text
228 Girls' School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Sep. 19-March 29, 19181918-03-29Text
229 Letter dated 26 February 1911 from Dr Susan B. Tallmon at Lintsing to her family1911-02-26Text
230 Letter by Ben Sargent from notes taken in church March 17, 18 [i.e., 1918]1918-03-17Text
231 In Church: text dated 4 March 19171917-03-04Text
232 Post card postmarked at Tehchow from Mabel Huggins to Edith TallmonText
233 Letter dated 22 December 1918 from Susan Tallmon Sargent to her sisters1918-12-22Text
234 Three letters from Tallmon family correspondence, 19151915-08-07Text
235 Chinese language samples (2)Text
236 Letter dated 1 September 1916 from Ben F. Sargent to friends at Morgan Hill, California1916-09-01Text
237 Letter dated 5 May 1916 by Ben F. Sargent, en route to China1916-05-05Text
238 Letter dated 30 September 1925 from Emery W. Ellis to Vinton P. Eastman1925-09-30Text
239 Letter dated 24 March 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1921-03-24Text
240 Hymns from students of the class of 18991899Text
241 Letter written 16-19 May 1916 at Kobe, Japan, by Edith Tallmon1916-05Text
242 Letter dated 25 January 1932 from Isabelle Phelps to Edith Tallmon ParksText
243 Letter written 14-19 June 1916 from Ben F. Sargent at PeiTai Ho, China1916-06Text
244 Susan B. Tallmon Sargent address book: additions, set 2Text
245 Letter dated 15 June 1936 from Altie C. Galt to friends, page 21936-06-15Text
246 Letter begun 24 August 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to her family1921-08-24; 1921-08-30; 1921-08-31Text
247 History of fifty years : Woman's Board of Missions for the Pacific, and Program of Jubilee meetings1923Text
248 Letter dated 22 July 1936 from Altie C. Galt to Grace M. Breck1936-07-22Text
249 Letter from Ruth E. Van Kirk in Lintsing, January of (1933?)1933-01Text
250 The story of Thomas the SecondText
226 - 250 of 800