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226 OH* Imaging in Large Industrial Oxy-Fuel Flames with Flue Gas Recirculation2012-09-07uu_afrcText
227 Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) Studies at the University of Utah2012-09-07uu_afrcText
228 Co-Axial Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Directed Oxygen Injection2012-09-06uu_afrcText
229 Investigation of Particulate Emission from a Malaysian Power Plant Firing Australian Coal2012-09-07uu_afrcText
230 Using On-Line Coal Analysis to Optimize Combustion in Utility Boilers: a 10-yr Program at Monroe Power Plant2012-09-07uu_afrcText
231 Conversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07uu_afrcText
232 AFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05uu_afrcText
233 Development of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06uu_afrcText
234 Oxy-Firing Tests in a Simulated Process Heater2012-09-06uu_afrcText
235 Call for Papers2012-09-05uu_afrcText
236 Regenerative Heat Recovery/Burner System as a replacement for Conventional Recuperators2012-09-06uu_afrcText
237 Novel Methods for Measuring Heat Flux in Industrial Furnaces2012-09-06uu_afrcText
238 Heat transfer enhancement in a cracking furnace: radiant coil modification2012-09-06uu_afrcText
239 Radiant Flux Measurements in the Pilot-Scale IFRF-NFA Burner Operating in a High CO2 Environment at Different Swirl Settings2012-09-06uu_afrcText
240 Second Generation FurnaceMANAGER System Improves Furnace Monitoring2012-09-06uu_afrcText
241 Combustion Enhancement Introducing Electrodynamic Combustion Control Technology-Colannino, Joseph2012-09-06uu_afrcText
242 Wind Effects2012-09-05uu_afrcText
243 EPA Flare Activity Overview2012-09-05uu_afrcText
244 International Flare Consortium Flare Emissions Literature Survey, Dec 20092012-09-05uu_afrcText
245 Pressure Assisted Flares - A User's Perspective2012-09-05uu_afrcText
246 Passive FTIR Testing of a Ground Flare Burner Array2012-09-05uu_afrcText
247 General Overview of Past and Recent EPA Flare Enforcement Actions (and flare assessment techniques)2012-09-05uu_afrcText
248 A Validation of Flare Combustion Efficiency Simulations2012-09-05uu_afrcText
249 Hyperspectral Modeling of Combustion Flare Emissions2012-09-05uu_afrcText
250 Environmentally-Friendly Flaring2012-09-05uu_afrcText
226 - 250 of 1,006