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226 A Sodium photo-electric cell1928uum_lrfcText
227 Some improvements in auto-irrigator apparatus1934uum_lrfcText
228 A Soil moisture tensiometer with a compact manometer1939uum_lrfcText
229 Soil moisture tensiometer materials and construction1942uum_lrfcText
230 Some improvements in auto-irrigator apparatus1934uum_lrfcText
231 Some moisture and salinity relationships in peat soils1950uum_lrfcText
232 Reliability of the pressure-membrane method for extraction of soil solution1944uum_lrfcText
233 Letter dated 28 July 1975 from John M. Fisher to Lorenzo A. Richards1975-07-28uum_lrfcText
234 Some freezing point depression measurements on cores of soil in which cotton and sunflower plants were wilted1950uum_lrfcText
235 The Sorption-block soil moisture meter and hysteresis effects related to its operation1943uum_lrfcText
236 Letter dated 6 June 1975 from Luther B. Grass to Lorenzo A. Richards1975-06-06uum_lrfcText
237 Certificates and diplomas issued to Lorenzo A. Richards, 1919 to 1985uum_lrfcText
238 Notification of personnel action: Form for Lorenzo A. Richards requesting leave without pay1962uum_lrfcText
239 Notification of personnel action form for Lorenzo A. Richards, dated 23 January 19481948-01-23uum_lrfcText
240 Biographical information on Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
241 Thermocouple for vapor pressure measurement in biological and soil systems at high humidity1958uum_lrfcText
242 Tensiometers for measuring the capillary tension of soil water1936uum_lrfcText
243 Temperature control apparatus1929uum_lrfcText
244 Correspondence of May 1977 by Lorenzo A. Richards and Zilla Linford Richards1977-05uum_lrfcText
245 Tests for salinity and sodium status of soil and of irrigation water1956uum_lrfcText
246 Why wicks work1931uum_lrfcText
247 The Use of triode vacuum tube rectifiers to supply constant voltage1933uum_lrfcText
248 The Usefulness of capillary potential to soil-moisture and plant investigators1929uum_lrfcText
249 The Usefulness of capillary potential to soil-moisture and plant investigators1928uum_lrfcText
250 A thermocouple psychrometer for measuring the relative vapor pressure of water in liquids or porous materials [manuscript]1963-03-30uum_lrfcText
226 - 250 of 1,115