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226 Sayegh Correspondence: Appreciation and Congratulations on Marriage (1960-1961): Marion G. Merkley1961-01-16uum_fascText
227 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: A. Kenneth Cragg, May 13, 19601960-05-13uum_fascText
228 Radio Broadcasts Prepared by Radio Reports Inc. for the Arab Information Center 1956: Face the Nation November 18, 19561956-11-18uum_fascText
229 Arab Clubs in the United States 1959-1963: Correspondence with Aly M. Lasheen, Adviser of Washington State University Arab Club, November 19601960-11uum_fascText
230 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Robert C. North, May 13, 19601960-05-13uum_fascText
231 Miscellaneous Correspondence on Arab-Israeli Conflict (1975-1977): Note to Marwan Kanafani, Dec. 3, 19761976-12-03uum_fascText
232 Pamphlets: "The Palestine Refugees"1952-02uum_fascText
233 Correspondence, letter to Fayez Sayegh, probably from his brother Munir.1949uum_fascText
234 Correspondence with Elmer Berger 1954-1977: Letter to Elmer Berger, January 17, 19551955-01-17uum_fascText
235 Sayegh: Legation of Lebanon 1949-1952: Registrar, Georgetown University, January 21, 19501950-01-21uum_fascText
236 Correspondence with Chandler Publishing on book Dynamics of Neutralism: Sharp to Kovner, April 19641964-04-08uum_fascText
237 Correspondence from the Alumni Association of the American University of Beirut asking for repayment of loans.1951uum_fascText
238 Analysis of "The Continuing Near East Crisis: Background Information"1969uum_fascText
239 Sayegh's Comments on his Publications 1953-1964: Centennial Symposium Suggestion: democracy and socialismuum_fascText
240 Editors' and Authors' Views on Sayegh's Publications and Lectures 1952-1959uum_fascText
241 Correspondence and Phone Messages: D.Susskind 1967-1968: Letter from Munir M. Sadi, December 4, 19671967-12-04uum_fascText
242 Sayegh Academic Records, Articles, and Correspondence: American University of Beirut (1947-1954): Letter of application, 19471947-06-27uum_fascText
243 The Tripartite Declaration of 25 May 1950: A Cornerstone of American Policy toward the Arab-Israeli Conflicts1956-11-10uum_fascText
244 Correspondence and Phone Messages: D.Susskind 1967-1968: Letter from Jane Fellner, December 3, 19671967-12-03uum_fascText
245 Research Connected with the Manuscript on Arab Property (undated): Palestine - Area, Ownership and Description [Excerpt 1]uum_fascText
246 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Bureau of Finance, November 17, 19501950-11-17uum_fascText
247 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Fayez Sayegh to Christina P. Harris, November 20, 19591959-11-20uum_fascText
248 Unfinished Manuscript by Sayegh: "A Refutation of Israeli Arguments and Zionist Ideology Concerning the Legality of the Establishment of Settlements (undated): Quote by Shimon Peres1977-11-10uum_fascText
249 Correspondence, letter to Fayez Sayegh from his sister Marie Sayegh and his brother Munir Sayegh.1949-04uum_fascText
250 Correspondence pertaining to the Arab Information Center1970uum_fascText
226 - 250 of 800