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226 Agenda for Near East committee and Christian study seminar, Princeton Theological Seminary, Oct. 3 and 4, 19571957-10-03; 1957-10-04uum_asapText
227 Correspondence from and to George H. Forsyth, dated June and July 19601960-07-25; 1960-07-28; 1960-06-21uum_asapText
228 American Correspondence to Aziz Atiya, card and letter, November 19521952-11-14uum_asapText
229 Correspondence between Aziz Atiya and Arthur Jeffery.1939; 1951uum_asapText
230 Letter dated 25 May 1958 to Dr. Aziz Atiya from Kurt Weitzmann1958-05-25uum_asapText
231 Correspondence dated 1956-1958 from George H. Forsyth1956-04-10; 1958-02-07uum_asapText
232 Correspondence dated 17 January 1973 to Aziz Atiya from Wendell Phillips1973-01-27uum_asapText
233 Letters and an invoice from 1961-62 involving Dr. Aziz S. Atiya, Leon Zolondek and W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.1961-06-12; 1961-11-13; 1961-11-15; 1961-12-29; 1962-01-02uum_asapText
234 Curriculum Vitae of Fuad Shaban1972uum_asapText
235 Letter dated 3 November 1960 from William F. Albright to Aziz S. Atiya1960-11-03uum_asapText
236 Letters between Aziz Atiya and J. W. Ashton of Indiana University1952; 1953uum_asapText
237 Union Theological Seminary Conference, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya dated July 19571957uum_asapText
238 Union Theological Seminary, Correspondence of Aziz Suryal Atiya, dated February 19571957-02-27; 1957-02-21uum_asapText
239 Princeton University Conference Booklet dated April 19581958-04-16; 1958-04-17uum_asapText
240 Union Theological Seminary weekly calendar, Oct. 21-28, 19561956-10uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
241 Handwritten letter dated 8 February 1958 from George Forsyth to Aziz S. Atiya1958-02-08uum_asapText
242 Correspondence beteen Aziz Atiya and Philip Hitti; items about Hitti and the book World of Islam.1952; 1959; 1960uum_asapText
243 Set 8 of undated correspondence written in Arabic1958uum_asapText
244 Letters from 1966 to 1968 between Aziz S. Atiya, James C. Fletcher and Wendell Phillips1966-11-21; 1966-11-29; 1967-09-08; 1968-10-28uum_asapText
245 Letters from June and July 1972 between Aziz S. Atiya and Katherine Myron Smith1972-06-28; 1972-07-11; 1972-07-27uum_asapText
246 Correspondence between Dr. Aziz Atiya, Winnifred Margetts and Wadie Jwaideh regarding employment references1974; 1975uum_asapText
247 Letter dated 6 February 1958 from George H. Forsyth to A. Naguib Hashem about Michigan-Princeton Expedition1958-02-06uum_asapText
248 College of Business Convocation Program, 19721971; 1972uum_asapText
249 Letter dated 22 January 1960 from Dr. Aziz Atiya to Howard C. Rice about St. Catherine icon and related materials1960-01-22uum_asapText
250 Letter dated 18 January 1951 to Alan Rowe from Dr. Atiya1951-01-18uum_asapText
226 - 250 of 495