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226 Hazardous Waste Fired Steam Generator: A New Concept1984uu_afrcText
227 Modeling of Destruction Efficiency in a Pilot-Scale Combustor1984uu_afrcText
228 Coal/Water Slurries: Fuel Preparation Effects on Atomization and Combustion1984uu_afrcText
229 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Measurements of Temperature and Species Concentrations in Coal-Particle-Laden Combustion Flows1985uu_afrcText
230 The Influence of Size Distribution Characteristics in Heterogeneous Combustion1985uu_afrcText
231 A Numerical Study of Entrained Coal Gasification with The Conchas Spray Code1985uu_afrcText
232 Application of Advanced Computer Models for Performance Analysis of Boiler Combustion Chambers1985uu_afrcText
233 Cars Measurements in Coal Combustion Environments: Practical Considerations1985uu_afrcText
234 Char Combustion Kinetics of Kentucky No. 9 Coal as Applied to Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion1985uu_afrcText
235 Physical Modelling of Industrial Combustion Systems1985uu_afrcText
236 Furmo A Numerical Model for Predicting Performance of Three-Dimensional Pulverized-Fuel Fired Furnaces1985uu_afrcText
237 Freeboard Combustion and NOx Modeling of a 6x6 Fluidized Bed Combustor1985uu_afrcText
238 Combustion Control Using Infrared Tunable Acoustooptic Filters as a Smart Sensor for On Line Determination of Gas Temperature and Composition1985uu_afrcText
239 A Non-Intrusive Sodium Line Emission Pyrometer for Coal Combustor Temperature Measurement1985uu_afrcText
240 Analytical Evaluations of Ignition Options for a Coal/Water Slurry Fueled Engine1985uu_afrcText
241 Burner System Development for a Gas-Fired Absorption Heat Pump1985uu_afrcText
242 Effect of Fuel Structure on Oxygenated Aromatic Species in a Premixed Flat Flame1985uu_afrcText
243 The Development of a Relationship Between Percentage of Oxygen Enrichment of Primary Air, Flue Gas Tempertaure And Fuel (Sasol Gas) Savings1985uu_afrcText
244 Modeling of Chemical Kinetics in Pulse Combustors1985uu_afrcText
245 Combustion R&D Needs in the Petroleum Refining Industry1989uu_afrcText
246 Assess Coal Quality Impacts on Your Personal Computer1996uu_afrcText
247 Demonstration of Advanced Wall- and Tangentially-Fired Combustion Modifications for the Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide NOx Emissions From Coal-Fired Boilers1991uu_afrcText
248 Waste to Energy Solutions for Industry1997uu_afrcText
249 Initial Test Results for a New Class of Regenerative Radiant Burners1992uu_afrcText
250 Conversion of an Oil/Gas-Fired Industrial Boiler to Fire Hogged Fuel1982uu_afrcText
226 - 250 of 996